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About This File

this is my very first doom map. this was more of a creativity experiment and excercise to learn doom buider. if you wanna see an older version, send an email.


testers BulldogMW, LordMisfit, SeriousCacodemon,StoogyAU and WhamninjaMolehill

Thank you BulldogMW for being a cool friend and the first one to try the map. if it wasn't for you the map wouldn't have gotten past version 0.5 You can checkout bulldog's fantastic streams at beam.pro/bulldogMW

Thank you to LordMisfit and SeriousCacodemon for being good friends, fantastic twitch mods, and for giving me a true introduction to doom and doom mods. If it wasn't for you guys, my streams would be way way worse and i wouldn't doing all the doom playing i'd be doing. You can check out SeriousCacodemon's groovy streams at https://www.twitch.tv/seriouscacodemon And Misfit made a cool gameplay mod for doom engine games called aetherius. you can check that out here: https://github.com/LordMisfit/DV-DS-ComboPack

Thank you to StoogyAU for being a genuine cool dude,excellent quake streamer/speedrunner and for giving versions 0.75 and 0.8 of this map their semi-official par times of 4minutes 20 seconds. If he plays this final version and attempts to speed run it, that time will be the official par time. You can check out Stoogy's great streams at twitch.tv/stoogyau

Thanks to WhamNinjaMolehill for being a wonderful friend,great youtuber, and for looking at the map when i needed it most. If it wasn't for you, the map would have been rushed and way worse than it actually is. You can see Wham's awesome classic-fps mod videos over at https://www.youtube.com/user/WhamNinjaMolehill

Thanks to all of you, you're wonderful people. This map wouldn't have been what it is without you, and it certainly wouldn't have been finished. You're the greatest.

special Thanks to Gouda,Frag,crash, eirik The Nord, the red samurai, Jeff,Andrew,Ajira,Kaptohmat,Coax,Glasgirl,loveless BZplasma and Thuhmp. You guys didn't get to check out the map before it came out, but you guys are terrific friends. you can check their streams out here (in order of typing) beam.pro/gouda , twitch.tv/heretherebenerds , twitch.tv/crashtestkid , twitch.tv/eirikthenord , twitch.tv/theredsamurai twitch.tv/jeff_of_valis , twitch.tv/blackzero72 , twitch.tv/ajirakimberly twitch.tv/kaptohmat , twitch.tv/coaxial_ , twitch.tv/assassinglasgow , twitch.tv/loveless_tv , twitch.tv/bzplasma and twitch.tv/thuhmp


new map using doom 1 as a base.

Build Time

couple months off and on. i wanna say a total of 72-100hrs

Editors Used

doombuilder 2


only in chocolate doom, the yellow key door's texture is too low by 25% and has what i think is the tutti-frutti effect.

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Decent for a first map I guess. Would not give this a super high rating though. Let's bring this down to earth. This is someone teaching himself how to map. It's linear, it's got obvious ambushes, not much detail and most of it full of boxrooms - which is all to be expected.

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  • 5
this is awesome, chill, smooth to play, not too short not too long... epic

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  • 4
Its a fairly descent first map, nothing incredible, but its well made and balanced.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Zalewa · Posted
      I believe this pack sets a new standard for this series - this is the best one with all maps pulling through. Maybe I wasn't fond of the endless "Living End" tributes, but the maps are nicely twisted to not feel like a repetition of the old map.   Some maps can be lengthy, but the entire pack shouldn't take an hour to beat. Difficulty is moderate.
    • By trrobin · Posted
      Excellent re-imagining of Doom II's last episode. Some levels are noticeably close to their originals but with so much more detail and depth to them. I thought the gameplay was really good too. Amazing all around.
    • By xvertigox · Posted
      The map description states that Haruko tried to express his depressive feelings through the texturing and that came through. The dim lighting and midi went a long way in helping it to sell the depressive feeling.   The geometry was solid with some particularly nice detailing here and there but the actual layout was really good. The central hub worked well with keeping you on track.   The monster placement was on point and led to interesting fights - particularly the ones involving archviles. I really found the difficulty to be just about perfect on UV.   The crescendo at the end worked very well where it was tough but understandable and beatable. At first it's a chaotic mess of monsters, archviles and an Icon of Sin but as you work your way through the madness it starts to make sense.   It takes care and attention to try to express something as abstract as an emotion (other than rage) through Doom wads and I think Greymood did that with the gameplay to back it up. I'd be interested to hear from Haruko if any particular set-piece or element was representative of anything.
    • By dmg_64 · Posted
      Great re-imagination of Doom 2, the levels look and play good with each having they're own theme and / or different progression style, keeping things fresh, definitely recommended.
    • By silentzorah · Posted
      This is okay.  Some unused beta content, lotta console content.  I can appreciate the increased difficulty, but some of the texture and music choices early-on kinda put me off.  Didn't much care for E5M4.   It's not terrible, but it isn't hard to see why the beta maps were scrapped from the final version of the game.  Give it a try, if you're feeling bold.