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The Ledge

   (2 reviews)


About This File

You enter. Hardwood creaks beneath your boots as you step forward and gaze upon the Ledge. Your only peace here will be in death.

"The Ledge" is a single map for Doom 2, taking place on MAP20. Please enjoy.

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To me, this map felt like the spirit of Doom 2's 2nd episode with a particularly strong John Romero influence, packaged in a more modern way. Combat and progression is neat. Great stuff!

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It looks to me like a strange aberration of all Ultimate Doom's episode 4 maps - the wood, marble, black metal, white rock and nukage creates a level that could fit there just fine. As you navigate ledges hovering just over drops where hazardous liquids await, you will be forced to fight enemies in some tight encounters. It's not the numers here that count - the enemies aren't that many, but given the enclosed quarters, you will have some trouble outmanuevering them. The super shotgun comes late here, but you barely even need it before it comes. I don't think you will find anything really original in this level, but all that it does, it does very well.

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