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YOUR DEAD! the terrible tomb...

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About This File



a long time you stayed at the base, "man, this place BORING!" you said in frustration. Nothing to do, you decide to take a walk in the country. suddently, you are radio by UAC high command: marine, we have descovar that the demon have constructed a base, and it is close in your visincity! we believe they are conducting many research there and we need to put a stop to this, your mission to clear out the base then infilterate the communacation center and radio for backup.

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· Edited by rdwpa


Astonishingly, this is no trollmap. It still won't be for everyone. 


Visuals are generally ugly, but every area is redeemable, and interesting, for one reason or another: enigmatic mood, striking use of scale, strange custom textures, narrative detailing, etc. Clocking in at above 20 minutes without foreknowledge, it's one of darkmaster's longer maps, and he changes up the style from area to area to keep it fresh. A good idea, imo, since no one style herein is compelling enough to justify full persistence. 


Combat looks crude and spammy (it has a "throw in lots of revenants and, oh yeah, viles" flavor to it) but looks can be deceiving. It plays surprisingly well if you're fine with the difficulty. UV is tough. Difficulty settings are implemented, though, and HNTR and HMP yank away archviles and add powerups. Most of the monster count remains. Even HNTR is full of mid-tier bully mobs and hectic crossfire.


This is easily my favorite darkmaster map.


Also, the story in the text file is phenomenal. 

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  • File Reviews

    • By Yandere_Doomer · Posted
      The level design is absolutely great! i love how it makes you genuinely feel like you are in a building the whole time..   For some reason this wad gives me a Die Hard vibe [probably the whole "Go down a building" Motif... now all we need is a demonic Hans and we are all set]   but yeah.. great wad overall...
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Amazing episode, some custom decorations and good care to lights and shadows. I like how he uses the playing space (wide corridors) and how it affects the combat. Despite her beautiful voice, you gotta kill her. Burning trees.
    • By aargh · Posted
      Nice, tight level design. E1M8 was an amazing puzzle map.
      It's surprisingly difficult for a Doom 1 WAD, but for wrong reasons: constant ambushes, monsters teleporting right behind you. Also, there is a serious lack of medikits. Fights with 5 % health and hitscanners all around are common.
      Still, it was quite fun.
    • By northivanastan · Posted
      Seriously underappreciated WAD. If you've played the Japanese Community Project, Manbou (burabojunior) was the most prolific contributor, and without his nine maps, the JPCP wouldn't have the same reputation for fun and artistic flair. He announced Water Spirit in the text file for JPCP, and released it a year later. These are three somewhat challenging maps with high enemy counts and visuals even more stunning than his JPCP maps. Manbou is probably my favorite visual artist in Doom. My only complaint is that the PWAD as a whole is really short, consisting of only three maps that are about ten minutes of gameplay each. It leaves me wanting a lot more.
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Big non-linear tech-base with no music replacement (D_running ad-eternum).
      I know there's a more polished version in an unfinished megawad, with a lot better combat and navigation. Cool idea, not sure about the execution. I recommend playing the reworked one.