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Michael "Optimus" Kargas

About This File

Two levels I started making two years ago I think, with the plan of using them for a bigger megawad. Although it was a long time since I last worked on this project (which I doubt I'll ever finish) and decided to release them. Maybe I'll do more small packs of smaller WADs or single maps in the future.

Theme: Marble and Hell. You got beat the crap out of the monsters. Beat the hell crap!


New from scratch

Build Time

Over two years old crap

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I liked the first map, it was simple, didn't need to check the map, fun to kill enemies, not too small not too big and had consistent theme. The second map however ? Awful texture choice, at first I ignored that because the start was somewhat OK but later I discovered the map was boring, big rooms, 1 enemy per corner ( I just ran past them lol ) and the boss fight was easy, if there wasn't a second map i'd remember it as casual wad to play when bored and fun to speedrun and I'd give it 3 stars but because of the other map... 2 stars



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Weird crap. Mostly nonsensical design (e3m1 is way too cramped, e3m2 is way too bare and orthogonal) coexists with some genuinely nice looking stuff but in small quantities. I smell a jokewad but who knows. Quite silly overall, skip unless god told you to play this.

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e3m1 was very beautiful, m2 was huge and very boring.

They feel like 90s maps, a good one and a not-so-good one.

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I judge this Whiskey fueled misadventure as way below the quality level of the first IWAD, whereas I consider the first IWAD to be of rather high quality. This is a room-corridor chain with non-orthogonal linedefs, red/green stone textures and next to none sector height variation. Everything is very bare and shooting is straight-forward. I would rate this 1 star if 0 stars were still available, but they are not, so have 2 stars instead.

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Agree with other comments. E3M1 is really good, E3M2 is crap.

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