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  • File Reviews

    • By gingleheimer · Posted
      greatest wad ever also i hate my dad
    • By Origamyde · Posted
      An absolute gem for the ages. Even more groundbreaking than Brutal Doom, even more memorable than NERVE, Alien Vendetta and Saturn X reunited !   10/10.
    • By 1Destro3456 · Posted
      It does what it promises, so no broken promises. It makes sense, I got what I was looking for. You took this gimmick and ran with it. Because of that you get 5 stars.
    • By davocular · Posted
      Best experienced with STARTANITY.
    • By roadworx · Posted
      an easy but visually stunning levelset from 1996. i can't imagine how incredible this must've looked back in the day - the lighting is phenomenal for the time. the texturing is simple, but pleasing, and it pulls off the castle theme quite nicely. the only bad parts about the wad is a bug at the end of map03 which prevents anyone on uv from progressing to the exit, and the fairly simple gameplay, even for the time. it's more to show off the looks than anything, so unless you wanna see the best lighting 1996 had to offer (like i did) then it's not gonna be an entirely fulfilling eperience