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Phobos: The Doomed Moon

   (2 reviews)


About This File

Oldschool early 2000's style of maps that Is meant to be played with ZDoom at screen resolution 320x200 to give it that old computer pixel look. But can use whatever engine you want, Maybe even use some mods with It, your choice.

Alternate high quality song included as a separate file (PhobDoomMus.wad) replacing E1M8's track but a MIDI version exists for everyone else.

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· Edited by NuMetalManiak


you'd take a first look and say "generic Episode 1 replacement, name and everything", but really this is a real blast to play through apart from the general tedium that is barons of hell which show up quite often. maps have tons of meat to fight through overall and they look nice as well. of course, having a lot of meat in certain cramped hallways makes some fights boring, and the secrets are actually quite hard to get, but you know what? at least it was a doable E1 replacement without any major duds. the weird BFG room on one of the maps is a standout, along with a few huge rooms throughout some of the levels that are jam-packed with monsters.

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· Edited by Classicgamer6


Good map set for Doom 1. Not everyday someone makes a mapset for the first Doom but this is a great set of levels with a few challenges that I recommend for anyone who wants to take a break from playing Doom 2 levels.


I was messaged by the wad author and informed on how to obtain the red key. It was an misunderstanding on my part and turns out that E1M7 can played without cheats.

There is a problem on E1M7 where the red key is inaccessible without cheats, needs to be fixed right away. 


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  • File Reviews

    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Meh. Good for a first level. Nothing special. Average. I could see it on a 1000 DOOM level CD. Its ok.
    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Gave me chills I'll give you that, but thats only because im a wuss and its 2:00 AM. Other than that, just straight crap. Its just 3 dark rooms. Thats all.
    • By CYBERIA · Posted
      Reminds me of Portal but is ultimately a stupid WAD.   P.S. I hit the bottom without cheats, therefore it isn't endless.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      too often we see a set that is basically an E1 replacement, with no real changes to anything besides "this is an episode 1 replacement with a style similar to the real deal except I made it" or something along the lines. this one is no different, although it really is only half of an episode. but is there anything eye-popping here? no. it's all average at the very best, definitely not any better than the real E1 although it does have some minor homages. but there's nothing that's gonna make this memorable. now, there was effort, but not a whole lot of it. this set really does look like something a newbie mapmaker would make in just a few days. what's also strange is how this one for some reason requires a ZDoom based port, although there's next to nothing ZDoom-y about it. it was intended to be a "lost episode" and while you can probably say that, is there anything here that is really good enough?
    • By Barefootstallion · Posted
      A nice and fun little map.  Also, I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the way those panels blinked really fast - it was like they were blinking in time with that fun, fast-paced midi.  Either way, it was a nice touch.   You seriously need to do more maps.  If this map was any example of what you can do, then you certainly need to do more!