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Goetia 1

   (3 reviews)


About This File

Goetia (Medieval Latin; anglicised as goety) is a practice that includes the conjuration of demons

Doomguy, in an effort to take out more demons, engages in arcane demon rituals to reach the demon's realm.

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baja blast rd.

· Edited by rdwpa


2.png.6fd9b65c305d24dc1fa7fe0eb66c4670.png 16.png.6269d117f30f518fc74589c3c17b62bd.png 7.png.8e7aabe754b82a7c47080fd107f72cdb.png




A small bundle of classical goodness, Goetia takes a lot of the Ultimate Doom's appeal and bakes it into a rotted husk that lied under a hellish sky too long. It is decrepit and creepy -- in a good way. It has no shortage of architectural creativity, in the wilder, skewed shapes that often accompany detail-sparse design. Abundant are ledges, gaps, windows, bridges, platforms, gratings, streams, and secrets in shadows. 


Only two maps break 50 monsters, and I plowed through the set with carryovers in 30 minutes. (Pistol starts are supported too.) Power ammo is doled out carefully; finding a lone rocket box in a secret is a delight. 


Deliberately loose alignment and texturing can still be judged on its visual appeal, which is one way Goetia disappointed me. Sometimes it felt NEIS/DTWID "good ugly," but often I thought it was messy in a much less artful way. 

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I really enjoyed the design and the atmosphere, cool enemy placement but not at its best use. Short maps and not challenging at all. But sometimes it's just good to enjoy some claustrophobia and let it kill you instead. So good job!

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The level design in this one is something that you don't see everyday. Triangular architecture, full of spikes and spirals, somewhat orthogonal in some places and/or vertical in others. Lots of interconnections, windows, different angles from where the enemies can shoot you.


That said the maps are very short and the WAD can be beaten in less than 30 - 45 minutes. It also would've been easy, but there's really not much health pickups provided so the enemies will eventually drain you.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Obsidian · Posted
      This is a bit of an interesting one to revisit for me: Whispers of Satan was a mapset I played fairly early in my mapping career and it's influenced my approach to level construction and visual design more than I initially realized. At the time I ran out of steam around MAP22, but recently I decided to take another stab at it and finish all the levels. Which I did! Having done so, these are my thoughts.   Gotta start with the big one: Whispers of Satan is a damn good-looking mapset. Excellent texture usage and attention to detail were big draws for me when I first played this years ago and I ended up mimicking it a lot in my own work: to some degree I still do, honestly. Maps like MAP10, MAP16 and MAP28 stand out as particularly good examples of this school of design, with all the detailing work coming together to craft an excellent sense of place. This is bolstered by the custom soundtrack, which has some absolute bangers in it (in my decidedly unmusical opinion :P).   I also gotta shout out the fact that Paul and Kristian undeniably had fun putting this together, as can be evidenced by the silly little easter eggs and gags that are present throughout. There's the secret and super secret maps of course, but you can also spot a little bit of silliness in the main lineup and it's a touch I appreciate in the way that it gives a mapset life and charm. Again, it's something I was inspired by in my early mapping career and you can thank WoS for any gaff or joke you find in my own maps.   There is however an elephant in the room that I have to address and that is the map design itself. Other reviewers have pointed out the excessive symmetry that plagues a lot of the map architecture, but there is also a general sense of formula that can wear on you as you progress through the megawad: by the time you're in the final third of the main block of maps, you can distinctly see them falling into the same gameplay pattern and it starts chafing in a big way. MAP25 and MAP29 are two big culprits in my eyes, but there are plenty of early maps that follow the same formula and get a pass simply because of their placement in the megawad and (relatedly) the length of those experiences. This formulaic approach also creeps into the gameplay and monster usage and serves to make the latter half of the megawad something of a slog to get through, which explains why I didn't progress past MAP22 all those years ago.   I ain't gonna say that it doesn't deserve its Cacoward or anything though: I can appreciate the work that went into creating Whispers of Satan and the influence it had on what came after. It definitely has its flaws and as a gameplay experience it doesn't really hold up, but I can still admire it as a piece of Dooming history and I wouldn't be the mapper I am today if it didn't exist.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Take a shot at this editor on dosbox and it's pretty impressive for such a old editor! Pretty easy and competent program, looks like a ancient version of the most popular Doom Builder editor.
    • By Maribo · Posted
      Heaven, with a blue coat of paint.
    • By JudgeDeadd · Posted
      A 10-minute long map with fairly unremarkable gameplay. As is the case with many old maps, its main strength is the visual variety of the different locations. Still, there's not that much in terms of exploration or branching paths; a good part of the map is just going from room to room and shooting at the anemic groups of monsters. Not terrible, but not a classic. 
    • By Dexiaz · Posted
      A surprisingly good map (especially for the date of release), which is actually a regular Doom 1 map with spicy content in kind of "secret" areas. The funny thing is the difficulty due to the readme info. Play it on UV, today it's a pretty easy map for Doom players.