Waist High In The Damned

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Robert Kendo

About This File

Just a damn fun vanilla Doom level! This level is a linear race to the finish that progresses like a condensed campaign. Every power-up, monster, and weapon was meticulously placed and play-tested. It starts out simple with just a shotgun and quickly but steadily ramps up the difficulty, as well as the arsenal. Balanced for "Ultra Violence"





Build Time

About 2 months.

Editors Used

Doom Builder 2


100% Item playthroughs are not possible by design, the player must choose one weapon to leave behind... The monster kill count only reaches 98% Not sure whats up with that.

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  • 4

A travel through colliding dimensions of techbase & hell, sometimes the collision is very clashing as a single room is textured half-by-half. This WAD is enjoyable, but quite straight-forward and also not exactly multiplayer friendly, which is always a shame. Detail looks a bit messy (whatever that means). 3.5*.

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  • File Reviews

    • By DyingCamel · Posted
      A long, fun slaughter romp, with a lot of gorgeous detailing. I'm not the best slaughter player, I did not use any of the God spheres until the final battle, and I had very little trouble beating this on UV.
    • By Count651 · Posted
      What starts as a neat idea just becomes tiring and irritating after the first couple maps. This wad is honestly just a joke that overstays its welcome.
    • By Count651 · Posted
      A very flashy map set that sadly lacks a lot of substance. There's a lot to like here, but also a fair bit to dislike. The theme and aesthetics are nice if not a bit too dark and detailed at times, and I actually enjoyed the narrative. Lovecraftian themed wads and mods seem to be pretty popular lately, and with good reason. The music was pretty fantastic, I especially liked the E1M5 " Suspense " remake. The boss fight was also pretty interesting and fun, but it did tend to over stay its welcome.   Now to discuss what made the wad more of a bad experience than a good one sadly. What brought this map pack down for me the most was the lack of any fluid gameplay and some honestly very tedious custom enemies. A lot of time is spent camping doorways and thinning out the horde before you can enter a room. Once you clear the big baddies out and proceed into the room you can expect to do the same again, as every key and switch you press results in a very predictable monster ambush. The custom monsters for the most part were fine albeit a bit repetitive ( too many different lost soul-esque enemies that fly about and spit projectiles at you ). The biggest offender for me was the Hell Archon. This guy was a big meat wall that takes a lot of time and rockets to bring down. After the first couple encounters with him I had lost all interest in fighting him. Unfortunately for me, I had to deal with his tanky ass most of the time as a lot of scripted sequences in the map couldn't be completed until he was dead.   Pros:   -cool theme -great atmosphere -very pretty and colorful maps -great soundtrack -good boss fight concept   Cons: -slow tedious gameplay -repetitive maps -irritating/unnecessary custom enemies -boss fight last a little too long  
    • By Spectre01 · Posted
      I didn't really enjoy this wad; compared to the IWADs or other 90's PWADs that I've played. The visuals were 90% brown brick/rock. Pistol Start balance sucked. And the gameplay/map progression was mostly uninteresting. I'll keep the negativity to a minimum so - overall score: 1/5.
    • By TurrboAnklet · Posted
      Very solid maps. Not incredibly fond of the ambush-y stuff, especially towards the end when it started to get tiring. The map layouts were superb, and the music choices were fitting. Good effort.