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About This File

5-map wad, Egyptian-themed. Pistol-starts are recommended, but not necessary.


Sky - Mechadon Textures - Sock, Esselfortium, RottKing Sprites - ZZYZX


New from scratch

Build Time

~70 hours

Editors Used

GZDoomBuilder, Slade, WhackEd, GIMP

User Feedback

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  • 4
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  • 5

just here to give it 5 stars

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  • 4

GREAT setting used here, and the overall gameplay isn't that bad either.

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  • 4

I like me some Egyptians. This WAD plays very ok, looks exactly as advertised and has consistent gameplay.  Visuals are a bit bare but maybe this fits the theme?

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  • File Reviews

    • By Zalewa · Posted
      Expansive cave area with some lava and chasms. You run through arenas much like those "classic" shooters like nu-Shadow Warior, Painkiller or Hard Reset. Ugly room design with next to no lighting variation. Monsters spawn in hordes by scripts but the fights are usually very easy due to circle-strafing. Poor level.
    • By Cauldron · Posted
      All killers, no fillers.
    • By Dedalus 80 · Posted
      The map is a pleasant, detailed and HUGE structure.  On the other hand it is too labyrinthine and the fight are not engaging. Things I hated: two little buttons (too difficult to find) and the mice (they don't blend well in the futuristic/nightmarish setting of Doom). Things I loved: vehicles/aircraft and the wide variety of textures.   P.S. For a first map this is absolutely stunning. My compliments...    
    • By silentzorah · Posted
      Pretty solid ZDoom megawad.  Very few maps that I found poor in quality.  Challenge level is acceptable, secret levels are pretty fun.  Wished more ZDoom wads were like this.   I would have rated this five stars, but failing to credit me for the boss music in E1M9 merits four stars.
    • By The_SloVinator · Posted
      Played on UV.   The Good If you need more of a classic Dos DooM from 93, then look no further. This was done brilliantly, especially the Cyberdemon & Spider Mastermind battles.   The Bad Nothing.   In summation Don't miss on this one. Three episodes of goodness!