Witness Of Time

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Nicolas Monti

About This File

After some time far from the doomworld I return with this episode, it is like favillesco alpha regarding to visuals mixed with mano laikas gameplay with its doom2 bestiary and rocket launcher induced combat, I'm kind of addicted to those alpha textures so I made 9 more maps with them and also allowed myself to make some theme variation like the tunnels of map03 or the tech neighbourhood of map07. Next time I'll make something completely different, I hope it won't take much time.


Doomkid Benjogami Salt-Man Z WH-Wilou84 Man Q. Bus The Mysterious Moustachio Pirx dobu gabu maru Plusw Tango Deadwing Impboy4 Memfis rehelekretep 40oz rdwpa Ribbiks gaspe stasiowygrzybek

For playtesting, pointing out bugs, giving support and valuable criticism, helping to a more polished final version.


New from scratch

Build Time

40 days + some weeks for playtesting and bug fixing

Editors Used

Doombuilder, Slade, Doomword.


Some slime trail might appear

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· Edited by Deadwing

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Another awesome episodic wad from nicolas monti! His maps is alreadly known by the community, so if you enjoyed them, you'll certainly appreciate this too! For this one, expect for a spiritual sequel of Mano Laikas, but with new textures which creates some more moody landscapes than usual. Difficulty-wise is also a bit harder than is previous works, normally finding +1 boss in each level.

If you're not familiarized with his work, expect some 20 min-long levels which are normally non-linear and have quite peculiar room-shapes (which are easy recognizable from his work). The monster placement here is very strategic, maximizing damage while keeping very low monster count (never above 200) and low amount of health. There's also lots of secrets, normally dealing with timed or hidden switches. It feels a lot like classic doom but with some abstraction added in, especially due to his architectural choices. They are normally based on alfa-Doom or 90' wads: Very few to almost no texture alignments.

It's definetly recommended for those looking for interesting gameplay with lots of exploration and very well designed encounters. However, if you're more into standard detailed landscapes, or linear/easy-to-navigate maps, this might not be for you.

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the description of this wad pretty much says what to expect, especially true if you have played his other maps. fun for those who like his maps.

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  • File Reviews

    • By CitizenSlug · Posted
      An enjoyable single level wad, with a few tricks, and traps, to make it interesting. The level does however have a few texture problems here and there, and the geometry isn't amazing, but is totally serviceable for the killing of the demons. Give it a try!
    • By Memfis · Posted
      I've always enjoyed this one. For some reason it's just fun to blast monsters in these simple but tastefully decorated rooms, and I like how the central area keeps changing.
    • By Gallic00 · Posted
      Tried this out after reading 40oz's review.  I was not disapointed.  Very nice map.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      overall very decent set of maps, has many things you might expect from valkiriforce if you played the other maps he made, with snazzes of the good ol' 40oz are there too. real fun maps, from the short ones to even the long ones, MAP03 and MAP05 felt pretty good as exploratory maps actually, not so much MAP08 though. variety is the spice of life. only map i outright hated was MAP04 and its puzzle/timed thingie.
    • By Gallic00 · Posted
      Better than I expected.  Some maps are more interesting than others.  Generally the maps are short and is a quick play for 40 levels.