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About This File

Breathless is a large, Boom compatible slaughter map for Doom 2. The theme is deep blues punctuated with cyan and is heavily inspired by Swim with the Whales, both in aesthetics and difficulty. The wad is inspired by a lot of things visually though, from Metroid Prime's Phazon Mines to Sunder. I wanted to make each individual area fairly unique, so despite it being one large map and all within the same colour palette, the areas hopefully still feel varied.

The map has a slaughter 'design philosophy' and is based around a lot of large set-piece fights, with some smaller encounters here and there. It is designed to be hard on Ultra Violence -consider it close to SWTW map 3 for reference- and is balanced mainly for this mode. HMP and HNTR are both implemented with the former tested a decent amount (not as rigorously as UV) and the latter given some quick runs. Hurt Me Plenty is fun to play and I can Max it fairly consistently without too much trouble; I would suggest playing on this difficulty first, as UV is punishing. Don't say you weren't warned :D

The wad has a lot of secrets, so look around if you want to max it!

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· Edited by Catpho


Whats with all the low scores?

Anyway, this is a map with plenty of good and interesting visuals, while slightly similar to other cool wads such as swim with the whales, plasmaplant but there is still a unique-ness of its own ,and its gameplay fit for anyone who likes difficult maps.

If you dont like slaughter tho,stay away.

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Frustrating, not my taste, though I appreciate the effort put into making the environment.

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  • File Reviews

    • By GuyNamedErick · Posted
      Functional map for 1994 but doesn't really have much to offer besides that. The short length isn't really a bad thing, but the basic layout makes it a boring map to play.
    • By SilverMiner · Posted
      Wow, I didn't know this exists at all!
    • By Shiro Nomatsu · Posted
      Great Wad! Easy on UV due to a lot of items and health scattered around. Music 16 is one of best I've ever heard on Doom. Paul Corfiatis did a great job on this one! 5/5.
    • By CaptainResident · Posted
      First and foremost, this mod does its job good to an extent. It sets the atmosphere up very well. The fire going out in the beginning is a nice way to start it off and the whole "stuck with nothing but a bow and wit" idea is a good way to execute the gameplay itself. But unfortunately that's as far as positives go. You see, the actual area is so dark that a particular enemy is near impossible to actually see unless you have focus into what exactly you're looking for. Even then, it's a tiny enemy. The one I am referring to is the Creeper. After that obstacle, you have a giant skull that teleports everywhere and a face that will scream nonstop. Unless you're on edge whilst playing this, those will just turn out to be annoying at a point. Then there's the final boss. It flings random shock images at you, ranging from a picture of a clown, to random gore, to the classic picture of the girl from The Exorcist we've all seen plenty of times. Lazy, if anything, considering they're just images with no connection to the actual game whatsoever.   TL;DR: Great concept and beginning, poorer execution. Sure is great reaction material for the unaware, though.