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Earth Assault

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About This File

3 level singleplayer wad. Also designed for deathmatch. The levels were made individually over the course of about a year and a half, and eventually compiled into one single wad. MAP03 wad built first, and intended for use in TNT: Revilution (as MAP07 I believe), but I took to long to finish and it is used here now instead. MAP01 was made next after I thought of a neat idea for level repopulation without the use of ACS. MAP02 was made last, about 1-2 months ago. There were more maps for this wad, but some of them just never got finished, while others were put into my community mapping project currently known as "Plain Old Doom 2" (the name will change before release).

The story of this wad is simple: You're a marine stationed at a base of classified location. When hell invades earth while Doomguy is on Mars, your whole base is overrun by demons. After being knocked unconscious in an attempted evacuation, you awaken and start kicking some demonic ass.

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Out of these 3 maps only the last one resembles anything that could be called an interesting design. While the visuals are okay, the maps are mostly straight-forward shooting of threatless enemy masses. The first map gives you shotgun and chaingun and 200 puny enemies to mow down. Add multiple uses of teleporting monster invasions and you have a mix that's not exactly bad but also passable. Mediocre.

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Cool wad, challenging and well designed. Good for UAC look fans.

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