300 minutes of /vr/

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Various users of 4chan's /vr/ board

About This File

A megawad compilation of maps made in 300 minutes by /vr/ users.


Demos, ENDOOM,Intermission title graphics, bugtesting, and general help: RjY MIDI files: see below Title screen and intermission graphics: Anonymous Sky 1: Rottking - https://www.doomworld.com/files/file/15066-rise-of-the-triad-skies-pack/ Skies 2 and 3: Anonymous /vr/ users Intro and Intermission MIDIs: HexenMapper


New from scratch

Build Time

Maps made in 300 minutes from August to September 2017

Editors Used



Drawseg overflow/tutti frutti errors in chocolate doom in some maps.

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  • File Reviews

    • By nxGangGirl · Posted
      Fabulous design, detailing, and texture work. It may not be obvious at first glance, but essentially these are the same levels as the vanilla counter parts but only heavily updated visually, and much much larger to scale (to the point where my computer started to lag a tad bit in some locations). Great work on the architecture, tough the gameplay is nothing to write home about.
    • By Nine Inch Heels · Posted
      A most entertaining set of maps that should have something in the bag for everybody who wants either freewheeling slaughter or tight challenge encounters.   If you're well versed in "doomy things", HMP might be a good place to start, if you desire a considerable challenge without getting totally steamrolled by the opposition right away.   If you want something more laid back yet still entertaining, HNTR is the place to be.   UV is for the most strong willed doomers out there who wish to push themselves. Paradise and Purgatory await, if you live to see it.
    • By Eye del Cul · Posted

      Small, fast. Not bad, but also not really interesting: you fight some monsters, and then a cyberdemon with the rocket launcher. Harder than the original E2M8 because there are no obstacles and the area is relatively small.
    • By Eye del Cul · Posted
      I liked it, it's a really pretty map: well aligned textures, good lighting. The gameplay is slow, maybe too easy. And my biggest objection: you must find secrets to reach the exit, never a good idea.

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      holy shit i got lost, and i fucking ENJOYED it. now there's some pretty amazing combat in each and every one of these gargantuan maps too, but you'll definitely need a guide if you want to get through these maps and their secrets too. so much fun still.