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I Hate My Neighbors

   (2 reviews)


About This File

It's been one of those days when you were chilling

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Start was so easy, like going to walk in park. Later maps were harsh as heck, but I liked. It's fast paced, I finished all maps in the one evening. There are some missing  textures in early maps, but they don't cause problems. Last episode was stand-out for me of rest maps due improved quality and gameplay. No complains, besides it has some repetition and predictability when you get a system how everything works. 

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This starts as a Sunday morning WAD that you can play while shaking off your morning daze but gradually becomes more and more difficult where it reaches a point where you'd better never get hit by anything because there will be lots of pain and no medikits to cure it.


Maps are aesthetically pleasing and each map is different than the others. There's certainly little repetition, although you will begin to expect every nice item or progress point being rewarded with a trap. The WAD is split into episodes with Romero's head and barrel exits taking away your inventory and there are some Tyson maps which are not that easy if you prefer to play this with Vanilla's melee radius.


Shortly: excellent WAD, good for coop and the title is actually a Polish stereotype about neighbours.

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  • File Reviews

    • By [Vitz!] · Posted
      One of the best wads I've ever played, has a great and memorable soundtrack while also having a nice and difficult (but satisfying) level design. To me a nice step up from the original and a way more balanced map pack overall.

      Highly recommended to people who want a nice and difficult wad to play.
    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      I generally like city maps on DOOM but this set of maps are one of worst I've ever played. Extremely confusing maps, obtuse progression and on top of that there's no enough ammo on UV to kill the monsters. Gave up on MAP 06. It's utter garbage really, you should avoid it.
    • By Loud Silence · Posted
      Creative, fun, entertaining and challenging levels, very cleverly hidden secrets, some butt-kicking ambushes and traps. Ammo balance is pretty tight in some maps with pistol start, but everything is possible. A must-play WAD.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A very neat 1996 map that i kinda remember to have played already long ago, or at least something with a similar start, a really good interconnected layout (even if i was roaming around asking where to go, especially after taking the blue key and trying to leave the caves section), good texturing, hard monster placement (the easiest monsters are the shotgunners), really generous with health placement and some strategic megaspheres here and there, too bad it is too stingy with ammo, leaving me battling chaingunners with only a chainsaw sometimes... but overall, very good!
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      IT JUST WORKS! Ok, with that stupid jojoke out of the way, we can start talking about this map:   It's a nice map from 1995 with some interesting room shapes (especially the one beyond the blue skull key door), the difficult and map flow is pretty easy and straightforward to navigate, don't fell discouraged by the large amount of enemies (it contains 120 monsters in total)! They're just cannon fodder for the majority of the map, expect for the final part with a arch-vile / cyberdemon combo near the exit, overall it could be easily beaten in 10 minutes or even less if you are a talented player... Enjoyable.