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Space Inferno

   (4 reviews)
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About This File

Story: You work for a special marine unit that guards the galaxy from any threats. It is a boring job most of the time, but there are a few times when there is heavy action. One weekend afternoon, you were relaxing on your sofa, drinking beer and watching TV, when all of a sudden you get a call from the team captain. The captain orders you to return to the base of operations immediately and teleport to a research facility, many light year away, so that you can eliminate any possible threats. Once you arrive, you find some of your squad members killed. You then swear to take revenge and kill everything in that location. Afterwards, you have to make the security measures go offline and escape.

This is my first wad. It consists of 1 level and it is pretty short, although it has its fair share of encounters and traps.

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For a first map, this is technically inspiring. There's a music replacement, the geometry is mostly correct from 3D perspective of all things and yet the style maintains this unorthodox approach that makes you feel that something is off but in an endearing way. Fights are setup in a way that forces you to stay focused.


The blue door section is unfortunately rather weak - with a blue computer wall maze (at least its linedefs show on the automap) and with general blandness of everything. At least the enclosed fight at the end of that section returns to a higher standard.


All in all, not bad. Not bad at all. 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4.

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there's nothing really awe-inspiring about this map, but there doesn't need to be. a nice short map with some okay combat overall.

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the level design is quite nice. The monster placement is awesome imo. Overall a really good newbie map :). I thought the music sucked at first but then it played some more and I liked it. It fits well with the level

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A pleasant newbie level that suffers from autoalign abuse and abundant symmetry a little bit. There is a dynamic midi included and I like how at times the map suddenly gets more violent than you would expect. The theme is some sort of a futuristic base and it's reasonably nice to look at, with some good color and lighting contrast. I beat it in 6 minutes.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Rimantas · Posted
      It definitely makes Doom look darker, but also slightly changes colors (it reminds me PSX Doom). I prefer original Doom colors and miss how it looked on CRT (almost same colors as with modern monitors, but less brightness and maybe more contrast).
    • By Hypпotiк · Posted
      Great spirit/item placements, and also nice trap placements. Textures are georgeous and scream "1980's sci-fi action movie".
    • By guitardz · Posted
      Some very cool techbases with a nice texture set and pallette.  The music is pretty epic.  And it all runs in vanilla! (Or so it is said, I played it in GZDoom)
    • By Philnemba · Posted
      I honestly can't believe that this whole megawad is 100% vanilla compatible and its only the first of THREE episodic megawads! Esselfortium and her team of creative energetic mappers has done an amazing job from the unique texture set, the music, the maps & even the tweaked color palette that fits the mood of the whole thing.    100% highly recommended! 5/5 
    • By Erick · Posted
      A pretty straightforward map to run through, packing in tons of enemies in rooms both big and small. Most of the monsters you'll be killing are E1 monsters such as Zombiemen and Imps, so while there isn't much in monster variety, there are plenty of ways to get them to fight each other which I like. It might be better to try and get as many monsters to start attacking at the same time since once you get the Chaingun, not even the groups of Spectres are much of a threat. Overall though, the map is still fun to blast through if you just want to kill tons of monsters in packs.