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Slaughterfest 3

   (4 reviews)
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About This File

A long-awaited third entry in the series, this is another compilation of 35 slaughter maps designed to be played from pistol start.

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· Edited by Ahmed


Ahhh finally, a collection of different unique slaughtermaps designed by different people , each containing its own elements and themes giving an eccentric yet very challenging and fun mapsets to play with. SF2011 did not impress me that much , but sf2012 was a huge hit ! All maps of sf2012 gave me a vibe of genuine slaughter with fun maps and gameplays made by slaughter lovers for slaughter lovers. Unfourtanely , I honestly can't say the same with sf3. Overall sf3 was a huge let-down , yes sure some people might say otherwise and its got some nice maps or its very similiar to previous years of slaughterfest , but it doesn't hide the fact that sf3 has a buttload of isses . Map 1 for example has a wierd starting area of shooting all the buttons rather than 1 proper switch , as well as the hidden monsters in the final area which can easily be missed. Map 2 has its fair share of issues . There is a hom in map 30 btw , which for some reason the author missed even though someone did properly address the issue here. Map 21 had a bad beginning in UV, little ammo , alongside vile corridor with revs wandering around . Its also worth noting to address that some maps don't fit in their dedicated slot , some hard maps in the beginning and some easy maps in the final 20's ; map 20 and map 27 should have been replaced , map 21 and 22 should go somewhere in the 10's, just an example . I could go around giving the issues with each map ,but since this is the final version and archi isn't going to make any changes anyways, its kind of pointless.


I played through beta c , and map 19 should have been kept . It had a much better gameplay experience than the new integrated map . Map 8 wasn't bad, at least its not as bad as the other map 8 from sf3_c.


On the bright side , there are really good maps worth pointing out like some of phml or cannonball and maybe even some of archi's map. Whilst some maps could have just needed some more playtesting and are mostly incomplete as a result , other maps complete the balance ensuring that the wad is not a repeat of sf2011. Ribbiks maps are as eccentric as always , map 4's beginning wasn't too good , the last area wasn't bad ; kind of fun actually .Tods maps are insanely long and difficult , and map 3 was fun. Map 30 is mind boggling, a huge beast . Well done Archi. Map 27, 13 and 12  were awesome , had a lot of fun playing them, most of demonologists map were spectacular.


Played through 1-32 completely , and I would say that overall it was quite disappointing . The maps weren't bad they were just simply not good enough , and this is reason why we are not seeing many people max the wad compared to sf2012(or most players retired).


Notable maps I MUST recommened people to play would be : 3 , 9 , 10 , 12 , 13 , 20 , 25, 26, 27 and 30


Anyhow this is my opinions and view on the wad overall 3/5 .

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this is pretty good overall for slaughtermaps, especially Cannonball and Phml were at their top games here and are far better than the others mapwise. it's not flawless though, there's no secret exit in MAP31, some teleport destinations especially in MAP20 do not work even on the highest setting. also that 666 tag door in Escaping the Spiral Labyrinth still does not work for some stupid reason i can never beat that one without summoning a random Commander Keen to open the door.

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Very reminiscent of the original slaughtefests.

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Nine Inch Heels



o_O It's finally here! Or is it? O_o


Slaughter of all sorts available in this lovely and timeless package.


Better have some time to spare for this one.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Ajora · Posted
      This is a solid contender for being the absolute best Megawad that I've ever played. 
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      I...did not review this, okay. well, it's blue and it's pretty decent and setpiece-y. get used to ribbiks' style and this one is just like all his other maps, very well-designed and fun to play. just watch out for MAP03's final area.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      it's one of those classic 90's wads you can probably just sift through, but it's not that good. plenty of inescapable pits, some awful level progression, and some actually trollish crusher placement lie within this one.
    • By Budoka · Posted
      A few really good maps supported by a bunch of alright ones. Visuals are mostly Plutonia-inspired, with the occasional veering into Shores of Hell type mish-mash architecture. Difficulty is about on par with DOOM2.wad I think. Overall, a rather pedestrian affair, although the standout maps are certainly worth the time.
    • By dylux · Posted
      BACK TO SATURN X E1: GET OUT OF MY STATIONS REVIEW:   The Good:   - Stunning visuals   - Great monster placement   - Lots of (clever) secrets and they are rewarding   - Enough ammo to keep you going   - The names of the Maps LOL!   - Loads of fun   - Awesome music!   The Bad:   - Not long enough. LOL! I loved it so much, I didn't want it to end!   In Short: I've actually played this fantastic WAD at least 6 or 7 times. Why? This is my second favorite WAD of all time, only bested by its successor, BTSX Episode 2: Fountain of Sparks. I remember the very first time I played it a couple of years ago like it was yesterday. How many times can you say that (in a good way) about a game?   I remember being completely blown away by the architectural designs at the time. I even remember giggling as I sunk in the ocean on the final Map, only to read something like "To Be Continued..." and thinking, "Awww....it's over." But I admit that, like everyone else, I had loads of fun with this.    There is lack of a "customary" final boss (I wasn't certain if this was a "Good" or "Bad" element of the game, hence why it's in neither category above - it really will depend on the player so I kept it neutral). But don't let that deter you! The final "stage" in the last (playable) Map is as memorable as it is wicked, and it'll keep you on your toes just like any other customary boss!   Play this WAD if it's the only WAD you ever play. Definite replay value.   Well deserved Cacoward. Thanks, Team, for making it!   5 out of 5 stars with me.  ~ dylux