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  • File Reviews

    • By Jayextee · Posted
      Everybody, storm this WAD. They can't stop us all. #thatjokewillremainrelevant   Honestly, this is stellar work for a 1997 WAD. By today's standards the custom sprites may be a little ropey, the new sounds clashing, and the cute little edits to the IWAD assets probably less-cute. But in the context of an era in which WinTEX was the best tool around (shudder) this is actually a gem. Two maps with questionable midi choices (Mission Impossible's theme tune I can both understand and forgive; White Wedding? I have no idea what the author was thinking on that one) but they're filled to the brim with neat little immersive touches that make it worth playing today, even if only out of curiosity.   So go clap some alien cheeks! ;)
    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      Hellbound is a huge megawad comprised of several different scenarios such as tech bases, big cities, sewers, hellish maps and so on. I found it overall very challenging and took about 13 hours to beat it. The things I've liked on this megawad were: big maps with tons of enemies (some maps features over 500 monsters), a lot of ammo through the maps and NOT cramped gameplay which is a plus for me. The things I haven't liked: Map 25 sucks hard, shitty progression and very confuse; the majority of archvile enconters are unfair: they're used without cover for the player, teleporting instant and dealing unavoidable damage. My favorites maps were = 14, 16 and 31. Overall, I recommend this wad to anyone who likes a challenge and don't mind big maps, some lasting more than 30 minutes to complete. 
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      It's cool and all, but after some time it became tedious. Liked the young Frankenstein clip
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Jesus, this episode must be called "grim sense of boredom", because of humor i didn't find any, but i find a lot of boring! A LOT! Well, i just find a very short moment when i was chuckling out to the situation happening in E1M8 finding myself in a spiral of long lowering floors room, but maybe i just became insane. Over this short digression, this episode is BORING. I see that tries to be some sort of old school (is from 1994, dear anon reviewer, not 2012!) version of mock.wad or one of those parody of bad wads around the archive since doom modding scene day one. But instead of jumping the ugly garbage train that are these kinds of maps, is for the major part a pretty basic  series of large, boring, almost navigable STARTAN3 mazes with some nice ideas and few nice rooms spruced all around the episode and some really asshole ideas like 2 trap rooms in 2 different levels (E1M4 and E1M8) that are a just a little room with some type of useful stuff like health and ammo, once you enter in you are trapped from a one-way closing door without any way to escape from it expect cheating... but over these few moments, is pretty boring stuff. I suppose to deserve a trophy just for finish this. Go play something else.   BEST: ....E1M6 is kinda nice WORST: E1M8 is bullshit
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      It's been a while since I played Bioshock but I could still recognize some of the iconic locations. Seeing Bioshock's scripted sequences reinterpreted for Doom was fun. The enemy layout feels mostly like an afterthought, though.