Spoiled Waters

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About This File

My first release, though not my first map. (Only the first one I deemed good enough.)

I tried to get a good mixture of dark narrow spaces and bright open areas. You start in an underground, cave-like area, go through some darker base rooms and end up on the shores of a huge nukage lake. Nukage is a reoccurring theme throughout the whole level.

I've tested mostly on Ultra Violence. It is beatable on that difficulty without using any secrets (they will help a lot though).


New from scratch

Build Time

Don't know. Several evenings

Editors Used

Doom Builder


Hopefully none

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  • 4

This features agoraphobic ruins of a military base that turns into lake of nukage and then temple ruins. So: ruins.

All in all, this is good, with some variety packed into one map and well constructor outdoors.

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  • File Reviews

    • By felgro · Posted
      Bog standard slaughter map. ~300 medium to hard bad guys squashed into a mid sized map. Might be ok if that's your thing. I quit after a couple of rooms.
    • By felgro · Posted
      Well worth a quick play - and best of all, vanilla friendly.
    • By Spie812 · Posted
      Dario Casali's take on his brother's famous Go 2 It. Overall, I feel like although this is a decent take on the idea, Go 2 It is still a far better level.   The two levels are very similar, being based on expanded versions of Doom 2's Map01, but with lots more monsters. Generally speaking Punisher has the tougher monsters. Compared to Go 2 It, Punisher has more enemies, more cyberdemons, more masterminds, lots of chaingunners, and a legitimately problematic amount of pain elementals. However, even with the extra firepower, I feel like Punisher doesn't quite meet the difficulty of its counterpart. Go 2 It has a lot of homogenous crowds, meaning infighting can be troublesome at times. Punisher, on the other hand, is so varied that everything basically starts fighting immediately, making the large crowds pretty easy as long as you know what you're doing.   In the looks department, Punisher is also worse than its counterpart. Naturally, being a Doom 2 map, there are no fancy Plutonia textures to be found. This means that Dario instead had to fall back on Doom 2's rather bland brown brick and stone textures. Monster and item placement are scattered everywhere without much organization, making a lot of areas look messy. It's not a very aesthetically pleasing map, but it gets the job done (and the gameplay is the focus anyway.)   Is Punisher a bad map? No, certainly not.
      Is it worth playing? If you like this kind of map, absolutely!
      Does it hold up very well? Unfortunately, not really much at all.
    • By AleksB · Posted
      Was only okay.  Some of the sounds were changed when you would hurt the monsters, and their grunts werent the same.  The chaingun sound is different also.  Wouldve like the pure psx sounds.  But its mostly there.  Its still cool none the less.
    • By felgro · Posted
      The 5 star reviews are a tad over enthusiastic. Tried this on UV a few years ago and completely gave up after m13 due to sheer overkill. Revisited again on Not Too Rough and it's almost playable as a set. Even on the easy setting, there are still a few maps that are just impossible to get through without cheating due to sheer slaughter overload. For a taste of what you will get, warp to m32 and have a look. Apart from those, the maps are pretty enjoyable, but the difficulty on NTR varies wildly and randomly - as an example, m29 is much easier than many much earlier maps. NTR should be ok for most Doomers. UV is just way too insane and impossible.