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  • File Reviews

    • By Yousuf Anik · Posted
      One of the best Doom 1 megawad ever! I've been playing this (with Brutal Doom mod though haha :D found it just perfect for this megawad) for some time and I say that each map here has unique design and environment. All maps serve good gameplay, not so easy, not so hard. A 5/5 for sure!
    • By LordShadowZ · Posted
      This WAD is an unbearable slog.   The level design is just about the best thing about this WAD. The maps are well built and fairly easy to navigate, and it's pretty good in utilizing the vanilla resources as well as good lighting to make the maps visually interesting.   The combat design is repetitive and absolutely unbearable. This WAD has one trick, and it reuses that trick excessively and endlessly for every single map. Every room is a trap. Every hallway is a trap. Every switch is a trap. Every item is a trap. Every trap is another trap. Monsters will either instantly pop up from the ground right in front of you, appear from sudden closets right behind you, or teleport in and completely surround you, and you'll have no choice but to take some unavoidable damage. You almost never have a moment to take a breather. Encounter design never deviates and becomes predictable by Episode 2, and outside of the pseudo-puzzle boss maps, the WAD never tries anything different.   The maps are also excruciatingly stingy with resources, withholding ammo in general but especially for higher tier weapons, rarely allowing you to have sufficient firepower against massive groups of enemies, or worse, the numerous Barons and hordes of Cacos, making combat extremely tedious and boring when all you have to rely on is the shotgun and/or chaingun. Rockets and Plasma are very rare, and the BFG doesn't even make its first appearance until halfway through Episode 3. Secrets are also unrewarding with many of them being paltry amounts of low tier ammo or a medikit if you're lucky.   Also, a forced death exit mid-episode to strip you of your weapons for a Tyson map with practically zero ammo? F*** off.
    • By fnord · Posted
      5 stars? I don't think we played the same map. This is a huge confused mess. I stumbled around for a few minutes before quitting and looking for a map that is enjoyable to play.
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      Rather uninteresting visuals (apart from some attempts at fancy realistic decor). The level progression isn't too shabby, but the central room full of slow-moving lifts is annoying to go through. There's not a single exciting or difficult fight, especially if you play with the .deh that increases the health and ammo limits to ludicrous levels.
    • By Guff dotD · Posted
      A charming, late 90's map full of Doomcute and the like. More of a novelty; If you're looking for engaging gameplay, then you should probably look elsewhere. MAP01 has an inexplicable Romero head, and other non-sequiturs are present in these maps. That said, the charm this file exudes is too great for me to resist. The 'Novelties' included in the .zip are what they say: novelties. To judge these analytically would rob them of the 'fun factor' which is present throughout.   Useful tip for Pistol-starters: In MAP02, you can get an early SSG if you just bump into the window multiple times, in a back-and-forth fashion.   This wad is full of fun and charm, although not focused on serious gameplay, and if you are a fan of those things, you should consider this wad.