Woah! Crash Bandicoot Doom (unofficial redux)

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Jaxxoon R

About This File

I decided to make this after seeing Nitroactive's take and being disappointed by the fact that Crash didn't animate. I also went a little overboard along the way so there's a Crash variation to replace every monster.


Joseph J. Kuhr for the original Woah! video & source files.


New from scratch

Build Time

One day

Editors Used



A weird orange rat appears sometimes.

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  • 4

Surprisingly well made. Some enemies used fireballs to attack, but i'm not sure if there was a way to tell if it was a variant or not, but I didn't really pay attention so I can't say much.

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  • File Reviews

    • By CzechMate29200 · Posted
      This is the best MegaWAD I've ever played, everyone MUST try it. 10 stars
    • By Dedalus 80 · Posted
      A single map with a pleasant architecture and well-thought-out fights where the player feels often cornered. Enjoy it while it lasts ;)
    • By Philnemba · Posted
      I really want to like this more because of the map restriction concept but unfortunately there seems to be a lack of quality control here because I only found about a 1/3 out of these 64 maps pretty good while the rest are just absolutely awful.  -Philnemba 2.5/5  
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      once you play through one map, you pretty much have seen the rest. loads of zombies and imps in hallways, all monsters are not flagged deaf so they will wander. there's also tons of barrels in just about every level. that being said though, the gameplay is surprisingly good, you get to slaughter hordes of weak monsters most of the time and it's fun. the only bad thing about this is that there's no real theme, and there are very few differences between the maps. it's monotonous, but it is fun.
    • By Dedalus 80 · Posted
      I liked this map: not a masterwork but it's funny and visually well made.   Unfortunately I could not finish the final battle: my pc was throwing flames and screaming! My advice: give it a try.