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Arjuna Gonzales

About This File

My first Doom map of any real size, started out of an offhand pic in a Twitter thread, grew into a decent sized level. It MIGHT have good deathmatch flow, but I haven't tested it for that.


JP LeBreton ( and Eevee ( for getting me interested in Doom mapping and demystifying level design. All my friends, family, and pet goats who put up with my nonsense.

The two modified pictures in this WAD that I didn't take are based on Creative Commons licensed photos. See these URLs for more info:

The custom sound effect comes from here ( and is used with permission.


New from scratch (See additional credits)

Build Time

About 4 days

Editors Used

SLADE 3, GIMP, Audacity


Background music will reset when restarting the level after death.

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Alright. Your map was basic (I see what you did there) but very clever in terms of the gameplay. I mean, silently teleporting monsters? Nice of your part because monsters teleporting silently is a really effective way to catch you off guard. Solid idea. 

Ammo and health was enough to the map plus the secret......hahahaha....good one. Nice map for a starter, keep improving by all means (especially in map detailing) and you'll reach higher objectives.

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Long story short, you can expect newbie's playground - sectors make words, lots of FIREBLUE and grey bricks. Traps, teleporters are simple and there is enough space to dodge threat. Skybox is nice and of course, words "get well soon" put smile on my face. 

Well, only thing what I can say - don't stop mapping and learn things, maybe one day we'll see good stuff from you. 

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  • File Reviews

    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      Played on UV, continuous, ZDoom, took just over 2.5 hours to complete. Quite enjoyable, difficulty varies but never excessive. I particularly liked map 2, which had an interesting layout, good use of revenants, pain elementals, damaging floors and was tight on health (if you didn't discover one of the soul spheres). The final level is a bit slaughterish in a sort of fun, unstressful kind of way, unless the player opts to go into a series of small side rooms towards the end, where things hot up considerably.....   Overall just short of four stars, 3.8 let's say.
    • By Xindage · Posted
      Its a very simple map focused in one theme Slaughter, map filled whit revenants and other monsters has you progress, it's indeed hard but looks beatable, if you're a pro gamer give it a try.
    • By Xindage · Posted
      Fror Who want high dificult stuff and mass archivile usange this wad is for you, otherwise you're going to rage quit easily, i tried my harded to keep playing but after 1 hour i gave up it's way too hard.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      the community is very selective when it comes to liking strange things. you have weird mapsets like this and nicolas monti sets, and they are either hated, liked, or completely ignored altogether. i mean, just look at how this one is structure, no sign of anything realistic, the monsters and textures are laid out in various ways. and then there's a few jumping parts to the maps.   but in the end, it is still very much playable. I believe this is what matters most. who cares about the author's opinions on things at this point. as long as he makes a mapset playable from start to finish, it can be played and even replayed at anyone's leisure. therefore, i will award this 5 stars. it was the kind of thing you can expect if you play a joe-ilya megawad, but if you mustered enough courage not to immediately call his work crap upon booting up the game and seeing and playing the maps, then it's all fine and dandy. it's just something to get used to.
    • By Count651 · Posted
      This wad was quite a love/hate relationship for me. Episode 1 and 2 were fantastic. They flowed so well and were challenging without being stupid. Sadly once I got to episode 3 the wad took a turn for the worst. Most of episode 3 is too dark, too big, too confusing, and too full of mandatory damaging sectors without a radsuit. Episodes 1 and 2 were a blast but 3 and 4 just felt like a lot of work. I had to use the console to give myself radsuits and light amp goggles many times. Its no fun to find a secret soul sphere if you're just gonna burn it all away crossing lava without a radsuit. In the end I'd highly recommend the first 2 episodes. They're what Doom is all about; fast fun simple maps. The later half was quite the opposite.