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Some sorta hydro pump station or something

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About This File

I do think title does a nice job of describing contents of this map. Basically, i got inspired by sum topic on Doomworld called "Map settings/themes you can't get enough of" where LeoDoom posted that there is not that much of a water/tech maps. So i made one.

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So, this is a jokewad with pure visuals and little of anything else. Revenants speak Skeletor lines from He-Man, there's an arachnoteddybear, Commandeer Keen's helmet and a strange red coin that's supposed to be a reference or something.


Gameplay is straight-forward, with some ZDoomisms like deep water, scripted invasion in an enclosed and cramped arena, a boss fight, some underwater crushers and a switch that should probably give you access to the red keycard but either I missed something or it broke in Zandronum. The level is padded with some copypasta.


Play this only to admire visuals.

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Map is nicely done, with some scripts and other gzdoom effects. Gameplay is stronger than in previous maps, but I wasn't fan of those random moments and custom sounds in some places. Also, I recommend merge texture pack with main wad, because not everyone will search required texture pack. 

Anyway, I recommend try this map and form opinions for themselves. It's worth time.

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