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Tangerine Nightmare

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on the surface, it's yet another community project, and that's just fine and dandy. on the other hand, they've certainly got a color scheme going, making these names out to be orange, theming both the levels and the sprites as orange while still managing to make fun levels. this wad has franckFRAG, WH, and JC, two well-respected authors known for some rather difficult levels, plus several more faces like Roofi, who contributed the gargantuan MAP07.


indeed, MAP07 is perhaps one of two standout maps, as exploratory as the most hardened Eternal Doom maps while still feeling like a pleasurable retreat into adventure gameplay. fun to get lost in and not too difficult, except for the ending battles, which actually hint at the kind of gameplay you'll be seeing in the aptly titled Pandemonium, which is MAP08. while the patrons of the cathedral serve as a warmup, the abomination to come involves an extremely difficult climb through thick and thin while a monster continuously spawns in new spawns. it's a challenge only the battle-hardy can conquer. and the bonus level MAP10 has at least two encounters designed around maximum pain as well.


you'll certainly find Tangerine Nightmare to be a thing so go ahead and try it out. there's a few rather difficult secrets (some of the non-secret ones even have the Levelord easter egg "You're not supposed to be here"), and the gameplay is always good.

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· Edited by seed


"Anti-Christ's blood shall help figuring out this cave's mysteries... "


And Tangerine Nightmare has been finished, played through PrBoom+ and GlBoom+ on HMP difficulty. A rather interesting ride I must say, but what is it about?


Tangerine Nightmare is a short wad comprised of 10 levels (8 main maps, a thank you + credits one, and a bonus). It comes with a new menu background, fonts, status bar, intermission screen, ENDOOM screen, ominous sounding music, textures, weapon sounds, but no new enemies, having most of them redesigned instead. The gameplay is similar to that of classic megawads such as Scythe, meaning that it's gameplay focused and the difficulty increases nicely in steps, in addition to the maps being designed with pistol starting in mind, while the texturing of the maps carries a Requiem and a Valiant vibe, the latter being particularly noticeable in the most hellish areas and caves due to TN revealing a yellow take on it as opposed to the classic red. The action appears to take place exclusively in Hell, with temple-like areas, caves, and outdoor parts.


The first levels are fairly easy while managing to still be fun despite their low danger encounters and traps, which changes later on as things get more and more interesting, eventually culminating with a relatively short but intense battle on MAP08 where an Icon of Sin must be destroyed, but there are a few hundred enemies on the way trying to stop you, so it's not the only thing you should worry about on the map. The levels are usually pretty compact with the exception of the final maps which are larger, allowing for bigger enemy waves, and they are pretty straightforward too, with the only exception of MAP07. MAP07 is too long for its own good, and does not fit very well with the rest of the levels considering its size, complexity, and especially length, taking me over an hour to finish in my blind playthrough. There are also a number of apparently secret areas with cryptic messages in them, likely an attempt at storytelling, but the map kinda falls on its face due to trying to do too many things at the same time. The length only makes the experience worse as for a first playthrough you will likely end up wandering around a lot of time, trying to find progression rather than actually fighting or just doing... something. It's not a bad map overall, but it does end up biting more than it can chew, and that doesn't quite work in its favor. The progression can be cryptic and previous areas are revisited a lot of times on your way, with the starting area being a sort of a focal point with the exit placed just outside of the building you start, as well as having the most aggressive and large wave of enemies at the end. The map does some neat tricks you probably wouldn't expect at first glace too, making you ask yourself why you didn't think about doing a certain thing at all, as is the case of the area with the green skull. At some point you will end up facing wooden bars blocking your path and an arrow pointing in that direction. You'd think you need to find a switch in order to lower it somehow, but the answer is quite literally in your hands. Nope, you don't need to wander around at all, you only need to shoot the bars down. A nice trick which can fool you into thinking you're supposed to do something else when in reality there's nothing. MAP07 is going to be my least favorite level, but I don't have a favorite one, the design is quite consistent and I can't say I enjoy a map more than another, or "Man, this map rocks", but that's okay.


The redesign of most enemies is pretty good, some of them appearing in other megawads, such as the Arachnotron which is also seen in Valiant and Ancient Aliens, however it is kind of all over the place. Barons and Hell Knights look more devilish, a trait the Arachnotrons do not possess. Cacodemons look amazing and they blend very well into the environment just like the HKs and Barons, but the new Pinky is absolutely laughable. Its texture is completely missing the organic touch the vanilla has, giving it a very paper-like look. Granted, it looks a bit better in Software, but not by much.


Despite its flaws, questionable choices and unnecessary risks taken on MAP07, TN manages to stay on top with the gameplay and level design at all times, and doesn't take considerable amounts of time to finish due to it being short and can easily be beaten in one sitting. Looking for something fun but short and accessible? TN proves to be a very good candidate. The difficulty being similar to that of the first Scythe and Plutonia should also make it a blast for everyone, no real reason to worry about it getting seriously intense down the road. I find it pretty underrated and it's surprising to see it has only been downloaded 46 times. Give it a shot, you might actually enjoy this.

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Rosh Fragger


Pretty cool WAD! I recorded some gameplay from its TNS run on ZDaemon. Check it out: 


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· Edited by guitardz


I loved every second of this wad, even the slaughterfest that was MAP08 (and I don't usually care for slaughtermaps) The medieval themed textures, sounds, and monster replacements really set the mood of a medieval hell.  By far my favorite map was MAP07, I believe that map alone could take home it's own Cacoward, and if this wad doesn't win anything this year I'll be shocked.


EDIT: It didn't win.  I'm shocked.

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This was a fun mapset though it gets more challenging later on. Map 08 in particular is a mad scramble to the top while the IoS rains spawned Hell down on you. I wasn't a fan of the monster sprite changes but they were thankfully just visual changes, not behavior changes.


The bonus map can get fucked though. Hate that last room encounter. Contending with two arch-viles, a wall of revenants, a mass of cacos AND pain elementals, AND two cyberdemons while trying to move around and dodge all of that was impossible and bullshit for me.


Thankfully the bonus map is just that - a bonus. I would have dreaded encountering this in the normal roster. I'll definitely come back and play through this in the future.

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Cool and highly distinct visual style, focusing on the orange and gothic hell aesthetic. I wasn't a fan of a few of the maps here, but levels 06 and 07 were excellent. 3/5

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· Edited by MaysaChan


Honestly, I enjoy playing this map, level design is well done!, the only complaint about this map is traps door are little "unexpected", I mean instead of regulars troop like zombieman or lmp behind trap door, it replace with Bunch of Demon or Baron of Hell. Health pick up (except bonus health) are uncommon in every level but other than that is awesome!

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  • File Reviews

    • By seed · Posted
      "In Aeternum in triumpho tenebrarum... " (Forever in dark triumph)   Over the wad, what else? Aeternum has been finished, played through ZDoom 2.8.1 on UV difficulty. A rather short, 3-level wad.   So what's this... Aeternum is a short wad with skill-based gameplay, heavily inspired by the classic Alien Vendetta. It comes with new textures and energizing, action-oriented music. The first 2 maps appear to take place on Earth, while the final one exclusively in Hell.   The difficulty is not high, and it would be somewhere around the end of the first half of AV, with tricky traps but nothing too intense, therefore it's pretty accessible. It's also short, being easy to beat in one sitting as it takes little over an hour or so, depending on your speed. The second map however is the longest, being noticeably lengthier than the other 2, but it doesn't necessarily drag on as it gets better as you progress, and more fun. Although the first half of the map might be a bit underwhelming. Everything culminates with a short but more intense final level with slight slaughter tendencies, and an IoS awaits at the end.   There isn't much else to add, and it isn't as impressive as skillsaw's other works such as Valiant, Ancient Aliens, Vanguard, or Lunatic. His style is unmistakable but here it doesn't do a whole lot to catch anyone's attention. Thus, Aeternum can be seen as a sign of things to come, primarily due to its gameplay which would further evolve in the author's subsequent releases, in addition to his maps becoming much more impressive visually. It's a fun little wad to try out when you want to play a Doom map or two.
    • By seed · Posted
      "Get out of the way!"   So that you can watch me kill your brethren before I get to you. You can't stop the killing. Newgothic Movement 2 has been finished, played through GlBoom+ on HMP difficulty. Or is that HMP? I'll get back to you in a moment.   First things first, Newgothic Movement 2 is the sequel of the short slaughter megawad with the same name. It features a new menu background, end level stats picture, textures, and music. The gameplay is pretty much identical to the original, with large enemy counts, enemies placed in strategic positions, and emphasizing skill. This is pretty much all it has in common with the original, as the maps are generally very different and exploring more themes and locations, on Earth, Hell, and space, however, various ideas from the original have been recycled into the sequel, such as the tunnel sequence with the Cyberdemons underground, now taking place in a pyramid and more difficult, as it plays a much more important role as opposed being and area you could simply ignore by going straight to the right drop point. Additionally, there are no more levels that do not serve any real purpose in the megawad, unlike the original did with MAP03 and its Cyberdemon fest in the middle of nowhere. The progression between levels is also much more logical so it feels like a more coherent package and "actual" megawad, as opposed to just a collection of random slaughter maps.   Compared to its predecessor, the sequel has much higher difficulty, emphasizing foreknowledge in many of its maps in order to get the full, enjoyable experience than just jumping into it and hoping everything goes well for the most part. Therefore, it involved quite a bit of trial and error in some of its maps to avoid making crucial mistakes than could bring your progression to a half. Moreover, items, such as Invulnerability spheres, are now sometimes put in secrets, some of them being mandatory if you plan on making the enraged wave of enemies calm down quicker, and with much less frustration. The difficulty curve is nonexistent as almost all levels start somewhat easy (apart from MAP02 and a few others) and the difficulty increases dramatically as you progress, but the following map with not be necessarily easier or more difficult as you'd normally expect. There are also crazy parts in some of the levels, particularly on the aforementioned MAP02, which has a really rough start with lots and lots of mandatory damage (no wonder there's health potions at every step), with waves of Imps at both ends of the tunnel and Chaingunners shooting you from their alcoves. This is going to be the only map I did not like in the entire megawad, simply because it's all about damage and challenge, but zero fun. It's best to try to speedrun this map instead of maxing it out as that needlessly complicates everything (as if it wasn't already complicated). Due to the drastically increased difficulty going in blind like I did will prove to be a challenge in itself as traps and ambushes are much less forgiving than they are in the original. I would not say you need to know the maps inside out, but it will absolutely make your life much easier in some of them if you have some knowledge before playing them, so that you at least know where the nuttier parts are. There are also no difficulty settings, so despite choosing HMP, what I actually got was UV, so you either deal with its difficulty the way it is, or skip it.   When it comes to locations, it unfortunately does not explore cities. MAP13 was easily the one map that really stood out from the crowd in the original, despite not doing anything particularly mind-blowing. But it had an amazing grim atmosphere, and it was impressive both visually and gameplay-wise.   All in all, Newgothic Movement 2 is a definite improvement in all areas over its predecessor, but also a significant departure, as while still preserving the core essence of the original and being much more coherent with its design, it places much more focus on difficulty and foreknowledge, something the original did not do, therefore it is going to be more challenging than it, and more frustrating in parts. As a result, it is good for veterans and demo recorders who have the time to analyze the maps carefully and fully, but not a very good candidate for more casual players who just want to play some slaughter. It's also not a good introduction to the genre for newcomers due to its high difficulty and lack of skill levels, so it's best to check this out only after you have familiarized yourself with the genre and have some experience. Otherwise, you might get your ass kicked on many occasions.
    • By Doomkid · Posted
      The monkey on a trike will always be Krawa to me
    • By Roofi · Posted
      One of my favourite Ultimate Doom map from the Doom community. The Room Below has a very linear progression and gather all TOD's gimmicks' but has a insane number of awesome tricks and really creative themes and textures usage. the small underwater area was one of the best part.   French detailed review : http://doomfrance.forumactif.com/t3832p50-boom-eternal-slumber-party#139129
    • By Roofi · Posted
      A very tough but impressive BRPD-inspired speedmap made by Death-Destiny. You have to explore a strange mining facility surrounded by a sort of harmless acid rain. I loved the atmosphere of this level, it was indeed quiet, magic but also quite creepy.   My usual french detailed review : http://doomfrance.forumactif.com/t4688-review-maps-de-death-destiny#140845   My saveless demo done on UV : DEMO