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Chainworm Kommando

   (18 reviews)
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About This File

Just a set of highly detailed small to medium large maps, mostly inspired by shooter classics of the 90s.

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many wads on the archive can seem boring after playing so many levelsets that you notice every cliche in the book by now. what Chainworm Kommando is is a set of 11 levels which are usually small and inspired by action shooters, such as our very own Doom which this set is obviously modded for. there's an abundance of detail to make some of the maps seem realistic, but at the same time the cramped nature means you gotta adapt to it. the set has a few cliches, such as MAP07 using the tags and having a death exit, plus a credits map at the end which is eh, but the gameplay is geared towards rampancy, frantic ambushes, and tough areas. there's a bit of fog in some of the maps, for the ZDoom users out there. some of the maps have unique triggers, like using a vending machine to get some health, a holy water fountain in another map does the same thing. also there's the plasma gun button of sorts and using a bookshelf to get a computer area map. the aforementioned archie in the guillotine also is there. the final level which is MAP10 even has an amalgamation of previous maps, along with Wolfenstein and Minecraft mixed in. all good and frantic fun to be had here.

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One of the more unique and just plain fun Doom wads out there.


The first few levels, even though they are mostly standard tech-bases, are filled with fun details and well paced fights.

But the later levels is where this wad shines. The creativity of the levels and details is something I haven't seen in any other wad I played, and the fights are just challenging enough without it being frustrating.

As an example of the levels, one of them is situated in an old snowy germanic village, with heavy metal posters and medieval weapons on walls, a marble sauna, and an iteractive guillotine with an Arch-vile in it.

There's so much more but I don't want to spoil it.


Personally I don't find anything bad with this wad, though I should warn you if you don't like fighting in narrow and small maps, you will be pretty annoyed.

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A highly entertaining episode for ZDoom based engines. While the very first level of the set is probably the least interesting both in its gameplay and detailing, the rest of the WAD quickly picks up the pace with beautiful, yet non-excessive level design, and nicely paced difficulty which is probably on par with the IWAD that the mapset is designed for. Most of the maps can be completed in under ten minutes, while the final two will probably take a little bit longer. And while it's by no means made of the same material as many of the Cacowards winners, missing on this very nice episode isn't something I can agree on.




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Not too challenging, although there's some fun and clever traps. Very fun wad overall. Looking forward for more releases from the author.

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The latter half of this WAD is good, the earlier is just okay. It begins with a lot of straight-forward gameplay that feels very average. Still, the maps look decent from the get go and only get slightly better and the gameplay also gets much better. On the other hand, I feel the music choices were rather poor, but as always your mileage mayvary.

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  • File Reviews

    • By DRMman · Posted
      I actually like this, the custom pistol replacement is pretty good the new enemies add a nice campy feel to it which i very much enjoy, the map design gives a nice feeling to my eyes and in general was good.   RATING:4/10
    • By elend · Posted
      Awesome small map set focusing on tiny corridors and exploring huge interconnected maps. I really, really enjoyed traversing the different maps and although they are very, very crammed and chock full of nooks and crannies, I rarely got really lost. Sure, once I got a key, I had to find that specific red / blue / yellow door again, but as with any exploration focused games, it is best to remember where important locations are in a map.   What really amazed me was the look of the maps. This is the perfect amount of vanilla detail, imho. Every room looks detailed without being too crammy or confusing. All maps have a very concise look and clear sight lines, which makes navigation really easy and overally just fun. Monster placement also makes good use of all the crammed corridors, the windows, the corners, etc. by placing monsters in a way, that they more often than not surprise you from behind a corner. It's best to slowly and methodically proceed through those bases and take your time. This is not run and gun Doom.   Absolutely gorgeous in all aspects, amazing works.
    • By P41R47 · Posted
      I struggle to replay this one for a long time. I didn't remember much of this so its was like a first time. Strain is a different beast to anything from the same time. It uses dehacked to great extents adding new enemies and changing the behaviour of some of the weapons.
      Well, first episode is pretty solid, with neat maps and really awesome ideas as the authors of the wad start to unfold their dehacked trickery all around. Second episode its not that good, with some cryptic maps with not so clear progression, but well overall.
      Third episode has some maps like the second, but they are a little more fleshed out and with a lot better visuals also. The end map was somewhat anticlimatic, but anyway, a really great experience through and through.

      Now what i don't liked much is that most ports have to use the Strain Fix to properly been able to play this mapset, and the authors of that fix, don't know why, changed the sky textures of the different episodes.
      Its nothing really bad, but well, it strange that they didn't respected the authors original choice.

      Dystopya 3 maps really stands out from the mapset, or maybe i remember them more as i have fresh memories from a recent replay.   The mood of the megawad is greatly achieved through the use of neat textures and map tricks. I really miss that there are no fake 3D bridges anywhere in the megawad, and i really love them when they are given good use.   The story of is somewhat mixed bag: theres a new invasion, you are the only marine that survived to the Invasion of earth, and they government made some experiments with you. Now you are a bloodthirsty machine that only wants the destruction of the invaders.
      The text screens during game are strange, with a snarky humor and poking fun of some common tropes. Not bad, but i would prefer something more serious as the megawad has really cool details everywhere, like revisiting zones and fully developed reactor areas, etc. making the storytelling side of the maps really awesome to follow. But again, some maps has poor progression hindering the experience a little.   Anyway, this is something that needs to be played and replayed, just to see those dehacked tricks and for theose awesome good maps. I had better memories of this than what i actually play, so i was expecting something more and better, but thats my problem, the megawad is amazing as it is.
    • By vdgg · Posted
      This mapper did create good stuff, pazuzu, diabolos and odyssey. This is way, way below these WADs. I am the first reviewer to mention massive (but massive) HOMs on MAP10! 2 stars for: - awesome grey blocks area in motion in the middle of MAP08 - some occasional decent moments, I guess MAP03 is fine, MAP04 is okayish. - visually it is not bad for 1996. But come on. One motif is: "press switch A to lower a lift, press switch B that opens a door somewhere far, but press it a bit later, just to get in time to the lift, not too early as the door will shut". After that door you often have a wall of monsters, so sometimes you retreat and repeat. This motif is used over and over and over again. You also experience cramped mazy hallways quite a lot and lots of damaging floors. Some of these damaging floors are used for extra spice during combat, but most of them are there to make you think faster about the puzzle solution :) It is not easy for me to pick the worst map, MAP05, 07 and 09 set the bar quite high. And it is me who is writing this, I enjoy cleim20, odessas, some cryptic stuff, but I just can't stand >80% of this creation.
    • By chlef · Posted
      Not the prettiest maps, but very nice to play. Old school goodness.