Tarakannik 3

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id-software & all the authors of the resources we used

Build Time

December 2013 - May 2017.

Editors Used

XWE 1.15, Doom Builder 2

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Nine Inch Heels

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What happens when you try to make chillax more interesting and perhaps more difficult by spicing it up with a daring selection of custom monsters? You get Tarakannik 3...


This maximum-ridiculum spans 43 maps and is loaded with fierce opposition like you wouldn't believe. Make no mistake, this thing is hard to a point that even HMP-difficulty will stop most doomers dead. The author had the courtesy of warning me when I started playing this on UV-settings, and unless you want to bash your head against this madness like I did, you'd do well to listen to the advice given and tune it down. No, seriously, consider not playing UV unless you're either a doom-god, or you want to hone your skills to eventually become one.


So, what's going on here, how does it compare to, say, chillax? Where chillax liberally flooded the area with overwhelming opposition by way of numbers, tarakannik 3 oftentimes favours quality over quantity, even your seemingly bog-standard imp is a bit more threatening now, and imps, like many other demons in this set, come in different variations, some of which put scytheII's zombie-marine to shame. If you want to see a pinkie shoot a rocket at you when it dies (Which I think is hilarious), this is where that and many other things are going to happen.


The author expects rock solid execution when it comes to avoiding incoming damage. Whatever it is that you can possibly evade, you almost always need to evade it. Mistakes will get punished severely.


Aesthetically this is a mixed bag. Most of the maps are crafted either by way of copy+paste or with a fairly broad brush, without much attention to details in general. That's not to say Tarakannik 3 looks disgustingly ugly. There is some utterly absurd eye-candy to be had on occasion, map 41 and 42 in particular were... Oddly fascinating to just look at. If you've nothing better to do, you might want to consider IDCLEV-ing through this thing and have a gander, you may see something you actually like.


Note that you won't be able to run this set in PrBoom+ (at least I couldn't). I loaded this with GZDoom, and most of the maps worked properly, some just didn't for reasons beyond my knowledge/understanding. A fraction of the maps might cause the average machine's framerates to take a nose-dive to the point of being unplayable as a result of absurd bullet spammyness among other things however.


So, is Tarakannik 3 for you? If you're the type of player who actually enjoys playing chillax legitimately, however difficult it may be, this is a must-have. If you're curious to see how much frustration you can handle, this is where you can put your limits to the test. If you're looking for utterly ridiculous difficulty, you'd best start downloading right away.


I would have given 2.5 stars if I could, since some of the maps were unplayable no matter what I tried, but considering that this set made me laugh quite a bit here and there, and I generally like these utterly absurd maps, there's 3 stars for Tarakannik 3. How quaint...

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This wad is shit. WAY TOO HARD.

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  • File Reviews

    • By SP_FACE1 · Posted
      This mapset consist of three levels. The first two are enormous and the final one is a Doom 2 like end map.   The first level is a techbase map. It was released first as a separate map to replace E2M8. It's style is reminiscent of episode 1 and episode 2 base levels with small abstract hellish areas and caves here and there. You begin your quest in a subway car which has brought you to this huge base with empty halls and spacey, dimly lit corridors. The author says in the description that the levels aim to give the player a feeling of exploration and that's what I got right from the start. This sentiment is emphasized by the soothing and a bit eerie ambient soundtrack which is a very good fit for the level. I don't usually pay that much attention to music but now I did because it was such a suitable choice.   The visual style is a bit more detailed than Doom's original techbase theme. However the detailing varies a lot. Sometimes you come across plainly textured, full lit rooms that take you back to the nineties and then later you encounter other areas with more details. The areas near the start were less good-looking than the later parts.   The layout is very interconnected. Especially in the beginning you can find multiple semi-secret panels that take you to a corridor which connects to the other side of the level. The level opens passages like this the more you progress.   The pace of the level is pretty relaxed. As mentioned in the beginning you are greeted with empty areas and silence. Some monsters will show up after a while and the enemy fights in the beginning areas are more of the in your face type. I usually evaded the first encounters and run around larger herds which turned out to be a good strategy as I found higher grounds to shoot at them.   After you get the blue keycard and go south to the blue door area the enemies appear more from a distance such as on top of crates or behind grills on the walls. This area contained a lot of cannon fodder, Zombies, Sergeants and Imps. It was very soothing to kill them en masse. You still get enemies on your face too. The visual style also got better. There was more consistent detailing and the rooms got more vertical.   The area behind yellow door continued the same rhythm, you entered peaceful and spacious areas, sometimes enemies run after you, sometimes you get to slay them from a distance. The open area with the zigzag path and pillars over the slime was a good fight. The walls were filled with Imps shooting you from the distance while Cacodemons were flying in the middle and you had to run around the path shooting rockets while avoiding falling down to the slime.   After the second half I started to run out of ammo more than once. Well, I had a lot of plasma ammo but I had no plasma rifle. If I'm not mistaken you only get the plasma rifle after the Cyberdemon fight which I think was not fair. That fight would have been much more fun with a plasma gun.   The fight before the exit is probably the roughest. You get a lot of Demons, Barons and a Spider Mastermind. But in the end it's not that big of an issue because you can compartmentalize them in a room and shoot them through the windows or make them fight each other.   It took me almost an hour to finish the map even though I did not get lost. It was a pleasure to stroll through the map and admire the areas despite the small throwbacks to the nineties here and there :) I think the author succeeded very well to give the player the feeling of exploration in the first map.   The second map is visually a Doom 2 abstract hell kind of a map. Actually it has almost all kinds of areas. Caves, rocky cliffs, lava, slime, organic, gothic, marble and what have you. Whereas the first map has a slower, almost wandering pace with a hauntingly soothing ambient track the second map is more hectic, aggressive and it has a metal song as soundtrack. The fights didn't always feel fun. There were too many Chaingunners at distance. The open area with the Quake's Q logo on the ground was the first time I thought I'm gonna IDDQD if this hitscanning continues. And it sadly did but thankfully not all the time. In general this map is much more slaughtery than the first one. Also this map is much larger than the first one and there are over a thousand monsters. I must say I did not find that many things to like in this map. I did not get any feeling of exploration here. The layout was confusing. It didn't feel interconnected at all. Yes, there were teleporters but it's always hard to figure out where they take you. Also killing started to feel almost like work at times and after one hour I was considering giving up on the map. The western part of the map was dedicated to getting the blue key. The eastern part was for acquiring the yellow key. And in the middle you entered the area for the red key and exit. That sounds simple but it wasn't. I got frustrated and lost more than once. I was at loss what the various buttons were supposed to open. It didn't help that the abstract hellish landscape of Doom 2 is not my favorite theme. I also think the styles changed too much. But there were some areas that I liked. For example, the section with organic texturing was one of the best parts in the level. Other good areas were the library and the red gothic cathedral.   The third and last map was almost a traditional Romero's head end game map but instead you had to push two buttons to finish it. The music choice for this map was weird. I guess in some sense it fits the level. I was pretty exhausted from the second map and I rushed the final map as fast as I could.     TL;DR
      The first map is without a doubt the strongest. Vast, interconnected and explorative techbase map with some nice detailing, relaxing pace, interesting fights and great ambient music. The second map is a gigantic level with a mish mash of styles. At times it feels like your are working at Switch Hunting Incorporated instead of enjoying a game and then you get perforated by a Chaingunner. The last map is OK but I'm not sure if it was that necessary. In fact the levels feel so different from each other that I wonder if it was a good idea to combine them into one WAD.
    • By felgro · Posted
      This is a very good map that has a little bit of everything and actually is vanilla friendly.
    • By Doomkid · Posted
      A very classic style mapset in terms of layouts and visuals, but a nice challenge - not too hard, not too easy. Enjoyable to play through for sure. Music was a mix of good and terrible MIDIs based on great songs. Great effort here!
    • By valkiriforce · Posted
      Loved this whole set - I can relate to a lot of the ideas present in this wad. The interesting layouts and encounters were ringing all the right bells for me; not to sound arrogant but it almost felt like I was playing something I made from the future. My only complaint is that it came and went too fast - wish it had more maps but I found it to be a very solid experience for something of a mini-episode. It could be seen as a plus though since I guess it'd be easier to revisit something that isn't as long as most other mapsets that go up to 11 or beyond. Also great use of Sega Genesis/Megadrive music on the maps - really hope this author puts out more maps one day.
    • By valkiriforce · Posted
      This was like a nice modern take on something inspired from The Innocent Crew with strokes of Matthias Worch - all of which I know the author Brian Knox took inspiration from beforehand. The first episode didn't do a whole lot for me but it really started to pick up in the later parts leading up to episode 2 and onward. Great soundtrack from the talented John Weekley and a few guest maps to mix things up a little. I played on HNTR for a more casual experience and felt even there some parts of the megawad felt rather cruel - namely in the third episode. Overall I had a blast going through this wad finally after so long and was rather surprised to find a collab map between me and DeathevocatioN find its way into the mapset.