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Goetia 1

   (3 reviews)


About This File

Goetia (Medieval Latin; anglicised as goety) is a practice that includes the conjuration of demons

Doomguy, in an effort to take out more demons, engages in arcane demon rituals to reach the demon's realm.

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baja blast rd.

· Edited by rdwpa


2.png.6fd9b65c305d24dc1fa7fe0eb66c4670.png 16.png.6269d117f30f518fc74589c3c17b62bd.png 7.png.8e7aabe754b82a7c47080fd107f72cdb.png




A small bundle of classical goodness, Goetia takes a lot of the Ultimate Doom's appeal and bakes it into a rotted husk that lied under a hellish sky too long. It is decrepit and creepy -- in a good way. It has no shortage of architectural creativity, in the wilder, skewed shapes that often accompany detail-sparse design. Abundant are ledges, gaps, windows, bridges, platforms, gratings, streams, and secrets in shadows. 


Only two maps break 50 monsters, and I plowed through the set with carryovers in 30 minutes. (Pistol starts are supported too.) Power ammo is doled out carefully; finding a lone rocket box in a secret is a delight. 


Deliberately loose alignment and texturing can still be judged on its visual appeal, which is one way Goetia disappointed me. Sometimes it felt NEIS/DTWID "good ugly," but often I thought it was messy in a much less artful way. 

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I really enjoyed the design and the atmosphere, cool enemy placement but not at its best use. Short maps and not challenging at all. But sometimes it's just good to enjoy some claustrophobia and let it kill you instead. So good job!

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The level design in this one is something that you don't see everyday. Triangular architecture, full of spikes and spirals, somewhat orthogonal in some places and/or vertical in others. Lots of interconnections, windows, different angles from where the enemies can shoot you.


That said the maps are very short and the WAD can be beaten in less than 30 - 45 minutes. It also would've been easy, but there's really not much health pickups provided so the enemies will eventually drain you.

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  • File Reviews

    • By msx2plus · Posted
      one of the best of the 90s, by far. super good stuff. demands knowledgeable application of several obtuse skill sets. also totally makes you forget you're playing doom 1, which a lot of modern doom 1 wads don't even achieve.
    • By Bri0che · Posted
      Good map, ammo management is required somewhat, no big deal since we give you a plasma rifle, and this tiny "ammo starvation" is fairly rebalanced later on the level anyway. Some texture misalignment indeed… The theme is respected, and I like this kind of "easy but don't sleep" gameplay. 
    • By Bri0che · Posted
      I was expecting much worst from what I've read just bellow, but in fact the angry guy in the comment was probably just too lazy to use an obvious berserk that is easy to find if you aren't blind… I'm not a great fan of ammo starvation either, but if only you use your brain, you'll understand that there is a lot of demon piñata that you easily punch from a safe distance instead of casually shooting them in sight and waste your ammo, and it's quite fun to gib them actually ! There are some confusing moments though, but nothing crazy either… Now, there are some sweet little design and decoration that I liked. The usual short map that isn't transcendant, but that you'll finish with satisfaction.
    • By video_ouija · Posted
      feels like an old school doom wad. I very much liked.
    • By Bri0che · Posted
      A set that work pretty well :) Just found out that this is by the same creator of JNNHangar and stuff, and as its previous map this mapset is good while staying on basic stuff, also the layout feels a little bit less linear for the good. I still find that it is rather not enough decorated and blend sometimes, but it is ok. E1M8 was the little "challenge", fair last level ! +1 for the awersome secret level !