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Project: Kate

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About This File

Kaitlyn Anne Fox was my best friend. Now she's gone. Her sudden departure has punched a hole in my soul. The community has lost a beautiful imagination and an undeniable talent.

During the course of the five years that I came to know her personally, I made maps for her birthday on two occasions - these are the first two maps in this set. The third map was made after her passing. An outpouring of emotion went into this map's creation, and it may be a bit "heavy", for want of a better word, especially for those who were at all close to her. Just a warning there, I guess.

Rest in peace, my sweet Kate. I already miss you like nothing else. I loved you. I still do. I love you so fucking much.

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yes, jimmy does know how to make difficulty just right. I believe that I have already said that when I reviewed another of his maps. but anyways, this mapset is pretty much above average regardless of who it was dedicated to. for three maps, the gameplay is pretty decent, well the cue for jumping could be made more obvious on the third map, but it works out fine anyways. a nice tribute.

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Well...first of all, the message conveyed to Kate in this wad is clear enough, even if many players or users don't know of her, which is nice. With that being said, time to analyze the maps.


The look of the maps are what makes this mapset a nice looking experience. I really liked the looks of some items, it makes it so adorable but the maps are that but adorable. The first map serves as a sort of introduction for what comes ahead. There's also that new weapon which replace the plasma...that was a really cool weapon. Perfect to kill durable monsters or take them out several monsters at once.

Traps that aren't hard to get caught, medium difficulty (Jimmy likes to make the maps balanced which players can appreciate that) and some nice music can be enjoyable for the rest of the maps (I liked the music of the last map).

Ah...talking of the last map, there are some gripes that are worth mentioning. The heart platforming can be frustrating if the jumps are not timed correctly and dying a lot...not the ideal way to stop a player. Maybe doing a teleport action instead of killing the player might be more.....apt. Next? the archies...if the player doesn't know the advantages of the archie's attack mixed with invulnerability and kill them instead, the player will be forced to kill himself or cheat, which is also not ideal I'm afraid.

I know that's a tad late for some future updates but....who knows :)

The very last area where there are rainbow clouds and that sprite goes back to the main purpose of the wad...which is to remember and convey the mapper's feelings to her, as a farewell. And, I'll admit, it was touching. 

Soulsphere? Ok. 4 barons with a death exit? That surprised me :D


Overall, it's a good mapset which I can recommend to other players to try it themselves and also...enjoy your life at the fullest...unexpected situations can happen before you know it, so cherish it as long as you live. Thumbs up!!!

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I really love the usage of colors in these maps. All the different purples, pinks and blues manage to evoke a real Eastery feeling. At least for me, anyway. The musical selections also really compliment the visual designs. 


First two maps are good, clean demon slaughtering. Everything works excellently and is finely tuned. But I have to be honest, the third map just wasn't my bag. I get that its design quirks are fully intentional, but the challenges presented by said quirks simply weren't to my enjoyment. I also found the ending to be a bit unexpectedly dark. 


As an intensely personal passion project, I don't think any numerical score could do something like this proper justice. I can't even imagine just how much emotion you went through making these maps, but it really shows. You've got a big heart, Jimmy, and we all benefit from having you here. I'll keep your friend's spirit in my thoughts tonight.

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5 stars

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Like others, I wasn't fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Kate. Curiosity made me try this little project and I cannot express enough what an immensely beautiful tribute this project really is. I'm sorry for everyone's loss, and to Jimmy - that was a beautiful letter to Kate in the secret area.


Rest in peace Kate.

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I played this - it's obvious there is a lot of time and energy and investment into this. I cried while playing it, even not knowing Kate as well as I wish I did.


It's a tragic thing what happened to Kate and it shouldn't have happened. It's a beautiful tribute to her and I am sure she would be happy about it were she still around.



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A wonderful tribute to an equally wonderful person.

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A great mapset, bright colors are one of my favorite things in maps.

May Kate rest in peace.

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Very good wad! Make more wads like this!

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  • File Reviews

    • By galileo31dos01 · Posted
      Done with these settings:   - GLBoom+ complevel 9. - Ultra-Violence - Continuous combined with pistol start mindset. - Saves every 10 minutes or so.   Sweet literal flashback to Doom II, a set of fun maps of nice consistent quality. The story is comically lengthy, like nothing you'll usually expect to see in contemporary wads, and I took my time to read it (too tempting for tl;dr). It's fascinating how much thought the author put into something most players generally overlook, and in spite of recalling little of it, the plot starts after the incidents in Plutonia, scientists researching ways to prevent the resurgence of the Icon of Sin, but due to outdated technology, they sent the marine back in time to help to complete their work, once again. What I wasn't expecting is to find the initial map quite familiar (I didn't do my research, as you can see). These maps are re-imaginations of the iwad levels, but with a slightly different design perspective. Yes, techbases, sewers and miscellaneous man-made buildings are back, even the classic "O' of destruction", they constitute the first and longest episode, though in a more new-fashioned, higher quality way in terms of layout design. The later section is thematically hell, my favourite since the author combined darker shades of grey/brown rocky areas with classic hot red textures, giving it strong visuals. Part of the new music is remakes of classic tracks from the game, which accompany the journey in a nostalgic way. The rest go well in their spots, such as the "Hell" maps include one of the most quiet tracks I've ever heard, very nice. On another side, the new sound effects, which are supposedly enhanced versions of the original ones, were a welcome change in general, like the cyberdemon's death now sounds more explosive. There's a "clean" version out there without the added SFXs, if anyone dislikes them, not that they impact gameplay wise.   Much of the combat is alignments of incidental cleaning and classic setups corresponding to the map's slot, that means plenty of homages (super shotgun debut in map 02, the confined zombies at the start of map 04, the helpless spiderdemon under a crusher in map 06, the famous barons vs. cyberdemon infight simulator in map 08, the zombies closets in map 10, etc.), even though the maps aren't built around them. With a higher monster count than average, the levels are still far from grindy scenarios, any casual player can feel at home playing these maps, besides the difficulty peaks near the last entries. That is not say they lack strong opposition, but the balance is adapted to encourage exploration, and to be careful mostly with hitscanners and the occasional horde in tight quarters or special trap (like the dark corridors that turn into lava in map 13), while you experience flashbacks continually. The hell maps seem to be fresh design, perhaps some The Living End vague vibes in map 13, but a deviation from the homages, which is a nice change considering the start/exit connections from the first episode kind of wore out after a while. If something valuable to rescue from them, is that the author put health and/or ammo pickups for free, presumably for continuous players' commodity. To my surprise, the hell episode doesn't contain any single former human type, not that I missed them, they reappeared in the secret maps.   Secret-wise, on this side there's plenty of nice secrets to find. Not much like misaligned textures or fake walls, a sign of good variety which includes hidden switches in many ways, and generally easy to figure. A thing I noticed, players' possible major obstacle could be to find armor for free, specially pistol starters. If you don't see one anywhere, it'll most likely be hidden. For favourite maps, could be 12 and 13, though the techbases were fun too. I'd pick 14 up until the inopportune boss fight, but that's just a personal distaste towards that kind of gimmick.   Overall, thumbs up! I find it accessible to anyone looking for throwbacks maybe, or moderately easy maps with simple difficulty progression. I wonder how the other original levels would have been interpreted here, but I guess we'll never know, unless there's a sequel somewhere. Anyway, my rate is 8/10. 
    • By amackert · Posted
      A decent (if slightly dated) set of maps with a moderate level of difficulty for the majority of it. I played it twice recently on UV, both runs played continually. Both saw me enjoying a good portion of the wad, but on each run I left the experience irritated. I feel Map 26 is the true end to the wad, as Maps 27 through 29 are extremely drab, boring slogs that fail to continue the intensity introduced with Maps 25 and 26. Map 30's Icon of Sin fight is also tedious and a poor way to end things, essentially requiring SR50 for the first elevator. Had it not been for these issues (and an excruciatingly sluggish Map 20, but slightly less so on my second playthrough), I would have given the wad four stars. It's easy to see why this was seminal at one point in time, but wads in more recent years have far surpassed it in not only map complexity, but enemy diversity and overall map/wad pacing, among other things. It's most certainly not the greatest megawad ever made, but it's still worth playing.
    • By amackert · Posted
      Visually there is a ton of attention to detail which is always a treat to look at, and the actual map designs of the first four episodes are very well done. I enjoy the "new" monsters and some of the upgraded weapons, it definitely makes certain parts of it feel fresh compared to the typical wad. The challenge on UV was just right for me with few if any parts being too overwhelming. Overall it gets a 4/5 from me because I wasn't a big fan of the fifth episode set of maps, both thematically and gameplay-wise. Ammo starvation was real there in those last few maps which isn't a lot of fun to me, not to mention its too drastic of a change compared to how the rest of the wad plays. Also, thematically I feel like these end-game maps would have made a bigger splash as mid-game maps, not finale maps. Great idea with the final boss mix-up though, I enjoyed that. I do still prefer Ancient Aliens as a whole (a wad that I feel is much better balanced overall and is more interesting of an experience), but Valiant still comes highly recommended from me.
    • By hardcore_gamer · Posted
      I agree with BChricton78. Rather than being fun to play, this remake just highlights how massive of a difference good lightning and texturing makes to a level/game. I know this isn't the fault of the makers of this mod since they were merely remaking the original Doom 64 levels, but these levels frankly aren't very great when stripped of the improved Doom 64 graphics. So much in fact that it makes me wonder how important level layouts even are compared to other aspects of the visual presentation such as texturing, lightning and rendering.
    • By silentzorah · Posted
      Good stuff.  Only giving it four stars because though the new music was good, I just wish there was more of it.  Still, this wad is absolutely worth your time.