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Doom II: Dark World [v1.0]

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About This File

Replay the original eleven maps from Doom II in a more hellish, harder state. Made from scratch while referring to the original maps.

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There's a nasty increase in difficulty in the latter maps, but in overall this is a good "reimagination". All levels are instantly familiar, but also changed in ways that make this a fresh experience.

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Great concept, but I felt the execution was a bit lacking.  The maps aren't too detailed compared to today's standards, and I felt that for a wad called "Dark World," the maps were actually quite bright.  Maybe darkening them a bit could help mask the lower detail.  Difficulty was good, some decent traps here and there.


Not awful, but not stellar.  It's a thing that exists, I guess.

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This is a very fun, albeit tougher remix of the first eleven maps of Doom 2. The design is familiar enough to be recognizable while still doing its own thing. I just wish there was more than just these 11 levels because I would have liked to see what they would have done with the other levels.


I'd still heartily recommend this. <3

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Dedalus 80


Beautiful, demanding and engaging mapset. The difficulty level is (too?) high in the latest maps. Recommended.

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Summer Deep


This is a strange mixture. A more 'hellish' and, overall, more difficult version of the maps it's based on. Nonetheless, the consistency varies widely.


 I didn't die or save once in the first five levels, but then the fun starts. Level six is much tougher, with a crazy finale featuring instantly respawning arachnotrons - one of them revived itself five times before it was permanently extinguished. Level seven, based on 'Dead Simple' of course, presents an archvile-based encore which will cause most players considerable frustration.


 Things then settle down again: maps 8 and 9 are not notably harder than the originals, and map 10 has plenty of health and ammo (plus two invincibility spheres). The final level is a somewhat challenging one, in which killing everything, certainly if playing on the top difficulty setting, is probably impossible, most obviously in the exit room. 


This is an attractive mapset, visually pleasing and imaginative, and with generally solid gameplay. I just wish the author could have achieved a more evenly graduated  difficulty curve, and maybe toned down the occasional excesses. Overall I'd give it 4+ out of 5.


Played on UV, continuous, GLBoom+.

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I think I like the concept of this more than the maps themselves. There are some HUGE difficulty spikes, and sometimes it may even come off as unbalanced (although that's kind of subjective).


MAP07 has an over abundance of Arch-Viles IMO (seriously, how many did you put in there??) and it gets old really damn fast.


And the end of MAP11... A small arena with a Mastermind, surrounded by Revenants behind fake walls and with most of the area covered in damaging floors, with a few safe spots to walk on. That's when I gave up. I probably could have beaten the map anyways, but I just couldn't be bothered. I had stopped being fun, for me at least.

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this is the kind of wad that is like if Doom 2 Meets ZDoom meets Doom II: Hellscape, with some Switcheroom dashes to it (especially since there are some Switcheroom 2 maps that are made to be hellish). mostly good maps, EXCEPTING MAP06 and MAP07. god, MAP06 was unbelievably fucking frustrating to play through. the crusher doesn't even work right when i was there, and i spent the good time believing i was stuck. also, there's a number of permanently missable secrets too, and the ambushes are EVIL. MAP07 for some reason glitched out with one of the 667 tags, meaning i had to cheat my way out of that one, oh and fuck that cyberdemon.


but otherwise, the rest of the maps played out just fine.

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The idea behind of this set of levels was to remake the first eleven episodes of Doom 2 but to be harder and have a hellish landscape. While the mapper did an excellent job in making nice looking hell inspired levels they did not do as well when it comes to the overall difficulty. This won't be a walk in the park for less experienced Doom players, but will be easy for those who know the vanilla maps and are used to the more difficult user levels. Recommended for those who want to see a nice hell level inspired rendition of early Doom 2 levels.

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The Difficulty is a bit out of wack, but outside of Map06, the entire mapset was well done and quite entertaining to play.

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  • File Reviews

    • By TFK · Posted
      This fills up my retro glass!
    • By The_SloVinator · Posted
      EDIT: It appears Tag 666 doesn't execute properly in some source ports or if complevel is below 3.   Let me get E1M8 out of the way first because it's the most confusing thing I've witnessed in a Doom wad. So, you got four switches that kill four barons outside of the map, to make two walls & four marble cubes lower. Basically, a special tag 666 situation. I press all four switches & nothing happens after I wait for awhile. I tried with PrBoom, PrBoom, GzDoom 2.4.0 & on the latter, only worked once. I looked up the walkthrough of it & there is nothing I did different from the people playing it but they got it to work somehow. It's very strange. If anyone knows what's up, I'd like to know.   The rest of the wad is alright. Maps are way too lengthy and forgettable & just cluttered with too many enemies. Traps are fairly challenging & were the best part of the wad.   But all that wasn't worth it for the last map of the wad to crap on me.   Totally not worth a Cacoward 2011.
    • By damned · Posted
      All the maps are above average, but this is Legendary wad because of Ty and Map10, which is true masterpiece of art. 5/5
    • By Agent6 · Posted
      And thus, Stardate 20x6 is finished.   Stardate 20x6 is a 8-level wad consisting of challenging levels with enemy placements and encounters in the vein of slaughter, with an actual slaughter level featuring 1000 enemies at the end.   The wad is centered around the color purple. This means that a number of textures and effects have been replaced and purple plays a major role in creating the mood and atmosphere of the levels, but isn't overused so that it becomes an annoyance. Besides a new set of textures it also features a new soundtrack similar to the one heard in Sunlust, but with a slightly more emphasis on the atmosphere rather than epicness while still very much keeping you and the action going (Sunlust did include a few "battle" songs which were used in a few levels, and in another megawad as well, I think), a new menu background, and intermission screen. It does not feature new enemies, weapons, or sounds.   Considering these levels have been created by Ribbiks, there are many similarities in terms of gameplay and design with Sunlust. One of the easiest similarities that is immediately noticed is the enemies who are in plain sight in a couple of levels are in a sleeping/unalerted state with their backs to the player. As I assumed in the case of Sunlust, it was likely done in order to allow the player to observe his environment and create a strategy of sorts before jumping into the action. The difficulty is also designed the same way, with UV being reserved for veterans and highly skilled players, while everything else is for less than stellar players. I have completed Stardate on HMP.   The maps are solid, combining challenging gameplay with good architecture and atmosphere, and also include a few ingenious traps which are less cruel than what could be seen in MAP29 of Sunlust (or should I say the Arch-Vile room instead?). The action takes place mostly on various space bases and every now and then a breathtaking sight might catch your attention when you find yourself outside. My favorite level is going to be MAP03, and the trap with a Cyberdemon on one end and Revenants on the opposite was damn fun. It might look threatening at first, but really, all that needs to be done is avoiding potential damage caused by their infighting and taking care of the incoming waves of Imps and Hell Knights until they're done slaughtering each other. As about design flaws, there are some dark rooms in certain levels where it's pretty difficult to navigate. The enemies are always visible so the problem is not that you don't know where you're taking damage from, but rather the room itself because it's so dark it's difficult to see what's in front of you sometimes. I did manage to hurt myself with the RL as well as get killed by a Cyberdemon because I accidentally ran into a wall. I would not advise using that weapon in these rooms. Use the Chaingun, SSG, or Plasma Gun instead, and always be aware of your environment. It's always good to rely on the environment as much as possible to make things more interesting and challenging, after all, many of the later levels also include some really tricky platforming sections, but the use of lighting could be more efficient. For this reason I would definitely not advise using the Software of your port of choice either.   The final level, as previously mentioned, is once again a slaughter map with a couple of nasty but highly creative enemy placements. Ever seen pyramid-like structures with Chaingunners on them? Me neither, until now. No Icon of Sin boss, and once everyone's dead you have to destroy a reactor (or, I think it's a reactor anyway) which ends the journey. A great level, but the existence of the said reactor is a bit questionable considering the location. I think it was just fine without it.   And I think that covers everything. It's short and sweet, go check it out, it's worth your time.
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      A very well put together mapset. Excellent layouts, spectacular graphics and testing gameplay (which includes five archviles in a lava pit at one point...). Level three is perhaps the standout, but really there are no duds.    If I had to nitpick, I'd say the authors could have made a concession to exponents of continuous play by consistently placing a couple of 25% healthpacks and a green armour near the start of each level (try doing some of these if you finish the previous one with 20% health and no armour!). Also the ending of the game is a little weird and something of a letdown in my view.   9 out of 10.