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TNT: Revilution

   (38 reviews)


About This File

TNT: Revilution is a fan made community project the acts as a sequel to TeamTNT's Evilution. The goal of this project was to capture the spirit of what made Evilution so great, while at the same time bringing the quality of the visuals & game play up to modern standards.

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One of my favorite megawads ever. Revilution is a great tribute to TNT Evilution that successfully modernizes TNT's strengths. Detailed techbases, a good mix of shorter, punchier maps and those fun to get lost in, and a strong sense of atmosphere. A few maps in the middle episode lean heavily into a dark survival horror style that actually works very well, especially Transduction which is the best map in the whole set. There are a few maps that act as sequels to a few from Evilution but they never feel like retreads; like Nukage Zone, which is like Evilution's Dead Zone but surrounded by a whole lake of nukage and with a significantly different feel. The soundtrack is also literally flawless and is one of my favorites.

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Cybernight Zero

· Edited by Cybernight Zero


Forget my initial review. Just played through this WAD for my youtube channel (Second playthrough after almost a year).


Lots of custom textures, that work well with the original vanilla ones. Lots of distinct levels with great action and exploration. It does keep the bigger, longer levels with dark caverns. Speaking of which, the level design is much more open and mixes the cavern, and mountain range really well with the tech base theme.


Some of my favorite levels are Transduction, Anubis, The Visage of Time, Malignata (The best Icon of Sin level I've seen). Fortress of Bullets, Superweapon Facility, and Across the Blood Sea. Honorable mentions: Devil's Den, Uprising, Underground Activity, and Bloody Garden


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Lebsrostla Halabala


Very enjoyable megawad that surpasses its predecessor by level design, gameplay and music. 

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Great homage wad to the original TNT, some maps were hard, but it was still a fun experience, and the music is cool and has a variety between different music genres and it fits the maps.

My favourite maps in this megawad are Map 12, Map 30 and Map 32.

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Oh, this megawad are very cool. I beated it 3 times with different mods. MAP12 is very atmospheric!

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· Edited by Thrustpeak


Despite a few maps here and there that didn't sit too well with me—the good so heavily outweighs the bad that I can't give it anything but 5 stars. Map 12 may be one of the best I've played. 

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Teo Slayer


So there's Evilution and Revilution


Can we have Devilution now?

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Awesome wad, awesome music, seems perfect to play

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I can already say this is a sequel of Evilution by finding myself getting lost in map03.

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· Edited by UnknDoomer


Options and things:


* GZDoom.

* Have played with "Complex Doom" modification.

* Difficult - "Hurt me plenty". "Ultra-Violence" is too much for that WAD / in case of combo with mod stuff.

* Didn't care about secrets much. Finished 30 levels, didn't get into 2 secret onces.

* MAP019 has first cyberdemon on it.

* Save/load. Sometimes a lot in case of settings I've chosen.
* #37 in community top.




1. + MAP012 (Transduction), MAP013 (Hangsman's Curse), MAP014 (Abandoned Port), MAP015. (Nukage Zone), MAP017 (Spider Colony), MAP020 (Portal Facility), MAP24 (ЯƎᗡЯUM) - great design and sounding.

2. + MAP016 (Devil's Den), maze, Hexen like style, but good one. If you solve one complex puzzle - you can get the BFG.

3. + Combines fine with "Complex Doom" modification.

4. + As a good sequel to "Evilution" - enough to count such.




- 1. Episode 2 seems to the best here, when Episode 1 is kinda mediocre one. 3 just fine, nothing special.

- 2. MAP010 as example. Has like up close to 300 monsters. You can call that I prefer more 90's like style gameplay, not today "shoot and run" between tonns of enemies, in which for many mods and maps stays today (Brutal, Guncaster, ...), still. I think it's too much. Few maps has big number of monsters too, but in case of better design it looks normal.

(?) *. Perhabs it is a matter of "Complex DOOM", still. In case med-packs thing works fine, but in case of ammunition - you never feel that there are not enough cartridges or so. I.e. difficult has no mention in that case. Monsters still kill you very fast, in case of what "Complex" represent, but it doesn't stick to things of weapons. 

(?) *. MAP015. (Nukage Zone). There is a place with teleport when you can get into the trap. You can grab the chainsaw, but there is no exit from this location in case tower with chainsaw is always going down. Unless you will get the ammo pack first using another teleport - in that case there will be teleport in the location. Perhabs I've missed that one before, when using switch, but seems to it's not working in first case.

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I'm pretty thankful for the opportunity they gave me to do few maps for the wad, and I got map08 antiquated.


Pretty Good game, it's a good sequel for the original TNT, although there are some flaws, but rather enjoyable experience..

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Very good wad! Nothing to tell about visuals and maps desings, very good quality 5/5.

Gameplay 3,5/5. Some maps were boring in terms of challenge. It never get harder, with some few exceptions of course. My favorite maps was, in order: 12: The best map of the wad! very good music, textures, and atmosphere. Map 20: The same! (love your soundtrack Eris falling) Map 29: The map with the best difficulty. Map 30: Very good IoS. Original as hell. Map28: Good one but what the hell the red and blue keys? I didn t  understand that.

I know that some autors made more than 1 map but I think that a project with many autors need more variety with the gameplay.A lot of  maps looks like was made by the same guy, i mean, very fine maps but almost the same challenge, similar atmosphere and noise midis. I tell this in a constructive criticism way. Love u guys.

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Final Doom that it was meant to be

I want the TNTR 2

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Good wad, something good considering to play, especially for those who love TNT evilution. In terms of design, nothing to tell. But that's not what I care that much about usually. I simply think it's well designed all in all. Some maps are confusing, but it's normal. In terms of difficulty, I'm disappointed. I expected a curve closer to the Hell Revealed levels 13-20. Especially since it drops betwenn maps 22 and 27. At least it's not like Requiem. And again guess which map I didn't like. 24! Do I hate number 24 or number 24 hates me? 


The only reason I can give 4 stars is that this wad has better map design and better gameplay than the original TNT. And it shows maps can be somewhat difficult without cyberdemons at times. But after Hell Revealed my standards have risen the bar a lot. So if it wasn't for the map design, I'd have given it 3 stars. 

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I love this megawad, and almost everything TNT related, and this megawad aimed to make a good fusion of what made evilution soo unique and what made plutonia soo challenging.
As in every wad, there highlights and downwards but nothing to bad. The first 20 maps are something amazing, going for a more puzzle and carefully designed encounters playstyle, including the two secret levels, but in map 21 the difficult suddenly ramps up pretty high, differentiating this last 10 levels almost totally from the previous 20, turning them into something closer to plutonia maps. But this is totally forgivable because in TNT Evilution happened exactly the same except that the 10 last levels of Evilution feels like somewhat rushed and not soo well balanced as intended...

Anyway, this is a true succesesor for a great iwad, conciliating the modern standar with the inmersive storytelling of the original.
Now i will like to search for the true succesor of Eternal Doom, a wad that is slowly becoming one of my most loved of all.

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Good hitscan-heavy megawad that doesn't rely on bullet sponge enemies too much. Map 12, Transduction, has awesome horror atmosphere. A well done IoS on map 30. All in all a good megawad.

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While I think Revilution is a damn fine megaWAD, I don't think it's a good sequel to the original TNT: Evilution. It feels like it should have been it's own thing. The original Evilution had more of an adventurous feel to it and was more laid back to me. It oozed atmosphere. Revilution, on the other hand, oozes that same atmosphere in its level design but the gameplay is a tense fight from start to finish that left me exhausted. It felt and played more like Plutonia than Evilution. Some of the maps border on being somewhat slaughter-esque (the later maps in particular are guilty of this). The use of custom DeHacked work happening in map 30 was interesting but felt out of place. I understand wanting to not make map 30 another IoS fight but when I play a sequel to an IWAD, the last thing I want and encounter to see is any custom DeHacked stuff. This is however just a personal taste thing with me.


It's still a damn fine megaWAD and I would recommend everyone play it at least once. I just think that it should have been its own thing rather than a sequel to one of my favorite IWADs because, to me, it feels more akin to a Plutonia sequel.

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Done with these settings:


- Crispy Doom 4.2

- Ultra-Violence.

- Continuous combined with a pistol start mindset.

- Saves every 10 minutes or so.


Now this is a damn good sequel. An incredible amount of quality in every way you look at it. First of all, the visuals. This includes a ton of different textures, lots of red, green and brown for naturalistic environments. Thematically it's after the destruction of the demon-spitter in Evilution, thus it goes through different ambients that are more hellish/fleshy than the infested techbases we were used to. I'm a fan of spookiness in Doom, so this wad gave me a lot to experience in its abandoned computer stations, corrupted by the demons as if the recurrent text "Kill us" wasn't enough for me to feel tense. However, it is not as simple as it sounds to generalize the themes in Revilution, since every map is an individual case of different colours and geometry, and that nourishes variety in my opinion. What is also worth mentioning is the amazing music selection, like valkiriforce commented in his review, there're a few astounding covers from the Evilution soundtrack, as you'll notice right in the starting map, plus a whole bunch of atmospheric midis, just excellent works to accompany the playthrough.


Reiterating, this was much more than I expected. Being a spiritual sequel to one of my favourite iwads, this didn't disappoint in any way. I'd think of Revilution is to Evilution what Plutonia 2 was to Plutonia Experiment. Why? Both share the atmosphere of their prequels, adapted to the current gameplay interpretations of their eras. This means that some of the most memorable concepts in Evilution are present here, in a trip to nostalgia and, most importantly, higher quality entertainment, but not exactly in an iwad fashion. So, with a lot of contributors, there's an extensive variety of scenarios to appreciate. Of the numerous remarkable experiences I had, one part is Dobu's approach to bring back the mysterious atmosphere, the silence and the surprise, and the eccentric geometry from the more natural maps like Quarry or Deepest Reaches, which Eternal took charge of making a charming remake for map 18. Back to Dobu, his map 16 is an excellent example of scavenging resources in dark caves, while you deal with exposure, claustrophobia, and clever puzzles. If you're playing with carryovers and freedom of choices, ignore them in this map, the gimmick is real fun. The tribute to Wormhole in map 12 is another standout, both the cinematic transition to an alternate dimension and what awaits you there, but also the secret hunt in the map, an exploration task I'll take any day. Phobus and Gaspe went on a similar style, the latter did a super dark corrupted underground base, with a few tight quarters that will make you sweat, while the first guy invested in a sort of abandoned facility that might not develop so much action, but you'll want to speed things up before it's too late. Another honorable mention goes to Steve D, his creations are probably going to stick in everyone's minds as purely mean-spirited maps. Maybe I wasn't expecting such demanding traps, with an emphasis on locking the player's way out with fat hitboxes, but satisfaction comes with success, guaranteed it'll take some serious effort. One prominent author is Jaws in Space, his style here is hard to describe in simple words, there's a bit of fast-paced run-and-gun, also some quick incidental combat a la old-school TNT including stronger beasts, generally short-medium sized linear maps with or without a task/gimmick, save his entry a la Dead Zone where progression might not be easy to figure for a while. Talking about tricky progression, that was the case of valkiriforce's map 31. I really liked his throwback to Pharaoh, although with many predictable circumstances if you remember the original map. What rubbed me wrong way was a hidden switch to grant access to one of the keys, which I needed a video to point me that switch. I guess that's another throwback, thankfully no missing keys. His other map somehow didn't fit with the rest of the maps, although still an enjoyable tutti frutti of themes. All of the other authors did an incredible job in their individual and/or dual contributions, that includes a love-letter to spiders courtesy of Purist, fun with elevators and height variety by Tourniquet, a quick punchy entryway by SFoZ911 that hides more than you'd expect, even a trip to Eradrop's vision of hell in a slaughter-esque fashion while you're being observed by statues of cows, and many more that you'll love to experience by yourself, because you should must. 


Secret-wise, all my love to exploration and multiple worthy secrets in a same map, namely in Dobu's maps. The first map of the wad already anticipates what Revilution has in hands for you about secrets: hidden encounters, shortcuts to find tasty weaponry, telefrag chains that will answer all your doubts, etc. There's basically everything you don't want to miss if you're a fan of exploration. A small thing: in map 21, it is possible to nullify the secret tag that has four boxes of rockets in a red room behind bars, read this. Anyway, there aren't favourite maps this time, because I enjoyed them all a lot, some more than others though. Perhaps 12, 16, 17, I don't know, this is too hard lol. If one map needs a shoutout is 30, it's an unique piece of art, one of the best finales ever. 


Overall, I suggest you add it to your list, there're no reasons of why you shouldn't pick this megawad to spend a weekend or play periodically. Even if not all maps may suit your wishes, or the word "TNT" holds you back, it's not a remake, this has way more to offer than empty big rooms or ripoffs. I guess what's missing is TNT Revisited? :P. My rate is going to be 9/10.

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· Edited by dylux


What can I say? Two words: Simply awesome.


This WAD has it all - it's fun, challenging, has clever puzzles, has excellent music, great maps. Combats were sometimes a bit tight in the earlier levels but certainly nothing to lower the rating. Definite replay value. I loved Maps 3, 19, 28.


How this fantastic WAD only "runnered up" at the Cacowards is beyond me. After all, Cacowads were founded for WADS like TNT: Revilution! I demand a recount!


Bravo Team TNT. This WAD won't be forgotten anytime soon. Well worthy of 5/5 Stars. Keep 'em coming!

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· Edited by Tycitron


This is just a wonderful WAD, i enjoyed it all the way through, Ultra-violence on my first go. the music made it feel so cool, my favorite music pieces have to be Map01 TiN Toker, Map06 Contempt i hate you, Map02 Neato, Map13 ThirteenTH Hour, and the intermission and story screen music, The final map is one of the best Map30s i've ever seen.


This is really a true sequel to TNT, so thank you guys for making it!


So all in all id recommend that you play this as soon as you can!

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This has become one of my favorite mapsets, the difficulty is just right and the detail is pretty good.
I liked this wad so much, that I made custom brightmaps to use them on GZDOOM.
Sadly, some of them wont work properly because of mapping reasons, Like some custom textures are a replacement for another.


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It's been a long time coming but finally a sequel (of sorts) to the subjectively superior IWAD TNT has graced us. 


Whilst not exactly as completely true to the original TNT formula, this mapset recreates the magic and the mystery of potato kinishes the old IWAD and remains fairly close to the TNT style and I adore that.


My biggest complaint has to be the oddly loud midis, I had to turn it down in PrBoom.



All in all it is in my top 10, clearly.

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All killers, no fillers.

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A pretty darn good wad overall, especially the last episode. I'm not massively into the textures here or in the Original TNT, but they do the job nicely enough.
The music was a strongpoint and kept things moving along.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Maribo · Posted
      I feel like I increasingly come across these Eternal levels where there are wide open spaces that would normally feel desolate and empty, but something about the inclusion of these odd little setpieces makes it feel... oddly touching. It's like he isn't playing by the same rule book as other people. The castle map in this WAD is like being shrunk down and getting to walk around a diorama that someone has built.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Practically a Single player campaign sets in a very dark maze of corridors and ventilation tunnels (reminded me of Aliens TC), conceptually is not a bad map but in reality the broken and cryptic progression made me dislike this, as well as the blocked exit room by a impassible line. Too large for DM too imo. Wasted occasion for something decent.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A pretty wacky and funny gun replacements, as Stupid Bunny said long time ago. Fun stuff.
    • By Cutman 999 · Posted
      A little better than vanilla doom 2, final 5 maps are fucking terrible and somehow, they made the icon of sin worse. I prefer the reinterpretations of iwad levels compared to the first DTWID, were i felt the levels were samie and not so different to your typical E1 knock off. Probably i would play it again, maybe not, if you didn't had enough of iwad fix, play this.
    • By PsychEyeball · Posted
      Perhaps the best megawad I have played so far. Ancient Aliens is a very distinctive WAD, with its unique tone, custom textures, choice of colors, scenery and meticulous encounter crafting. The overall look of many of its maps is pretty relaxing, (especially as far as Doom is concerned) and that feeling is helped big time by the masterful Stewboy compositions, whose MIDIs often give the journey a mysterious laid-back style or embrace a fun bouncy techno-jazz jive. But don't be lured by the calm looks and sounds, because Skillsaw and his guest mappers know how to turn the heat up and throw you into peculiar and inventive combat scenarios.   Map 1 sets the tone for the action perfectly: after the trippy teleporting sequence, you immediately zoom at full speed past a caged cyberdemon, who will constantly hinder your progress and have you frantically look for the way forward. The following brawl with hell knights, revenants and other foes in tight corners does set a tone for the combat to ensue in the first few maps: resources tend to be initially scarce and berserk punching a few skeletons will help you keep your supplies for fights where ammo truly matters. If that doesn't feel like your cup of tea, do not worry: a fair amount of maps do provide ample supplies for when the heat truly gets turned up. Finally, many big enemies in beginning maps are meant to be telefragged (or, in the case of MAP04, the game will eventually spawn a truckload of explosive barrels to kill archviles with little fuss) so the obvious approach is not always the best one.   The layout of levels often features traps, but at the very least you can't fault the WAD for lack of variety because it's rare that the same trick gets repeated. Encounters are memorable and my favorite of the bunch include a collapsing staircase where you must fight foes quickly under the eye of an archvile, but you must do it fast because the ledges eventually rise up, bringing you closer and closer to him being able to resurrect the fallen monsters. But each time a ledge rises, new monsters can now get to you so you're never safe no matter what! Additionally, the WAD features two new monsters: the plasma marine and the rotating skull cube. Marines make static noises, are cloaked when not attacking and their plasma shots can be hurtful, but they thankfully need to pause before shooting and are very fragile. The skull cubes pack a wallop, firing a barrage of 3 revenant missiles at any time, which can be homing or not. They would be the worst if they didn't have only about 80 health and exploded upon death, hurting everything in their vicinity. This means that when this enemy appears in tight packs, a single rocket can blow away the whole group.   Skillsaw doesn't hog the whole WAD for himself, he offered a few guest spots for other worthy mappers to shine. Joshy from Speed of Doom fame gets two maps, MAP 9 (The Nectar Flow) and MAP28 (Floating Arena). Both are completely different to each other gameplay-wise, but both are fun. The former is a journey through caves of nectar that features the highest monster count in the WAD at the time, but most of them are zombiemen and imps, so happy chaingunning! The latter effort is a slaughterfest that sets the table for the end of your journey. The numbers are high, but the space, ammo and powerups are abundant as well, not making the carnage too mean spirited. Stewboy gets the MAP 31 slot, but this one doesn't work as well; the pacing is too slow and there's a little too emphasis on secret hunting (13 secrets in total!) and the layout even is a little too gray and drab. AD_79's MAP 20 is a strong showing with its tubes full of enemies and the clever archvile hologram trap. Esselfortium's MAP 22 is a scenic ancient castle that is one of the prettiest maps of the set, only upset by MAP24. lupinx-cassman offers a spectacle for the eyes with a sky temple that appears to worship several cultures at once, hence the name. While some of its combat is a little stilted and uncomfortable at times, the looks all make up for it. Tarnsman's MAP 26 is a pretty old stone temple, but the heavy chaingunner usage makes it feel like some weird Plutonia homage. MAP 23 by Pinchy is probably the only guest map I can bring myself to dislike: it's too big, sprawling, confusing, loves to spawn chaingunners that snipe you at great distances and finally, that final fight can go to hell.   As for skillsaw's work, the best part about his works is that he's very consistent quality-wise, I can't bring myself to dislike any of his work in this WAD (MAP 32 might be his only map I didn't really like, it felt a bit by the numbers for a secret secret map). Some of the levels have gimmicks attached to them, like MAP 6's sinkhole, which occurs as you're grabbing a shotgun (?). But you better not think of it too hard, or hordes of shotgunners will come to take you away. MAP 18 shows how dangerous the Illuminati are, with the surprise inclusion of an Icon of Sin (in the form of a giant Illuminati pyramid!) that makes incursions in the main courtyard a tricky affair. MAP 19 is a berserk and pistol level that will get you up to speed with punching enemies, your champion contender here will be an archvile you need to punch down so good luck! My favorite Skillsaw maps of the WAD would be Maps 1, 2, 4, 7, 14, 16, 25 and 29, aka the last regular map of the set. It's 3 big fights, the final of which is punctuated by the shattering reveal of who's behind everything. Then, they get to watch you do the final fight against seemingly unsurmontable hordes in a big, colorful arena.   All in all, Ancient Aliens is a masterpiece. It is surprisingly approachable for being a modern WAD and the difficulty is hard, but often fair. Keep in mind this is still an harder WAD than Plutonia, though. I had a pleasant time on UV with saves and continuous play and if your skills aren't up to the task, lower difficulties will make sure you are not left behind. If you're like me and somehow took this long to finally play this, remedy the problem and play it now. It's one of the all-time greats.