Waist High In The Damned

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Robert Kendo

About This File

Just a damn fun vanilla Doom level! This level is a linear race to the finish that progresses like a condensed campaign. Every power-up, monster, and weapon was meticulously placed and play-tested. It starts out simple with just a shotgun and quickly but steadily ramps up the difficulty, as well as the arsenal. Balanced for "Ultra Violence"





Build Time

About 2 months.

Editors Used

Doom Builder 2


100% Item playthroughs are not possible by design, the player must choose one weapon to leave behind... The monster kill count only reaches 98% Not sure whats up with that.

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  • File Reviews

    • By bioshockfan90 · Posted
      I knew I recognized the Yharnam feel from somewhere!   Great map, fun layout with good progression, and it feels a lot like classic Doom2 city gameplay. Ending is a little wonky, but other than that it's a super solid level. 
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Many charming skies here!
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Lots of awesome maps there, especially in episode 2...
    • By Alfonzo · Posted
      Well, here's one I wish I'd come across sooner: An accessible, hard-hitting episode that works as a great introduction to prospective players of the genre. Rush demonstrates the visceral nature of slaughter maps in relatively bite-sized levels and in a variety of themes — an important quality for a style that has such strong demands for colour (thanks, Danne and Ribbiks). Indeed, there are no behemoth undertakings here, excepting the final level in the line-up; or, at least none of the sort that many of slaughter's detractors are wont to decry when the topic is brought up in Doom General. Instead, it's a deliberately paced set that eases the player into a kind of slaughter showcase, where you have an opportunity to sample some of the more popular incarnations of horde-based combat. Mmmmm... delicious!   At its best, Rush tastefully employs its battalions of revenants and hell knights so that you must use all of your skill set but without being seriously challenged. For this reason, it's often cited as one of the best sets to play when you want to develop an understanding of what's required of a player's movement and skill in this domain. Map05: Vile House and Map11: Emission of Hate are perhaps the most tightly strung levels of the bunch with their small size and ferocity, each taking no longer than a few minutes to complete. Together with Map12: The Destination they are the best-directed levels and the ones least likely to devolve into idly blasting away at harmless shelves of meat... which does happen elsewhere in the set, albeit not so badly that it can't be rescued by Archi's code of brevity.   A mix of styles such as the one on display here can be difficult to tie in with a forgiving trend in difficulty, sometimes, and particularly around the middle (save for in Vile House and Map06: Delusions, an interesting if flawed departure because of its peculiar and underutilized layout), the upward swing in monster count is not quite matched with the necessary refinement of design for monster herding. In the blink of a caco's eye I found myself tending toward basic circle-strafe and bottle-necking maneuvers to fend off the cattle. Equilibrium is restored soon enough, however, and the tail end of the episode makes for a very engaging hour; so much so that it almost stands at odds with the first half of the set.   I recommend Rush to anyone who is really interested in getting a handle on what it is that slaughter players find so tasty about their Choice Cuts, or any established purveyor who has somehow manged to pass up this cool set of maps. There's probably zero people in that last category, of course; it's a darn good set. Easy-going and she's a looker, too.   Personal highlights: Being made to sit up in the Royal Box for a prized viewing of a monster infighting performance. Fast-scrolling ASHWALL used for static on a television monitor. Triggering a spiderdemon + arch-vile fight earlier than I was supposed to... and then not dying! Swimming out too far and then melting as the tide turned red... Crispy mancubi mancubodes.