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About This File

Hey, peeps, it's your boi JMAA yet with another DOOM MOD! This time, we got a schwifty BFG and a MEGASPHERE in this map, be sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell and like this video, let's reach to 6 MILLION LIKES so I can make more mods like this in /idgames! Let's go!

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Walter confetti

· Edited by Walter confetti


A bland jokewad parodizing somehow the clickbaiting youtube videos based upon videogames half-assed "facts" like "If you play BRUTAL DOOM at #3 AM while drinking #SODA, you'll open a hell portal that spawn PEWDIEPIE that gives you a KISS TO THE CHEEK, a caress and 10000000 $ in FORTNITE MERCHADISE!!!!!1!1!!"... yeah that type of videos.


However the Doom representation of this phenomenon is just a large picture of some sensational stuff, the floor lowers while hearing The Demons from Adrian Pen SLOWLY just for showing a "please subscribe" epileptic animation wall, then when you reach the wall, a monster closet opens working as a jumpscare filled with screaming commenters / revenants. Bah.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Devour.Inc · Posted
      I cut this from the title card for my Thumbnails, it was a huge pain in the ass so thought I would drop it here. May post an actual review after I post my vids for it
    • By fnord · Posted
      Blocky, cramped, incredibly dull and repetitive with little to distinguish one map from the next - feels like your playing the same map over and over again. And too many revenants, barons and arch viles. All in all, very little to enjoy here.
    • By Maribo · Posted
      Adorable and soothing, I wish I could stay here forever with the dog.
    • By fnord · Posted
      Not a lot to like here. A handful of OK maps buried in a sea of absolute dreck. The last third of the wad was particularly awful - just skipped through that in unfounded optimism there would be at least one map that was interesting/playable. A last resort mapset when you have nothing else to play.
    • By fnord · Posted
      This needs a warning label - it has one of the most annoying "enhancements" ever to stain Doom. A countdown timer. I just abandoned the level when I noticed it. Also first hall you enter has a dozen Hell Knights and god knows how many Imps, while you have a single shotgun and a dozen shells. This kind of crap makes me want to punch my screen. So you've been warned.