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Coffin Curse

   (2 reviews)


About This File

More monthly doom maps from ya boyz at Doomer Boards for your neverending doom adventure.

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This was a very enjoyable experience - I found myself playing through this in a few sittings. MAP01 was a good, punchy affair with some close-quarters combat in closed-in areas, paired with some combat weapons for tougher enemies springing into the picture suddenly and upping the difficulty. Maps 2 and 3 had some really nice settings with vistas of flooded mountains and caves and some well thought-out encounters. There's some scrambling for unlocking the next area in a cave where invisibility powerups are carefully placed so the cyberdemon on the central platform fires rockets in confusion, making it more difficult to dodge in general but the trade-off is having tall pillars to take cover with while strategizing movement. I wasn't a fan of the sudden drop into a huge chasm area full of baddies on MAP04, and I was killed two or three times in my confusion. Regardless though I don't think the maps overstay their welcome, and I was able to traverse through some rather confusing moments in its sprawling layouts done in smaller scale. The last level was a fun little boss map with some cool ideas I could appreciate in its dungeon-style arena play.


Overall this was a great set of seven maps all with different takes on the theme of mountainous dungeons and cave crawls, and it's good if you're looking to kill time for an afternoon and play something without long-term commitment.

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overall pretty good, map06 was excellent

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