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Inspired by Nostril Caverns. It plays a lot differently, but hopefully the inspiration comes through. 20K monsters. Expect that a casual playthrough will take a few hours of in-game time, and probably a lot more real time. Easy and Medium difficulties have small amounts of extra resources, and monsters are the same. MIDI is by me.


RjY and loveless for bug reports and feedback. TimeOfDeath for making Nostril Caverns which is a sick map with a sick MIDI.


New from scratch

Build Time

I dunno

Editors Used


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  • File Reviews

    • By dmg_64 · Posted
      Eyesore, and gets repetitive real quick, yet gets a Cacoward ? what a joke ? This is why we need the "people"s choice" award, sorry anotak nothing personal.
    • By felgro · Posted
      The more fancy crap I see extending the basic Doom engine with confusing gargantu-slaughter maps, scripts, pointless effects and mods, the more I love authors that just stick to basics and deliver. The former rarely add anything to the enjoyment of the game and usually just detract. The latter understand why we love basic Doom and simply don't want or need the extra crap. This wad delivers for the traditionalists. A very solid vanilla friendly megawad with a 90%+ rate of maps that are enjoyable and replayable. Bravo guys. More please. I'm giving this a 5 - because it deserves one when compared to much of the modern stuff.
    • By Zalewa · Posted
      Quoting the description: False. It should say "The first 11 maps", which are also all the maps.   This WAD is like a bizarro Doom 2, an alternate universe Doom 2 where the maps are the same, but different at the same time. Like strangely mangled versions of themselves. You will recognize all elements of all maps because the similarities are striking. Up to and including MAP07 the WAD feels like a bootlegged version of Doom 2. Only since MAP08 the WAD begins to feel like it stands on its own, despite still paying homages and still using familiar elements.   However, for what they are, the maps play well, with some difficult moments happening here and there. Looks are barren, but true to Doom 2. In overall, the WAD is not bad, but it's head-scratchy with its bootleggy-weirdness.
    • By jwilliams051197 · Posted
      It was alright, my only problem was too many archviles.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      if I were to describe overall gameplay, it would be chaotic, but not in a Hell Revealed manner. it's chaotic in that you will spend a lot of time in that blue area, when you step on things they can sometimes reveal monsters which come into the area, and you are always on your toes because you never know which monsters spawn in and where. the tiny windows are honestly annoying, as is having to wait for the 30-second bars to raise up for each switch press so I can reach the blue key. the room with the piano and the curtain was very, very well made and I liked that. that exit though, is absolutely horrible. why make it next-to-impossible to actually reach the exit with an annoying conveyor?   there's a lot to this, plenty of gimmicky gameplay and blue design that makes this one hell of a unique map, but sometimes the negative aspects get in the way. on the other hand, it's hard to tell what outweighs what more.