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Abyssal Speedmapping Session 22 (XXII)

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About This File

17 maps made during the twenty-second Abyssal Speedmapping Session. Unlike normal sessions this one focused on collaborations, with mappers given two hours to work on a map before passing it off to the next guy. While the goal was to finish in 24 hours, the mapping process ran long, and some maps were polished well past the 24 hour time limit.

Though it seemed like the twenty-second session was doomed to be forgotten, I decided to compile it long after the fact so that there wasn't an annoying gap in the compilations. Also, some of these maps are pretty good, and benefited from both the collaborative nature and the extra time in the oven. -7hm

Even though this session flopped hard, like 7hm I think there are some strong maps in this session that deserve an official release, so I chose to finish the compilation. -4shockblast

I know how to upload things to IDgames. I fixed a few CWILV graphics & made the M_DOOM & TITLEPIC. INTERPIC was made by EffinghamHuffnagel. -Jaws In Space

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  • File Reviews

    • By gum_of_hate · Posted
      I was not impressed at all by this wad. Most maps are sloggish and uninteresting, with very basic combat and sometimes unclear progression or/and obnoxious puzzles (hello, MAP25). The ending (and the whole narrative as a whole) is pretty cringeworthy. There is some cool stuff, like MAP11, but, in the end, it still feels like a major waste of time. Sacrament was way better than this.
    • By P41R47 · Posted
      If you like Doom The Way Id Did serie of mapsets, this will probably be of your liking, as this mapset was release a few years before of the TWID serie began, and its possibly the mapset that give the idea to the original designers and is actually a precursor of the serie.   Wraith made his own version of Ultimate Doom, adressing all the problems the original IWAD has. Maps are rehashes of the original maps, so even when the maps are similar aesthetically and contextually to the orignals, they are by no means the same, and most have the touch up to difficulty and navigation Wraith thought would make them even better. The principal change is that most map are interconneted, especially after map E1M5 and all E2, E3 and E4. So its hard for you to get stuck or lost as most on the original maps suffered with deadends and some oneway only sections.
      The tweaks to difficulty is apparent as this maps are more challenging than their IWAD counterparts, and that mostly thanks to Wraith more than enough experience on mapping that let him design better enemy encounters and moster placement but still being respectful of the original design of the map. Another great enhancement is that the boss maps are actually maps and not just an one on one arena anymore. So the added challenge is greatly appreciated in here.   For certain, Wraith made an excellent megawad that not only its faithful to the original school design, it also adresses the problem of the original maps making them even more fun, entertaining and challenging than before. Why it doesn't win a cacoward and was just a runner-up when there was no vanilla winning mapset that year, it something that totally baffles me.
      So for me, this one is the vanilla cacoward winner of that year. An award it totally deserves.
    • By SilverMiner · Posted
      Nice visuals and dynamic environment we have here EDIT: Want a full megawad of this
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A really impressive (for the time) remake of Duke Nukem E1L1, with new graphics, sounds and music. Lots of great detailing where the explosions hole and the sloped ceiling/floors are, lots of new textures (including the dancing girl movie at the cinema!), small sectors elevators where the jumping sections are and lots of clever ideas and trickery to emulate the Duke Nukem 3D feel at best under the vanilla limitations (even if i've got a small VPO at cinema area)...   Great stuff.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Really good map, lots of cool detailing and a pretty Quake-like theme. The only thing i didn't liked is the fact that there's no exit.