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About This File

hello everypony this my thirst level i hoped you enjoy


you were the marine the baddest of the bad so the colonel call you to him office:

the colonel: very good marine, we have lots contact with are base in the planet awoeaw'awi, we believed that the demons have killed everyone on there, you must go there and kill them

you: ok, i kick their ass

much latter...

you arrived at the base

you: its quiet, too quiet...

suddenly, the door lock behind you!

"oh no, that is bad" you proclaimed!

look like the only way out is through.......

BTW if you where stuck on this map i include demo to helped you

bug: some area would overload sprite limit on vanilla


Developer(s) id Software[a] Publisher(s) GT Interactive[b] Designer(s) John Romero Sandy Petersen American McGee Shawn Green Tom Hall Programmer(s) John Carmack John Romero Dave Taylor Artist(s) Adrian Carmack Kevin Cloud Writer(s) Tom Hall Composer(s) Robert Prince[c] Series Doom Engine Doom engine Platform(s) MS-DOS, Sega 32X, Atari Jaguar, SNES, PlayStation, 3DO, Sega Saturn, Acorn Archimedes, Game Boy Advance, Xbox, Xbox 360, iOS, PlayStation 3 Release December 10, 1993 [show] Genre(s) First-person shooter Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer


New from scratch

Build Time

serch me i just make the dam tihng lol XD

Editors Used

doombuilder slade android camera app

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  • File Reviews

    • By Meril · Posted
      Only first map is good, where you must run away from cacos. but when you get ssg everything becomes bad. Visualy this wad is below average (from 1995) missaligned textures, very big square rooms. At least no maze included. Maps 01-03 have a lot of backtracking, and switch hunting, but they are easy to find. Map 04 has INSANELY high lift. One way lasts so long, that you can go make dinner, clean your room, drink some beer, and still wait for it.  Overall waste of time, but not terrible. Just below average of 95 wads.
    • By TheV1perK1ller · Posted
      Pretty decent WAD by UltimateLorenzo. Overall I really dig the use of custom monsters and the addition of the Plasma Shotgun and Nailgun - they fit in quite nicely.   As for the maps themselves, I love the detailing put in each level. A lot of hard work has been put in to make these levels pop. The first five maps were excellent, the next three were tedious in that you pretty much have to shotgun everything pretty much (if done on Pistol-Start), and the final five was also quiet good, taking on a more 'Quake' style in appearance.   What's the deal with MAP13 though? No weapons to take on 250+ monsters? Obviously not meant to be Pistol Started. Good if this was made into a full-fledged megawad, but this is still certainly worthy of a playthrough.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Not recommend, this map is made of 2 rectangular mazes and few bigger rooms. Mazes are confusing even with automap. Only one area is intresting, but overall meh. Progression is also confusing. I didn't make through this without help of map editor. 1.5/5*
    • By Marcaek · Posted
      Note: I had to reupload to fix a minor but immersion breaking bug in MAP25. Make sure to redownload the WAD!   Also every map in this is great, this was prob the first project I have worked on\tested where I would describe the experience as heartwarming. Some people may disagree about some of the more difficult maps I guess, but even if they are too hard for you there's something in this WAD you're bound to enjoy.   [obligatory my map sucks comment to close the review]