300 minutes of /vr/

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Various users of 4chan's /vr/ board

About This File

A megawad compilation of maps made in 300 minutes by /vr/ users.


Demos, ENDOOM,Intermission title graphics, bugtesting, and general help: RjY MIDI files: see below Title screen and intermission graphics: Anonymous Sky 1: Rottking - https://www.doomworld.com/files/file/15066-rise-of-the-triad-skies-pack/ Skies 2 and 3: Anonymous /vr/ users Intro and Intermission MIDIs: HexenMapper


New from scratch

Build Time

Maps made in 300 minutes from August to September 2017

Editors Used



Drawseg overflow/tutti frutti errors in chocolate doom in some maps.

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      certainly a unique map from the one touted "Midtex Wizard", enough to drop a framerate considerably. still playable, and with a low monster count, it's a bit skeptical in a number of ways. it's actually a short map, but hard anyways, with scenarios to screw newbies over. the cyberdemon fight is the real standout, being sure to utilize circlestrafing to its maximum while avoiding the nukage and the rockets. it really should be longer though. as artistic as it is i expected more out of the gameplay.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      for speedmaps, they do a pretty decent job and keep my eyes peeled. some actually interesting maps were made here and many were enjoyable. recommend.
    • By Doomless Dare · Posted
      It was good enough although its been cancelled
    • By EmotionalFelineinaMadstate · Posted
      When a Doom mod causes controversy, mixed feelings, and making a dev of a certain port angry, you'll bet i'll give it a good score.   Not saying because it caused controversy, it has a good score. It was a weird trip to go through, and is a really neat idea, but of course, a star had to be removed, due to my headaches and immeasurable pain this thing gave me.   Love and hate you, anotak.