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About This File

Small, 5 level mini wad I've been working on since late October of last year. Levels are short and action packed.

After spending most of the year on single mapping projects, I decided to try my hand at building a small, continuous wad.

Levels were designed for pistol start.

Utilizes mostly vanilla Doom textures, with a few new graphics here and there.

All maps were built in Boom format using GZDoomBuilder.

Runs in GZDoom, ZDoom, PRBoom+ and GLBoom+ (May not run in Zandronum).


You are a security guard, stationed at a remote UAC facility. You show up to your shift one evening only to discover the entire base has been overrun by demons.

*Levels List*

Map01 - Green Shift :Music - "Mega Man 8 Stage Select Remix"

Map02 - The Crate Temple :Music - "Astral Dreadnought" by Jimmy

Map03 - Clocking Out :Music - "Sigma Fortress A" from Mega Man X

Map04 - Full Lot :Music - "Pissed Office Box" by Lee Jackson

Map05 - The Big Promotion :Music - "Adversary Within" by Jimmy


idSoftware, doomworld forums, Jimmy (used some of his music), 3d Realms


New from scratch

Build Time

Started late October, early November of 2016

Editors Used

GZDoomBuilder, Slade, WhackEd4


None that I know of.

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· Edited by Scotty

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Good fun and at only 5 maps is definitely worth an hour or two of your time to check out. Plasma marines may split opinion as always but they aren't too obnoxious here.

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Really solid set of maps! I think it felt a little visually simple in places but generally it felt pretty polished. Loved the new resources too!

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Short but excellent WAD. Visuals are very detailed with no surface left unscathed. The gameplay occurs mostly on a single, flat level. The action is near constant, with some fights putting you in tight spaces. All of this sums up to a WAD that reminds me of Agent Spork or UniDoom design, but that probably stems also from the replaced color palette. The "met a nazi" traitor plazma marines are used here too, but they are taken down a notch. While still fast and hurtful, they aren't used in ways that would cause much annoyance. Playthrough recommended, especially since all maps can be beaten in less than 30 minutes total.

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  • File Reviews

    • By felgro · Posted
      You're teaching yourself to map and that's great. But...   Why? This isn't even an entry way to a regular map.
    • By galileo31dos01 · Posted
      Done on HMP/continuous/saves.   A megawad with a lot of hot stuff in it. Aesthetics are nice, thematically as usual, starting with a bit of tech/factory/sewers, then getting deep into hell. Not much to say, the first episode has some mishmashes of colours that sometimes look weird, reminded me of JPCP (like that marble texture with blue triangles, here they come in yellow, red and green), while the second and third episodes look more serious, including Plutonia and gothic textures. There are a bunch of nice tracks to hear, though I spent more time hearing monsters everywhere than the music lol.    Action is reminiscent to Scythe. Also Vanguard (according to kmxexii) but I've only played the first one. In addition, there are a few notable guest maps, which contrast from Knox's style. So, basically maps are challenging and demanding. I really like how many of them are constructed like big arenas with lots of buildings, where action is inside and outside, makes good use of environment. Monster placement is well thought in general. Some maps have hectic starts, being surrounded by crossfire while looking for weapons (for pistol starts), followed by teleport ambushes, and some maps include different setpieces in tight rooms. There is an abundance of instapop traps, requiring a bit of foreknowledge to come out alive, though I don't recall any bullshit moments. Only map where I wasn't able to kill everything by myself was map 21, a secret is considerably mandatory to do that and I never found it. In other maps, a few monsters fail to teleport out of their rooms, or simply never wake up, making 100 percents impossible (map 23 is the worst case).    Secrets are mostly easy to find, with a few requiring to guess what a switch did or what triggers a tall pillar to lower (I see you map 26). It actually caught my attention that many maps have lots of secrets, since almost all of them short and arena-style. The exception is map 29, that has none, well it's a Joshy map so it's no big deal.   Oh yes, favourite maps, let's see: 02, 17, 19, 22 and 29. It's hard to pick favourites since I, more or less, liked them all in the same way. Only map I didn't like was 30, not only because it's IoS but progression is highly obscure (unlike any other map in the set), and it has a 3-times lift, fortunately it's slower so a safe rocket is always guaranteed.   Pretty satisfied with the mapset, recommended to anyone who liked Scythe and has a fetish for instapops (not that I have one...). My rate is 8/10.  
    • By LoadedCannible · Posted
    • By LoadedCannible · Posted
      The first person view of it caught me off guard, because when I reloaded, there were four double barrels! XD Great work!
    • By dmg_64 · Posted
      I love this kind of maps.