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Pigeon Speedmapping Session 1 -- Operation Health

   (7 reviews)


About This File

The goal of this speedmapping session was to create maps within a 3 hour time limit. Several mappers, including myself, failed to abide by this limit. Nevertheless, we still raked in 17 maps following the following themes:

1) Incorporate a graveyard and/or underground crypt of some kind. 2) Make good use of lite-amp goggles. 3) Only zombies, skeletons, spiders, and ghosts (zombies, spectres, lost souls, revenants, arachnotrons, and spidermasterminds). Bonus Theme) Lots of green ectoplasm (nukage).

Only one theme needed to be used.

Maps were created on 10/7/17, during two separate sessions throughout the day.

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· Edited by GarrettChan


It's a combination of small maps because of the time limit of the project, but the map quality is fairly high, and it's very enjoyable to playthrough all these maps except I don't get the idea of Map11. Also, it fits the theme very well with a lot of graveyards, underground caverns and most importantly, Revenants.


This mapset can totally fix your hate towards Revenants, can it?

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well i don't need to say much. this wad was pretty fun from start to finish.

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· Edited by bzzrak


A set that comprises an entire 17 maps, but only one of which is worth playing (map11). Everything else is barely even worth loading up. Disappointing. :/


J/k lol it kicks ass everyone's a winner excellent job folks :]





EDIT because why not:

@GarrettChan the idea of MAP11 was to make fun of the memes that appeared during the session in the Discord channel, as well as the crazy Hebrew guy that appeared some time ago. Literally the entire map was made to include as many memes as possible. :]

Well, also I wanted to try to make a burning fire that actually "burns", out of sectors.

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· Edited by leodoom85


This mapset has been fun to play with some variety for the difficulty. The maps are easy to navigate but hard to play and that's a +1 point to me. Modded gameplay is even harder. Great stuff Bonnie.

Forgot to say that the mappers deserves the credit as well :)

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Plenty of decent maps in here. Nothing downright awful.

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Well I thought it was just positively wonderful.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Rimantas · Posted
      It definitely makes Doom look darker, but also slightly changes colors (it reminds me PSX Doom). I prefer original Doom colors and miss how it looked on CRT (almost same colors as with modern monitors, but less brightness and maybe more contrast).
    • By Hypпotiк · Posted
      Great spirit/item placements, and also nice trap placements. Textures are georgeous and scream "1980's sci-fi action movie".
    • By guitardz · Posted
      Some very cool techbases with a nice texture set and pallette.  The music is pretty epic.  And it all runs in vanilla! (Or so it is said, I played it in GZDoom)
    • By Philnemba · Posted
      I honestly can't believe that this whole megawad is 100% vanilla compatible and its only the first of THREE episodic megawads! Esselfortium and her team of creative energetic mappers has done an amazing job from the unique texture set, the music, the maps & even the tweaked color palette that fits the mood of the whole thing.    100% highly recommended! 5/5 
    • By Erick · Posted
      A pretty straightforward map to run through, packing in tons of enemies in rooms both big and small. Most of the monsters you'll be killing are E1 monsters such as Zombiemen and Imps, so while there isn't much in monster variety, there are plenty of ways to get them to fight each other which I like. It might be better to try and get as many monsters to start attacking at the same time since once you get the Chaingun, not even the groups of Spectres are much of a threat. Overall though, the map is still fun to blast through if you just want to kill tons of monsters in packs.