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  • File Reviews

    • By roadworx · Posted
      for 1996, this mapset looks and plays fantastic. visually, it's great; it's not memento mori 2 or dystopia 3, but it's still very visually appealing. i feel that what sets this apart from those two is the sheer scale of some of the architecture. there's towering skyscrapers, mansions, an entire spacestation - this must've been breathtaking back in '96. as a result, the levels can get quite big.   gameplay is exciting, fast-paced, and provides loads of enemies for you to kill. it's quite challenging for 1996 as well, so it holds up in that regard. there's next to nothing in terms of exploration or puzzles-solving - this is all combat. however, while the combat is great fun, it does get stale. there's not a whole lot to mix up the style of combat on display, and the maps can be quite long, so if you play too much in one sitting it's gonna become a bit of a drag. despite that, it's fun as hell if you just wanna sit down and shoot everything you see for a little while   i've heard people call this a hidden gem of the mid 90s, and honestly, it's really hard not to agree. even if it can get a bit stale after a while, it's still great to just sit down, play a level or two, and move onto other things before playing some more a few days later
    • By roadworx · Posted
      true to its description, this megawad consists of small, difficult maps packed to the brim with enemies. while it's still doom, it has its own unique brand of gameplay that consists of cramped, slaughterish encounters with tons of unique ideas thrown into the mix. it ends up feeling quite chaotic, but in a good way. the visuals are on the more "realistic" side, with doomcute being a pervasive feature throughout, and the music is in an absolutely bizarre with a style completely unique to the creator, cyriak harris. this all ends up combining to create one of the most distinctly unique, creative, and bizarre megawads in recent memory. btw it's also fantastic and you should play it
    • By roadworx · Posted
      it doesn't play anything like plutonia and has little similarity other than in aesthetic. however, that's not a bad thing. not bad at all, in fact! the maps are larger and more exploratory, the monsters are far more numerous with lower-tier enemies appearing far more often, and while efficient monster placement is still the primary focus, it feels much less dickish than the original casali levels. it's also much, much harder. hot starts are common, the amount of projectiles you need to dodge is far higher, and at times it even starts to throw hordes at you (although it never becomes true slaughter)   not only does this feel like a worthy sequel, but it also feels better in nearly every way