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i like to keep my doom 2 installation floppies attached to my computer with magnets so i don't lose them

some can experience seizures when exposed to flashing lights or other visual stimuli. even if you've never been diagnosed, please be stop playing this wad if you encounter disorientation, lightheadedness, altered vision, involuntary twitching/jerking movements, or momentary loss of awareness/consciousness. i tried very hard to avoid anything that would cause physical discomfort but everyone is different

this wad does not work with qz/gz/zandronum as it relies on the old zdoom software renderer and other quirks specific to zdoom (or zdoomLE). you need 2.8.1 or newer


testing/feedback from Alfonzo, Altazimuth, Belthegor, Breezeep, Dew, Esselfortium, Generic, Gobolt, Jazz, Luker, Marnetmar, Mauve, Mizuki, Mountainmanjed, RottKing, Saotome Kaneda, Spadger, StanHansen, Tulpa, Xaser

Additional RC1 bug reports & feedback from Albertoni, An_mutt, Breezeep, everennui, Gez, Jimmy, leodoom85, Ryath

MAP01 D_RUNNN music by Xaser


New + heavily altered doom2.wad assets

Build Time


Editors Used

Audacity, Doom Builder 2, FL Studio, Hexplorer, Notepad++, SLADE, Visual Studio, XWE



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Take my five star rating with a grain of salt:


If you're here for your regular old shootem up WAD, then check elsewhere.


This WAD is the 11/4 key signature of DOOM levels.  This is "wut" in the most wonderful way. 


It's an inside joke you won't get unless you've spent hundreds/thousands of hours here with us.  


You ever seen a hall of mirrors effect work like an actual hall of mirrors?  You ever see the Doom Guy's face do that before?


You will get crusher'd into another dimension.


This WAD will take you into the basement and do stuff to you.


Just download this.  Do yourself a favor and check out the different "Quit to DOS" screens the author added as well.



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I would've rated this 5/5 if it wasn't for the permanent brain damage it caused me.

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· Edited by R13

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This is certainly one of the greatest WADs ever released. Someone above me suggested it's an inside joke, I don't really agree, it's much more than a joke, or perhaps it's a joke that plays itself till the end, with full consequences of its setup.


At first it's like, oh, so everything is glitchy and warped and barely recognizable? Yes, it is. You play it for a few minutes, marvelling at the author's persistence to modify nearly every Doom II asset. It's weird, but fun.


Then you start noticing small touches of genius. Incredible architecture feats. Dynamic changes to the layout - it's not Build, is it? Surprising uses of hall of mirrors and crystal sectors, and probably more.


And then something finally clicks in your brain, you adapt into this new environment. Each room becomes a puzzle with different rules, you try to identify the problem - which way is it? How to get there? The mod ruthlessly pulls the rug from under your feet, and you fall into endless void of repeated textures, just to land into room where everything seems to be living spasmatically. You don't consider this weird anymore, yet still can't entirely trust your senses. Monster desperately follow their in-game logic despite everything acting like there's somewhere a huge electromagnet mutating every byte inside your hard drive.


It's way more different than anything I've seen made for Doom, or possibly any other game. Thus, it's one of the greatest WADs ever released.

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  • File Reviews

    • By felgro · Posted
      Dunno. Found this pretty mediocre and repetitive.
    • By Anidrex_1009 · Posted
      There is nothing innocent here!   Lol, this little mapset is great, quite short but very fast, it reminds me of the action of Scythe (one of my favorite maps) and it fills me with nostalgia to think about how great it was to play it, but going back to this map, it's simple and dynamic, the combat is quite entertaining and the maps are practically, follow the path without losing, quite simple but created in a way that allows to continue with the flow of fun, in addition, it adds even new monsters that remind a bit of Hexen, quite great.   Highly recommended, especially to kill time in a great and brutal way, the design of the maps is simple but beautiful, the enemies are well placed and gives us all kinds, my only problem with the map is maybe the little Ammunition and not so good placement of items, in itself, does not need many because of the small size of the maps, but I feel that it can be improved, anyway, enjoy this map, without a doubt, this type is my favorite, small but playful ... wait.  
    • By felgro · Posted
      Quite good despite a slaughtery final map.
    • By Gallic00 · Posted
      Nice little mapset with short maps and nice layouts.  Cool enemies.
    • By Gallic00 · Posted
      One of the best mapsets I played this year.  Difficulty was challenging without frustrating.  Music gave the perfect environmental ambiance for each map.  My only quibble was the last stretch of the last map where I had no more ammo.