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About This File

This wad file contains my very first GZdoom builder level for DOOM 2

User Feedback

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Meh. Good for a first level. Nothing special. Average. I could see it on a 1000 DOOM level CD. Its ok.

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+ Technically correct.

+ Good proportions.

+ Good item placement - especially with weapons being actually provided.

+ Good visuals.

/ Small size

- Layout consists of rectangular rooms & corridors and is very unsophisticated.


Focus your improvement on more elaborate layouts and you'll be good to go.

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Walter confetti


Really good for a first map!

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not bad for a first!


architecture: straight forward, no bullshit, no nonsense. maybe a tiny bit simplistic.

detail level: not too impressive but what's there makes sense.

gameplay: a bit on the easy side. only 1 ambush and some areas are unpopulated. 71 zobies and lesser demons + 1 rev and 1 knight on hmp and uv. could be more but it's enjoyable. guns, ammo, stuff and shit are sufficient.


all in all a decent standard demon-infested uac installation.

4/5 because it's good for a first. also i once had a cat named moe ;) keep it up, macx!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Tango · Posted
      fantastic map! the visuals, music, and gameplay all make for an excellent time. I quite like Paul's mapping style, and this particular stock-texture visual theme is one of my favorites. it seems like the gameplay on lower difficulties is perhaps too harsh - but for players seeking a challenge, it's an excellent time.
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      Doesn't really stand out that much, apart from the nice-looking rope bridge, but it's still a solid level.
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      Has a few interesting battles. The valley scenery is nice, albeit getting blocked by the trees is annoying. Suffers a bit from an overuse of ZDoom features.
    • By Player177 · Posted
      That's a memorable map! I downloaded and played it right after the author Paul977 posted the wad on the DW subforum. It was more than a half year ago. Other earlier works from Paul977 like the Blackroom and the Desciples of Darkness I would also recommend if you enjoyed this wad.   I think a player who is unfamiliar with the map would probably need a minimum of half an hour to get to the exit. So it's not a short or a long ride and there is some non-linearity that I appreciate. Enough situations where you need to decide where to go next like at the crossroads. I'm not talking about forced choices in the middle of the fight. I'm about the routes that especially concern the first part of the map. In the same time it's far from being confusing and abstract like at the beginning of the Doom2 Map8. The architecture of this UAC base is more towards the reality, solidity, largeness. No doubt it's a good detailed map with time-tested style and with some striking visual findings. I would use couple of such tricks in my wads if I was a mapper.   As for the gameplay, encounters and such things like implementation, secrets that I had problems with. I tend to agree with the fact that the initial pressure here can be regarded as breaking but why should it be so? Very similar to Elysion.wad. But that's one thing. Another thing is that the difficulty isn't growing, it's swinging and lowering from the start. It's better to say that the gameplay is uneven. I'd say so before and would recognize it as normal as it still remains decent, but now I think that it's a problem of many maps. Other shortcomings are very specific.   Worthy map to beat, but could it be better? Yes, for sure!  
    • By Vibri · Posted
      The mapping is very well done. I can see myself having fun on such a level, maybe in a deathmatch context.
      However, the enemies and the gameplay of the map itself is a joke. I might even go so far as to say the level is impossible without cheating. From the first room it gives you a super shotgun and then expects you to kill roughly 30 Revenants while a Cyberdemon hangs around in the background just waiting for a stray bullet to hit him.
      Ended up going with Godmode and enjoying the well put together map. Its very easy to get lost, however, and some hallways just seem to end with little value in them.

      Overall a promising map, maybe just get somebody else to do the enemy placement.