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The Molehill

   (7 reviews)


About This File

Broke a spate of complete creative inertia suddenly with this map, started at 22:22 late one Monday night, wrapped up the following day, then polished over the next couple days.

Tested in Pr/GLBoom+, Q/GZDoom, and Eternity.

User Feedback

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Cool MIDI and a cool map. It's sort of a big, open area but intertwined with rock walls and barriers in a way that makes you circle it around several times to complete it. Despite that, it's hard to get lost. The whole thing seems to be build more like a deathmatch level than a single-player one, but that's not to the map's detriment. It's quick to beat, too.

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very very good map for doom funny map for doom 2 and good music midi

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Pretty cool map but the "cave" part reminded me of oblige for some reason XD

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That was a quite fun standalone level! It was quite challenging for me to deal with ammo starvation in the beginning, so I needed to leave some more bulky monsters alive. The non-linearity in the beginning was really cool! It took me a while to memorize the layout, but after some minutes, it got quite easy to navigate through the facility. Very good and and very well balanced map!

Here's my FDA (with saves because I'm not good at Doom lol)


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the best things about jimmy maps is that despite being uniform, you know what to expect. not a whole lot of unfairness yet just the right combat to make things FUN. again, this is the important aspect of mapmaking. i did not find a whole lot of challenge here, but i did find it fun.

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It's a standard quality Jimmy map. I find most of his stuff too uniform: you're just methodically clearing out all rooms in a similar manner, nothing earth-shattering happens anywhere, monster density doesn't change much from area to area, the design decisions are kinda "safe" and give off that robotic vibe you can also find in Eternal's wads for example. It's still decently fun for something that can be finished in 10 minutes or so.

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A compact level with steepness variation, monster variety, nice music, and challenging yet balanced action.

What more could you ask for? Play it!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Player Lin · Posted
      Normally, I don't like DooM (1 or UD) WADs because I tired shooting baddies with shotgun as most of them tend put a lot of shotgun guys/ammo and I have shot those full of shotty shit...well, this one can't escaped from that but I found author's tricky as I didn't found many of them(or they placed when I needed to use shotty), also the monster placements(with middle-tier ones) in this megawad helped too, even E1 doesn't suffers low-tier ammo-droping-fest unlike IWAD and most PWADs.   Level layouts and theme are interesting, some E3 levels just a little mazed but I feel okay, never get lost...many levels I feel plays like IWAD but better and larger, you'll found middle-tier monsters in E1 levels and it helps the gameplay, unlike the IWAD you'll have too much ammo in every level even pistol start, if you wasted too much and will out of ammo for sure(at least in UV).   All I can say about this megawad is...fun,  vanilla fun. Except E3M8, the yellow key area with platforming when all enemies + 4 cyberdemons are try to kill me and battles-of-deal-with-4-cyberdemons-or/and-other-powerful-monsters are nasty to me, on top of them, the final "BOSS"...I feel trolled...really? IoS-style?? IT'S ****ING DOOM, NOT DOOM 2 WHY USE IOS-STYLE AS FINAL BOSS?!  :P (At least there is no respawning monster cubes just annoying cyberdemons and barons...but they're still give me a lot of headaches as the battle area isn't very huge and a little cramped I think...)   But at least IDMUS11 helps me dealt with those problems all, for some reasons I feel the main theme of Power Ranger does fit DooM...don't know why but I keep switch to the theme with IDMUS11 cheat if I don't like the level's music, helps me blast through this megawad and the nasty E3M8. :P
    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Download the REAL file here (rd1.zip is NOT correct) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/d64d2   Shocked to see so many negative reviews. I had an absolute blast with this one, and I'm not sure what Nems was talking about with the Boom stuff as this runs in Doom2.exe with no trouble. In fact, there is a TON of impressive vanilla stuff going on here. I guess it was so well done that it tricked him.   This deserves a high score. It's a lot of fun.
    • By Rimantas · Posted
      It definitely makes Doom look darker, but also slightly changes colors (it reminds me PSX Doom). I prefer original Doom colors and miss how it looked on CRT (almost same colors as with modern monitors, but less brightness and maybe more contrast).
    • By Hypпotiк · Posted
      Great spirit/item placements, and also nice trap placements. Textures are georgeous and scream "1980's sci-fi action movie".
    • By guitardz · Posted
      Some very cool techbases with a nice texture set and pallette.  The music is pretty epic.  And it all runs in vanilla! (Or so it is said, I played it in GZDoom)