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About This File

This is a GENMIDI patch for DMX for OPL2-OPL3 FM synthesis. This patch aims to remedy the "weak" default instruments to better match the Roland Sound Canvas, most notably the SC-55 and SC-88.

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That's simply Descent's OPL bank I see. This and that are very alike. IMO

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I love it!!! It definitely shows OPL charm and makes gameplay very enjoyable!

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I can't tell if this is a complete improvement or not, but it does seem to improve Doom's GENMIDI. But compared to Freedoom's GENMIDI, I can't say if this is better or worse. Nonetheless, most of you guys play Doom, and if you ever feel like playing in the original Doom executable/Chocolate Doom, I recommend you load this up too.

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I can't even hear the difference, but whatever.

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Makes the OPL sound far better.

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So much care and effort went into this beautiful-sounding, carefully-crafted orgy of FM synth. Any misgivings I would have about using it are the fault of factors external to the mod itself (certain ports being unable to use it).

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  • File Reviews

    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Meh. Good for a first level. Nothing special. Average. I could see it on a 1000 DOOM level CD. Its ok.
    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Gave me chills I'll give you that, but thats only because im a wuss and its 2:00 AM. Other than that, just straight crap. Its just 3 dark rooms. Thats all.
    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Reminds me of Portal but is ultimately a stupid WAD.   P.S. I hit the bottom without cheats, therefore it isn't endless.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      too often we see a set that is basically an E1 replacement, with no real changes to anything besides "this is an episode 1 replacement with a style similar to the real deal except I made it" or something along the lines. this one is no different, although it really is only half of an episode. but is there anything eye-popping here? no. it's all average at the very best, definitely not any better than the real E1 although it does have some minor homages. but there's nothing that's gonna make this memorable. now, there was effort, but not a whole lot of it. this set really does look like something a newbie mapmaker would make in just a few days. what's also strange is how this one for some reason requires a ZDoom based port, although there's next to nothing ZDoom-y about it. it was intended to be a "lost episode" and while you can probably say that, is there anything here that is really good enough?
    • By Barefootstallion · Posted
      A nice and fun little map.  Also, I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the way those panels blinked really fast - it was like they were blinking in time with that fun, fast-paced midi.  Either way, it was a nice touch.   You seriously need to do more maps.  If this map was any example of what you can do, then you certainly need to do more!