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About This File

Eyeball is a ridiculous level resembling an eyeball. You start off in the pupil and you go outwards into the snow. Have your resources ready. Otherwise, you are doomed to failure. My eyes are on you. You can try playing this single-level wad with a ZDoom-driven source port but you are likely to run into performance issues. Link to the demo can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeluhZVMBNE

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· Edited by rdwpa


Your map is advertised as prBoom+ compatible, but it breaks with a complevel set.


The voodoo doll conveyer is controlled by a linedef that is 9472 units long. That propels it to incredibly high speeds. Under complevel 9, which is how most people will play "Boom-format" sets in prBoom+, the doll will linedef skip an essential trigger after the giant ring of former human troopers is vanquished, thus preventing the player from reaching the slightly more giant ring of former human sergeants. Conveyor control linedefs should be 32 units long. That way, they avoid all issues like that and also remain consistent from port to port. 


Normally, I only submit reviews for maps if I manage to play through them in full, but I'm making an exception here because game-breaking bugs and poor mapping practices are immensely helpful to disclose. Best of luck in the future. 

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  • File Reviews

    • By Denim Destroyer · Posted
      Double Impact is a replacement for Knee Deep In The Dead that is as fun as it is challenging. The challenge comes from the hordes of demons you will face and unlike some other Doom 1 wads, Double Impact avoids creating difficulty by spamming Barons and Cacodemons. What is holding this set of levels back from being perfect are several minor issues that add up. The levels are not that great looking due to the reliance of stock textures. Combat is hampered by an overabundance of Door combat; that is standing inside a door way and blasting away anything before it can touch you. Finally the most glaring issue is how lackluster that last map is. Simply press the switches while avoiding Cyberdemon rockets and ride the elevator to the exit switch. Overall Double Impact is quite a good set of levels, unfortunately it is held back by a several small problems.  
    • By Meril · Posted
      txt file says that map is unfinished. Have some nice touches, but overall mediocre. Short and easy, with a little switch hunting.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Oldschool (Maybe because it's from 1995). Not bad for it's age, but nothing special.
    • By DRMman · Posted
      It's not bad but decent at best, first off let's look at the map design: its good better then anything i could come up with but the enemy placement on ultra violence straight up outta plutonia and i love it.   Since secrets aren't my thing mainly because i don't need validation from miserable c*nts on the internet but they were fun to find however the lack of custom midi tracks ticks me off because of d_runnin making me want to slice my wrists mainly because i've heard it a thousand f**king times from making maps or playing sh*t maps, so really at worst it's boring.
    • By rdwpa · Posted
      2.5/5   Core combat is a strength. It's brisk and easy, and you'll be using the SSG to double-kill imps, pellet-slap mancubi's bellies, and get a firm grip on boners in your area. Apart from that, I found the experience lacking. Visuals, though okay, suffer from alignment issues. Wandering back to the exit door, far from its requisite key, accounted for a good chunk of my five minutes playing.