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About This File

Eyeball is a ridiculous level resembling an eyeball. You start off in the pupil and you go outwards into the snow. Have your resources ready. Otherwise, you are doomed to failure. My eyes are on you. You can try playing this single-level wad with a ZDoom-driven source port but you are likely to run into performance issues. Link to the demo can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeluhZVMBNE

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· Edited by rdwpa


Your map is advertised as prBoom+ compatible, but it breaks with a complevel set.


The voodoo doll conveyer is controlled by a linedef that is 9472 units long. That propels it to incredibly high speeds. Under complevel 9, which is how most people will play "Boom-format" sets in prBoom+, the doll will linedef skip an essential trigger after the giant ring of former human troopers is vanquished, thus preventing the player from reaching the slightly more giant ring of former human sergeants. Conveyor control linedefs should be 32 units long. That way, they avoid all issues like that and also remain consistent from port to port. 


Normally, I only submit reviews for maps if I manage to play through them in full, but I'm making an exception here because game-breaking bugs and poor mapping practices are immensely helpful to disclose. Best of luck in the future. 

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  • File Reviews

    • By Zirtonic · Posted
      This E1 replacement successfully captures the spirit of the original but not much more. Level design is arguably a cut above, with maps constantly looping in on themselves in creative ways and secret hallways allowing you to get the jump on some enemies in a couple spots. The combat is similar to the IWAD, which is to say it's easy even for a new player and anemic for everyone else. The final and secret levels are especially barren and can be completed in under a minute. There is a small spike in difficulty in maps 5-7 just to make sure you're paying attention.    Fava Beans is worth a play for its historical significance and intuitive level design, but the combat leaves a lot to be desired. Still, for something that can be completed in under 30 minutes it's worth downloading.
    • By printz · Posted
      This megawad has a good gameplay flow, made of many small levels, but like most single-person megawads, suffers from repetition. From halfway onwards, the levels start to look like homages to commercially-made maps. And later on, a few maps are based on missions from Star Wars: Dark Forces, and possibly from other games. The gameplay retains author's style. Overall it leans on the easy side, with too many bonuses making the job easy.   Some warnings: MAP05 seems broken. At some point you can't operate a lift to get back. The only escape is idclip (sorry if you're playing on nightmare). Couldn't harm the final boss.
    • By kirbyguy11 · Posted
      Is this megawad even allowed on the idgames archive? CUZ I LOVE IT
    • By Vic Vos · Posted
      Not bad at all - short and sweet. Though, the maps could use some more secrets and have more texture variety.
    • By Teo Slayer · Posted
      This wad is amazing. I had fun playing it and it had cool designed maps. In the Maps 21 - 30 is where the true challenge begins. Map 26 and Map 30 are completely hard. Map 28 is the most insane, you need to be a speedrunner to complete it or else you will be caught by It. My favourite map from this wad is Map 29 Hell on Earth. It reminds of Map 13 Downtown from Doom 2 and Map 29 Odyssey of Noises from Plutonia which I really liked both of them