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WIZARD2 - Heretic

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About This File

This PWAD was created from the same author who created the WIZARD.WAD level that was in the TiC's WAD reviews (#7), if you played that PWAD, and enjoyed it, perhaps you'll enjoy WIZARD2... try it out, and let me know what you think... thanks. This PWAD was made to play on the (Registered) version of Heretic, it will not play on the (Shareware) version.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Tindalos · Posted
      I prefer this one to its predecessor, the levels are not as small and don't feel as rushed as some of them were in Scythe and I really enjoyed the theming and the different aesthetic styles. Having to start over in each group of 5 maps was a nice challenge that I didn't mind, but I didn't like some of the other gameplay aspects: those super fast plasma gun marines are a nightmare, but at least they're used sparingly, and the balancing takes an interesting turn from Whispering Winds (map 23) onward when the difficulty suddenly spikes and the design spirals into slaughterfest maps with hundreds of challenging enemies crammed into confined spaces forcing you to rely on invincibilitys and BFG spam. I revisited this one on a lower difficulty (HNTR) after many years to compensate for my abilities withering away in the absence of playing and the progression felt even odder with the juxtaposition of how easy and chill the maps in the first 2/3 of this pack are and the 500+ demon spam and archvile/revenant/cyberdemon orgies that followed. However it is mostly high quality stuff and the 30 maps breeze by faster than they seem
    • By Percy T · Posted
      These levels perfectly fit the episode 1 narrative, and have some unique level design choices. Also, b e a n s.
    • By Percy T · Posted
      Needs more textures, but I'm a fan of the large military base type levels, especially E1M5. Worth a play for sure!
    • By Percy T · Posted
      Slick, clean and smooth level design. What a total pog set of maps
    • By Percy T · Posted
      Lots of fun to play, definitely still holds up today. I find myself playing this wad often, it's not technically impressive, but a classic