The Deimos Incident

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Carlos Lastra

About This File

//*********// This is my whole Episode 2 replacement, packed together. The secret level (e2m9) is a new one.

The levels, wich can be found individually on /idgames, included here are:


I have made a fistful of tiny modifications here and there [notoriously the name of the first level ;)], but "the song remains the same".

Have fun, Carlos.



New from scratch

Build Time

9 months of working on and off

Editors Used

Doom Builder 2 (Doom settings) and Slade3 (MAPINFO)

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  • 5
   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Incredibly good and imaginatively looking mapset, made using only stock Doom resources. Have you played "Warp House" by Ed Cripps? That's the closest comparison in its looks that I can come up with. There are no slopes though, so the mapset will not ruin the performance of your old PC.

The difficulty is a bit higher than The Shores of Hell episode that this wad replaces, with combat mostly happening in semi-tight halls and corridors with your usual traps and ambushes that are although expected in this kind of environments but are never frustrating.


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  • 4
   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

mostly standard E2 mapset done modern style. nothing major sticks out but there's nothing here that is really bad with the exception of one hallway in E2M5 being horribly screwed up (a monster is also outside the map there). really unique E2M8 map too.

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  • 1
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Bland, jumbled architecture. About as fun to play as Lose/Lose.

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Summer Deep

  • 3
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Played on UV, continuous, GL Boom-plus.


This is definitely more challenging than the episode which it replaces, with some well designed traps in tight spaces where Cacodemons in particular can be more threatening than usual. If you're a Caco fan, you should definitely play these maps, as there are serious numbers of them! 


The episode does tend to run out of steam after three or four levels though, as the maps all tend to look pretty much alike with little to differentiate them - I found it very easy to lose track of where I'd been, or even which level I was on, though maybe that's a penalty to be paid for playing the entire episode through in a single evening. 


Sort of recovers towards the end. Level seven is tough and quite memorable, and the finale with the Cyberdemon and associates shows some imagination.

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Salt-Man Z

  • 5

Just a masterfully done E2-style episode.

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  • 4

Great design overall but for the end, I don't get why (which is a nitpick) it doesn't immediately go to the end episode 2 text but goes to the intermissions screen followed by the graphic seen after you pass the end text. Played with GZDoom 3.2.1.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Meril · Posted
      Not recommend, this map is made of 2 rectangular mazes and few bigger rooms. Mazes are confusing even with automap. Only one area is intresting, but overall meh. Progression is also confusing. I didn't make through this without help of map editor. 1.5/5*
    • By Marcaek · Posted
      Note: I had to reupload to fix a minor but immersion breaking bug in MAP25. Make sure to redownload the WAD!   Also every map in this is great, this was prob the first project I have worked on\tested where I would describe the experience as heartwarming. Some people may disagree about some of the more difficult maps I guess, but even if they are too hard for you there's something in this WAD you're bound to enjoy.   [obligatory my map sucks comment to close the review]
    • By Nems · Posted
      I personally liked this over part 1 of 10 Sectors, which I previously reviewed. There isn't the technical mishaps found in the first installment so that immediately makes me happy. There are a few levels which have wonky progression but they aren't nearly as bad as what was found in the first installment either. This one feels a lot more polished than the last entry and as such I'd recommend it over part 1.
    • By Nems · Posted
      I see the phrase "mixed bag" a lot when it comes to describing a lot of megaWADs. Hell, I've probably used the term a few times myself. However, I try to reserve it for when it truly is such.   This megaWAD is really one of those cases. For every good map in this megaWAD, there's one or two that just absolutely take the piss. If it isn't some kind of technical fuckery that can make some maps unbeatable and force you to start all over again, it's maps that well overstay their welcome with some of the most wonky and convoluted progression I've encountered. A big "fuck you" goes to map 21 for devolving into a switch hunting clusterfuck if you're trying to play the damn thing correctly. Otherwise, do like I did, say "fuck it", and jump across the gap to the exit door instead of finding all of the switches to raise the floor high enough to go across.   It's certainly possible to play through the entire thing and beat it. How much you'll want to will depend on how forgiving you are when it comes to the stuff I pointed out in my last paragraph. I guess play this to see what mappers can do with ten sectors and then decide for yourself if it's something you'll want to come back to.   I know I'll come back to this but it'll be a while, at least until the bad taste of map 21 goes away.