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About This File

Supposed to be a part of community project which has been abandoned. Imagination of Plutonia MAP03 "Aztec", no copy-paste, but same shapes and techniques (MAP03 is one of my favourites). I hope there are less nasty traps and switchhunting like in Urania.


ID Software for Doom and Boom developers for sure.


New from scratch

Build Time

12 days

Editors Used

GZDoomBuilder-bugfix, WadSpy, GIMP



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  • 3

The map tests the player for strength and express the spirit of Plutonia. Gameplay requires accuracy and readiness for unexpectedness. Visual style is only classic.

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  • 5

Pretty fun level inspired by Plutonia, like the author said!

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  • 2

Nothing spells meh like recycled IWAD geometry. And it's recycled a lot. The level is crampy, plain in visuals and the combat stalls at times.

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  • File Reviews

    • By dmg_64 · Posted
      I love this kind of maps.
    • By felgro · Posted
      I usually hate mazes as a pointless complication and the good news is, despite what author says, this isn't that mazey. It's quite enjoyable actually. Good basic crap free Doom. Great way to kill 10-20 minutes of your time.
    • By Wiw · Posted
      I would rather cut off my penis with a rusty bread knife.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      if you want a megawad in which it feels like playing beyond hell, well, that's exactly what this says, except let's interpret that title a little differently.   this mapset is fucking dreadful. it's not on the same level as playmasters.wad, thankfully, but it's just awful in gameplay overall. and design sucks too. to cap it off: really dull gameplay moments at times, but then you get to slaughter lots of imps or other small monsters. that's fine, but the authors like to put chaingunners in just the worst of spots. to further add to it, level layouts are even worse, triggers where you don't know what does exactly what, tons of damaging floors, and some assholish crusher placement in many maps. let's also not forget the 0 brightness rooms and blinking rooms. some map layouts even get reused, like 01 and 12, then 13 and 27.   "highlight" maps: MAP09: has a big FIREBLU maze that actually isn't all that fun to go through. MAP15: chaingunners all around you at the start MAP18: almost impossible to 100%, has two crushers that are impossible to avoid, TWICE. MAP24: for continuous players, since MAP23 had a Type 11 exit, lots of chaos with hitscanners means just surviving at the beginning is insanity. MAP28: alright, the only map I actually liked.   so yes, this was an experience beyond hell, and one of the worst megawads I've ever played. it's one of those megawads where you just feel worse after playing it.
    • By doomfighter667 · Posted
      like the details in the levels