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About This File

Hellebarde is a 32-Level Megawad with small/medium Maps created for gzdoom. It features classic Gameplay with intense Boss Fights in well detailed Levels.


id software, captain ventris, ichor, magic wazard, eriance,tormentor667,rhoq, aerial, kdizd team, nanami, gothic, projectangel, blue shadow,pyroscourge, virtue, bouncy, all people iused textures or sprites from,markus neidel, jonas dero, raphael lacoste, felix kreutzer, graf zahl,chris_clash, all bands or games i took music from, Outrageous Videos,erik alm, skillsaw, darch, all people i took inspiration from


New levels from scratch

Build Time

1 year, 7 Months

Editors Used

GZDoombuilder, Slade3


Texture alignment at some points.

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· Edited by Zalewa

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There are many things in this WAD to like.


I like the fact that it was made by a single author and yet all maps feel different from each other. Of course, themes repeat, but these are not just reiterations of the same concepts with different layouts or, even what would be even worse, no concept with random layout. Maps feel distinctive and visually appealing. The shapes are rectangular in most levels, but there's additional detail or additional ledges or hanging rooms that hide the bluntness of this shape.


I like the fact that ZDoomisms are subtle and the usual Doom gameplay is not affected by them. You'll get some 3D floors and some DECORATE enemies, but no cameras, no cutscenes, no obvious scripting. Some enemies could've been balanced better (I think many monsters from Realm667 could use some design touch-ups), but I think in their current state they are fine too.


I like that the WAD maintains constant quality. There is some subtle improvmenet in latter maps, but there's nothing here that would stand out as being better or worse than the average. The maps I liked in particular were MAP19 - the rockhole, MAP22 - the cyberdemon danger and all the maps after it except maybe MAP30. MAP30 could be better if the amount of high-threat, high-HP enemies was reduced. The latter maps also get slaughtery, but it's always manageable without sweat. It's a relaxing variant of slaughter.


I like the visuals - good textures are used, there's sufficient but not overabundant detail and the layouts ensure movement in many directions. You won't be bored. However, I'm not exactly keen on using wall textures on floors.


I, however, don't like technical derpiculties that involve missing textures or teleporter lines that have no "repeat action" flag. There's also one spot on MAP25 (I think) where you can fall between rock pillars and never get out.


I moderately liked the silly music choices. "Another Brick in The Wall", lol.


For a single person effort - this WAD is damn good and it was made in a period of time that is relatively short.

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I was really torn between how many stars to give this. On one hand, I love the idea of there being mini-bosses and the use of Decorate to spruce things up. The level design is also great even with some minor HOM and texture misalignments.


On the other hand, some of the choices for mini-bosses are questionable. I'm not a fan of the one with the shield that blocks most/all of your attacks. Some of the others feel like you need more room to fight them as the amount of projectile spam gets ridiculous. The ending is a real downer as well. I'm hoping a sequel will remedy these complaints.


Personally, I'd still give it four out of five stars. However, if I were to recommend it to others, I'd give it more like a three out of five stars because I know this kind of WAD isn't going to be for everyone. It's not a conventional megaWAD and it doesn't try to be, which I appreciate despite its faults and frustrations. At least give a try.

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Very good megawad with a scythe-like progression.  The levels are very nice and I liked how the bosses added a surprise at the end of every level.  The maps get harder at the end, with little ammo and health, and more custom monsters.  Some annoying doorway cyberdemon fights at the later levels.  I didnt like the music very much.


Overall I think this is a great wad, highly recommended.



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this is an interesting wad. for starters, every map layout is pretty much short and Scythe-like, some probable homages to that wad or its sequel (heck, this wad's MAP31 has a similar concept for reaching the secret exit too). also custom monsters. i'm generally not a fan of these overall, especially small enemies that have more health than a cyberdemon, but i think for the most part they are used to good effect in this set, even if the majority of them are "exit monsters" so to speak. difficulty scales rather nicely. highlights are the hell maps, although 27, 28, and 29 were significantly easier than, say, 22 or 24.


verdict: pretty fucking tough but worth at least one playthrough.

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I quite enjoyed this levelpack, I thought it was well put together for the most part, my only issue was the Boss fights, they felt out of place and Afterthought and only served as means to make players waste some ammo before proceeding to next level, regardless everything else worked fine and I haven't noticed any issues during my playthrough this, the levels look and play good, Great work.

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  • File Reviews

    • By felgro · Posted
      You're teaching yourself to map and that's great. But...   Why? This isn't even an entry way to a regular map.
    • By galileo31dos01 · Posted
      Done on HMP/continuous/saves.   A megawad with a lot of hot stuff in it. Aesthetics are nice, thematically as usual, starting with a bit of tech/factory/sewers, then getting deep into hell. Not much to say, the first episode has some mishmashes of colours that sometimes look weird, reminded me of JPCP (like that marble texture with blue triangles, here they come in yellow, red and green), while the second and third episodes look more serious, including Plutonia and gothic textures. There are a bunch of nice tracks to hear, though I spent more time hearing monsters everywhere than the music lol.    Action is reminiscent to Scythe. Also Vanguard (according to kmxexii) but I've only played the first one. In addition, there are a few notable guest maps, which contrast from Knox's style. So, basically maps are challenging and demanding. I really like how many of them are constructed like big arenas with lots of buildings, where action is inside and outside, makes good use of environment. Monster placement is well thought in general. Some maps have hectic starts, being surrounded by crossfire while looking for weapons (for pistol starts), followed by teleport ambushes, and some maps include different setpieces in tight rooms. There is an abundance of instapop traps, requiring a bit of foreknowledge to come out alive, though I don't recall any bullshit moments. Only map where I wasn't able to kill everything by myself was map 21, a secret is considerably mandatory to do that and I never found it. In other maps, a few monsters fail to teleport out of their rooms, or simply never wake up, making 100 percents impossible (map 23 is the worst case).    Secrets are mostly easy to find, with a few requiring to guess what a switch did or what triggers a tall pillar to lower (I see you map 26). It actually caught my attention that many maps have lots of secrets, since almost all of them short and arena-style. The exception is map 29, that has none, well it's a Joshy map so it's no big deal.   Oh yes, favourite maps, let's see: 02, 17, 19, 22 and 29. It's hard to pick favourites since I, more or less, liked them all in the same way. Only map I didn't like was 30, not only because it's IoS but progression is highly obscure (unlike any other map in the set), and it has a 3-times lift, fortunately it's slower so a safe rocket is always guaranteed.   Pretty satisfied with the mapset, recommended to anyone who liked Scythe and has a fetish for instapops (not that I have one...). My rate is 8/10.  
    • By LoadedCannible · Posted
    • By LoadedCannible · Posted
      The first person view of it caught me off guard, because when I reloaded, there were four double barrels! XD Great work!
    • By dmg_64 · Posted
      I love this kind of maps.