The Inner Center

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Carlos Lastra

About This File


A level designed as a mix of Doom 2 + Ultimate Doom


New from scratch

Build Time

2 weeks

Editors Used

Doom Builder 2 (Doom2 settings) and Slade3 (MAPINFO)

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  • 4
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Mild action with mild difficulty but with lots of visual clutter that builds a detailed tech-base map. Very convex layout. Good in overall.

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Gothic Box

  • 5

A nice small map that stands on its own. Great detailing, especially since it doesn't use slopes, 3D floors, or custom textures. The level progression is quite interesting - the way you used lowering floors to reveal new areas and create shortcuts was by far my favorite part of the map. My only qualms are that some buttons alter things on the other side of the map that were not immediately obvious, and a specific teleporter traps enemies from a nearby monster closet.

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  • 5

Casual, straight foward map with interesting level design, smart secrets and good progression, replayed it a couple of times and looked for secrets, they are pretty rewarding... if you're looking  for a simple, single map to play - this is it, no need to look at the map and scratch your head, wondering where's the fricking door; everything's obvious, the gameplay is smooth

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  • File Reviews

    • By DoctorGenesis · Posted
      An extremely well made MEGAWAD with difficult enemies, well designed maps, good animation, original midis created by one man alone in a garage, great decorate enemies that simply put SkullTag's monsters to shame, epic effects, well-scripted cutscenes that weren't even worth skipping, great voice acting and amazing gameplay.   PROS:   Map design was clearly done by an intellectual with OCD. Voice Acting so great that it puts Hollywood to shame. Lighting effects that make the latest Unreal Engine look like shit. Cut-scenes that put some of the greatest, most epic movies to shame. Great, addicting gameplay that makes Quake 3 Arena seem dull by comparison. Amazing, well designed, original monsters. Great music that is amazing compared to the PSX Doom OST.   CONS:   Didn't win a Cacoward. Doesn't have a sequel.   Simply a ten out of ten review from me. This is like Alien Vendetta combined with the epic book, War and Peace.
    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Free-flowing maps with enough space to move around comfortably, well placed weapons / spawns and a very clean yet very classic aesthetic. Absolutely recommended.
    • By Anidrex_1009 · Posted
      Ah this looks interesting, a map with a bit of feeling, and it shows really, the map has a fantastic design and an excellent atmosphere, quite realistic and very incredible, I loved that attractive aspect of the map, however, the gameplay it's slow and very simple, if it were the first 3 maps of a megawad it would be great, but it's only 3 maps, so I would have added more enemies giving it a bit more difficulty, even so, the maps are fanstastic, map 2 is very incredible and I had never seen a map of that style, if it had a better gameplay, this was a 5 out of 5.
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      Es un megawad interesante/desafiante, las elección de texturas tal vez no es la mas bonita, pero los mapas tienen un sólido diseño.  Lo jugué con Complex Doom, por lo que los nazis se convirtieron en un gran dolor en el trasero.  Me incomodó en ciertas partes que la puerta se cerraba y no podía dar marcha atrás, pero bueno, supongo que es mas una cuestión de gustos.  Interesante haber puesto Led Zeppelin con Escalera al Cielo como música de uno de los niveles.