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Quester's Fest

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About This File

Short, Boom (-complevel 9), rocket-centric, slaughter-ish, lightly-puzzle-y-but-not-much- really speedmap I made while helping a buddy get into mapping. We mapped for about 3.5 hours, followed by about 30 minutes of testing and bug fixes. I didn't finish in time, so I went back later for another hour of work. UV will kill you a few times; HMP is a much easier, more casual experience. Uses textures from Jimmy and a sky from Mech. Midi "Boss" comes from Fester's Quest NES game.

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· Edited by geo


Like in a prison riot, the only way to survive is to get your back against a corner and start throwing fists. Questler's Fest is a speed map, a challenge map and rocket map against lost souls, pain elementals and two trapped arch-viles. At least that's what it was like on "too young to die." Fighting swarms of lost souls with a rocket launcher is an unenviable task. To quote Ice Cube, "Lost souls will swarm... on any motor trucker in a green uniform." There are revenants and imps in higher difficulties, but when I saw them, I thought "nope."


So do you gamble and stay moving to rocket launcher your way to victory, risking the fact that a single lost soul getting in your way will splash damage you to death or do you punch your way out of it? After losing a lot in Vegas, I went for the tried and true method to rip and tear out the eyes of floating skulls. It worked.


Since Questler's Fest is what I like to call a challenge map, there's a high challenge for such a small map. Its broken into what I'd call three parts: A grand room, a balcony overlooking the grand room and a second room that overlooks the first. Each area floods with lost souls and pain elementals and you fight them off. Simple map, high challenge. They flood in through different methods, they teleport in, lifts will bring them to your level, walls will seal you in and so on. So there is diversity with their arrival even if its 10 minutes of brawling with those that have no arms.


To spice things up, there are two arch-viles, but when they're confined in cages behind brick built bars, you can dodge their hell fire by hiding behind the bars. If it was a set of typical bars, the player would get fried and died within seconds. To be fair there is a soul sphere toward the second and a mega sphere toward the first. Most will never endure the first onslaught and they will succumb to fighting a swarm of bees with a rocket launcher.


Some might find the challenge fun, but to the rest of the world, there are easier maps out there.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Ordon · Posted
      well, the concept is good  BUT...   WHAT THE FUCK EVEN IS THIS??
    • By Cinnamon · Posted
      Definitely shows its age. It was a real grind to play through, mostly due to the levels being boring, but also from a remarkable over-reliance on hitscan, especially shotgunners. For some reason. The third episode does indeed pick up much of the slack, but with the really fun levels being shining exceptions rather than rule for two thirds of the WAD it still left me annoyed and exasperated in the end. The maps look fine most of the time and the music is good to really good, which is something to hold on to. I would still advice my past self to skip most of this one.    
    • By Cinnamon · Posted
      There's not too much for me to say about this one. While it isn't exactly my jam 100% of the time, I'm struggling to see how any creative endeavor could entertain me so thoroughly, throughout all the 32 parts of it. Ancient Aliens is charming, somewhat challenging, mysterious, well-paced... I could iterate over plenty of different variations of lavish praise, but I guess that in and of itself describes my feelings: AA is remarkably well-rounded. A DOOM blockbuster - and I use that description as an honest compliment rather than the pejorative it's sometimes thought of. One for the ages, and it'll be one of the WADs to which many of my future experience will be compared.    
    • By VoanHead · Posted
      On second thought, this wad is kinda mid if you ask me. After playing through all of it on pistol-start I wasn't really blown away by it. The midi pack that was made for this in 2020 was very nice if you ask me, but why this wad ever deserves a midi pack when it's so bland is what makes me scratch my head. Idk man, I didn't like this one as much as others do :/.
    • By baja blast rd. · Posted
      This reads as an early example of arcade-style mapping.   Areas are defined largely by color combinations, with no real overarching theme to the map: there are silver techbase rooms, brick-like Earth rooms, red hellish rooms, without much in the way of detailing or setting-building -- all centralized around a square hub room with key doors, which repopulates with monsters each time you find a key. It's on the simpler side visually, but still a very clear step above "monotextured square rooms"-type design, with some solid architecture, shapes, and texture combos here and there, and even a clever crushing UFO-like "ring" at one point.    The gameplay concepts are very straightforward, with one exception being a room that has you platforming over damaging floor while closets of lost souls and cacodemons open up. Instead, the bulk of the fighting is more often dished out as blocks of monsters often revealed in closets -- blocks at a density far below what you'd consider slaughter. Some of the potential fun involves herding monsters towards barrels; once I waited several seconds for chaingunners to walk halfway across the room, right next to a clump of barrels I could blow them all up with. The ending fight is designed for you to pour rockets into two static cybs while circling, and I skipped that one.    Completed in a bit under 10 minutes.