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Seamless 2: A Fake Circle

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About This File

Seamless 2 is a Vanilla Ultimate Doom map taking slot of E1M2 that makes no use of "use" lines. The theme is "base", there are about 120 monsters and the map takes less than 10 minutes to beat. The keys are MacGuffins. The difficulty is easy, to the point where the difference between HMP and UV is marginal and relies mostly on more health & ammo pickups on HMP. Unfortunately, despite taking slot of E1M2, it cannot be played seamlessly in ZDoom ports with the first Seamless because I have foolishly inserted a MAPINFO there that prohibits it.

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· Edited by JudgeDeadd


The map feels a bit too easy, but overall it's kinda fun and pleasant to the eye. The "no use lines" concept works well, resulting in an interconnected design that speeds up the gameplay.



Doom -- SP/Coop -- Vanilla

A short, fun map which contains no "use" lines (no switches or doors). This frees the gameplay from all stopgaps and provides a, dare we say, seamless run'n'gun experience. The difficulty level is more relaxing than anything (you shouldn't need any of the secrets) and the visuals are simple, but quite pleasing. Fun to play, but don't expect a particularly meaty challenge.


[Originally written Dec 2018 for The /newstuff Chronicles]

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The map does everything the readme says, heh. It indeed takes less than 10 minutes, is quite easy on HMP, has no use lines. But not much more than that.

It looks like a huge step back compared to the first one. Horrible STARTAN1 texturing everywhere.

Play this only if you like bad 1994-style levels.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Thanks to a post by Maes, I found out about this wad. The Maniac MIDI is catchy and fun, and the level itself is still an enjoyable romp today. The idea that you're under the sea is a creative touch.
    • By DoomShark · Posted
      If this was the 2001 year I would rate this 5/5. But in 2022 this wad is nothing but a lame retro.   I got the feeling that this wad was trying to showcase the advanced Zdoom capabilities rather than trying to create a good game play, and even with the advanced features the design still feels flat!   HMP or lower players will probably enjoy this as it is a below average difficulty with plenty of ammo/items.   I wanted to rate this 2.5/5 stars, but since half star cannot be selected I rated it 3 stars. We really need to be able to select half a star in rating.    
    • By LouigiVerona · Posted
      I love SkillSaw's work and this is a magnificent wad, but I am writing this review to mark it for folks like me, who would love the level design, but wouldn't connect with the gameplay. Which is fine, no wad is made for every player.   What didn't work for me in this megawad - as far as I checked it out, playing several levels from different packs - was gameplay geared towards maneuverability and making it without strong weapons and much ammo.   To me Doom is a shooter. When faced with a lot of strong enemies, I would like to be able to get them down with a double shotgun or a rocket launcher. These levels are more about running around quickly with a gun, a berserk pack and a shotgun with only a few shells. In he middle of the level you typically get a chaingun.   And that just turns the game into a platformer for me, which is fine, just not my kind of gameplay.   The design and music are top notch. Even the menu is eye candy. I wanted to adore this project, but I just cannot connect with it.   I will, however, keep it on my hard drive and return to it from time to time. Will update this review if I ever get it.
    • By Phalgrin · Posted
      Played this first from the Master Levels CD, good memories.