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Struggle - Antaresian Legacy

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About This File

Struggle - Antaresian Legacy is a single-player mod for Doom 2 with limit removing compatibility. It features new weapons and monsters replacement with DeHacked patch. Some of original monsters are also slightly changed, so it's recommended to check out the info below, before you play this one. Thanks, and have fun. :)

[IMPORTANT] This wad uses heavily modified DeHacked patch. So it is recommended not to use other custom gameplay patches.

P.S.: Par time is based on UV-MAX, not UV-Speed

P.P.S. Please try STRG_M28.wad file, if you're having a framerate issue with MAP28.

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· Edited by NuMetalManiak


tantalizing would be the key word to define what Struggle is, and it's a pretty good term to use for it. Struggle is more than just about numerous dehacked changes, changing enemies by making zombiemen actually dangerous and making revenant missiles non-homing, the upbringing of several new foes into the mix is sure to raise them eyebrows, especially when they get used heavily in the later maps. the antaresians and their super cousins are pretty tanky, the afriests prove annoyance with their crazy flying, while the leviathans are beasts to truly behold. oh yeah, and those turrets, yeah. compounding this are the new weapons in the arsenal, making matters slightly easier. the pistol is better, and dual-wielding them makes hitscan attacking pretty great. the rifle is a lot more powerful than i'd give it merit for, capable of felling a cyberdemon in about 15 seconds of continuous fire. the lechenfaust, which is the BFG replacement, is certainly difficult to use properly, but you'd obviously save it for the slaughter stuff which happens latter.


level-wise, there's a reason I gave it four stars instead of five, and that's because these layouts aren't really friendly to speedrun. fun to explore? sure, but finding a best route takes more time, combine this with the high monster counts and maybe there's a good reason why these par times are much larger than they appear. regardless, the maps in Struggle aren't worth missing, especially 28 and 29. and the new monsters are properly introduced as you go along too.

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· Edited by seed


Note: The description of the megawad is incorrect and so is the file, probably. Refer to the /idgames link for the correct download and description.


And the Struggle is over. But was it really a struggle? That depends. Played through PrBoom+ and GlBoom+, with the first 12 levels from RC2 and the optimized version of MAP28 on HMP difficulty. A rather surprising and fresh experience, so let's see what do we have here.


Struggle is a 32-level megawad focused primarily on gameplay and atmosphere, especially in the latter half of the set. It introduces a new menu background, fonts, status bar, weapons, textures, sounds, and enemies, changing the overall tone and feel of Doom dramatically. Although it introduces new enemies, the old ones also receive a few enhancements, notably the Pinky which is now much faster, the Revenant fires rockets that are no longer capable of homing on the player's tail but are much faster and are always fired in numbers of 2, the Arachnotron is now equipped with a chaingun, the Spider Mastermind has a plasma cannon now, and the Cyberdemon has its rockets replaced with plasma but otherwise behave identically. While the Zombiemen and Sergeats do not enjoy an upgraded arsenal, they are much more aggressive and fire in rapid succession. The new enemies include the invisible Cacodemon, the Plasma Chaingunner, the Antaresia, a blue, walking serpent equipped with a trident and fires Cacodemon fireballs in addition to one, quick plasma at the end, its Elite version which has improved stats, is faster, and fires plasma in quick bursts, the Afriest, a flying wizard who fires different types of fireballs, the Leviathan, similar to the Afriest but bigger, tougher, faster, and is capable of firing multiple Mancubus fireballs rapidly, and the Spectroviathan, who is basically an invisible variant of the Leviathan, and of course, the unnamed final boss. Note, however, that due to the lightning and texturing the invisible enemies can be pretty difficult to see, particularly later in the megawad, which is why I recommend either using the Software render of a compatible port, or GZDoom's OpenGL render with the Fuzz effect set to Noise for playing Struggle in an optimal way. GlBoom renders them as shadows that lack the fuzzing effect entirely, the same way it renders the vanilla Spectre, which can be quite troublesome in certain scenarios.


The action takes place mostly on techbases, Hell, and mysterious dimensions. It is split in several episodes, with pistol starts enforced through suicide exits at the end, similar to Scythe and other modern megawads. The difficulty, however, does not necessarily increase as the pistol starts are generally used to introduce new enemies to the player as opposed to the traditional ramp up in difficulty. This makes the maps more unpredictable and adds a surprise factor, as you never really know what you're going to face next. It could be worse, it could be better. It could also be a boss map.


The maps are very well designed for the most part, with well placed enemies and engaging combat, however the first episode turns out to also be the weakest. This is because these maps turn out to be a bit too tight by their nature which can lead to some annoying instances, particularly when facing larger numbers of enemies. They do not really stand out visually either, so the players might feel a bit underwhelmed at first. This, however, changes as you progress and things get gradually better and more impressive, both visually and gameplay wise. The later techbase levels in particular are much more impressive, but similar to the earlier ones they share the same problem, but to a lesser degree: confusing layout. This can be particularly frustrating in the earlier levels as they involve a lot of backtracking and the same areas are visited multiple times, in addition to having a somewhat obtuse progression due to the fact that you sometimes end up pressing switches which don't always open something you notice immediately as the new routes are in less-than-obvious (or ideal) places, making you run around for a while without knowing where to go. Luckily, the automap helps in most cases so it shouldn't be that big of an issue.


Some of the later maps present some slaughter tendencies, but the enemy count never exceeds a few hundred and their gameplay is generally different. You might end up overwhelmed initially on a few occasions, but it's never anything crazy, and most of the time all you need to do is to figure out the mechanics of the specific encounter or level, which remedies the problem immediately. The balancing is also brilliant, with very few surprise traps that might take you down initially, but nothing unfair and no mandatory damage crap. It is surprisingly accessible too, something that's not very common in other modern megawads, therefore, if you can beat the original Scythe on UV or a similar megawad it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll be able to blast through Struggle with relatively little effort. It also doesn't require knowing the maps inside-out to get the best possible experience, or make extensive use of trial-and-error until the optimal tactic is found. It is surprisingly accessible on HMP, and that's a great thing in my book as it opens the gates to a wider potential audience. Everything culminates with a battle against an unnamed boss, a flying, blue demon head that literally rains Mancubus fireballs. Intimidating at first, but rather easy to deal with, after you figure him out. I'm not going to spoil the fun. I do not have any favorite maps but the last 2 episodes are going to be my favorite, easily the strongest part of the entire package.


The arsenal includes a new pistol that has a burst fire mode, dual-wielded pistols which replace the regular Chaingun and are more powerful, a different Rocket Launcher, a rifle instead of the Plasma, a new Shotgun, and a new BFG that fires rockets. They generally work in a similar fashion to the vanilla counterparts, with the exception of the RL, which requires the player to click the button every time they want to fire, the ability to hold it down and fire rapidly appearing to be removed. Despite being satisfactory to use, they have their own share of problems. More exactly, certain sounds, such as those of the pistols and SSG, are pretty loud and unpleasant to the ears, and as a result they tend to become irritating after hearing them over and over again for extended periods of time. They are nothing on the extreme side however. Another problem would be the fact that their sprites look really, really sharp, which can make everything look that way in lower resolutions.


All things considered, Struggle has a few shortcomings but none of them are big enough to detract from the overall quality of the megawad. Not very short, and not very long, but definitely fun and engaging while managing to remain accessible. Certainly one of the best megawads the community has made in recent years (and there's a lot of high quality content being made these days). Pick up your weapon and have fun blasting everything to pieces.

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· Edited by Beezle


I used to criticize this megawad for its odd choice of weapon sprites, but after playing for a bit I began to love them and their increased rate of fire. The chaingun replacement is actually has much faster rate of fire than vanilla chaingun but there are enemies that also have that advantage. Each map I've played seems very well designed and with great enemy placement. Very challenging from the start and only gets more difficult, but it's not at all bordering on BS, every death has been my fault. This has quickly grew to become a personal favorite. 5 out of 5, be prepared for a fight:)

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the whole package is pretty great. the progression of themes, the music, weapon and enemy replacements. i'll remember this one for a long time. 

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    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      apart from the maps in Dark Resolution 2008, I really am not familiar with Death-Destiny at all. when I played this, well, I gotta say this is one peculiar map. a lot of maps got inspiration from one of the most memorable maps ever, which was BPRD's The Mucus Flow, but this one is perhaps the most inspired by it. the way things are laid out here makes it feel like an unofficial sequel to that level, ammo depots and weapons that require keys, continuously respawning enemies (that if you can find a certain secret, you'll crush all reinforcements completely), and the overall design.   this is a very rough level though, one that certainly shows in how difficult it is. the respawning enemies are in red zones, and this includes a turret embankment with a cyberdemon, another with a spider mastermind, and several other ones, many of them being imps. the idea of Disturbia apparently has you going through the level finding each individual key, then removing the next barrier and moving on, getting progressively harder until you finally "disturb the land", then you backtrack, fighting off big hordes of enemies until you go through this huge mouth, this is where the exit will soon loom, but there's several arch-viles along with a couple or so cybers to contend with before making the land calm again, with that final switch being the swan song for this map. it's quite a creative premise, too bad the level is insanely tough and tedious to pull through so I have to dock off for that.   also, I hate to say it, but this chaingun is ugly as sin and is too large for its sprite. yeah, liking the doubling of ammo and fire rate, but Valiant's super chaingun was much slicker than this. it also has a weird sound. having no SSG or shotgun (or even shotgun guys) was an interesting touch, but it doesn't really make the level better.
    • By seed · Posted
      "In Aeternum in triumpho tenebrarum... " (Forever in dark triumph)   Over the wad, what else? Aeternum has been finished, played through ZDoom 2.8.1 on UV difficulty. A rather short, 3-level wad.   So what's this... Aeternum is a short wad with skill-based gameplay, heavily inspired by the classic Alien Vendetta. It comes with new textures and energizing, action-oriented music. The first 2 maps appear to take place on Earth, while the final one exclusively in Hell.   The difficulty is not high, and it would be somewhere around the end of the first half of AV, with tricky traps but nothing too intense, therefore it's pretty accessible. It's also short, being easy to beat in one sitting as it takes little over an hour or so, depending on your speed. The second map however is the longest, being noticeably lengthier than the other 2, but it doesn't necessarily drag on as it gets better as you progress, and more fun. Although the first half of the map might be a bit underwhelming. Everything culminates with a short but more intense final level with slight slaughter tendencies, and an IoS awaits at the end.   There isn't much else to add, and it isn't as impressive as skillsaw's other works such as Valiant, Ancient Aliens, Vanguard, or Lunatic. His style is unmistakable but here it doesn't do a whole lot to catch anyone's attention. Thus, Aeternum can be seen as a sign of things to come, primarily due to its gameplay which would further evolve in the author's subsequent releases, in addition to his maps becoming much more impressive visually. It's a fun little wad to try out when you want to play a Doom map or two.
    • By seed · Posted
      "Get out of the way!"   So that you can watch me kill your brethren before I get to you. You can't stop the killing. Newgothic Movement 2 has been finished, played through GlBoom+ on HMP difficulty. Or is that HMP? I'll get back to you in a moment.   First things first, Newgothic Movement 2 is the sequel of the short slaughter megawad with the same name. It features a new menu background, end level stats picture, textures, and music. The gameplay is pretty much identical to the original, with large enemy counts, enemies placed in strategic positions, and emphasizing skill. This is pretty much all it has in common with the original, as the maps are generally very different and exploring more themes and locations, on Earth, Hell, and space, however, various ideas from the original have been recycled into the sequel, such as the tunnel sequence with the Cyberdemons underground, now taking place in a pyramid and more difficult, as it plays a much more important role as opposed being and area you could simply ignore by going straight to the right drop point. Additionally, there are no more levels that do not serve any real purpose in the megawad, unlike the original did with MAP03 and its Cyberdemon fest in the middle of nowhere. The progression between levels is also much more logical so it feels like a more coherent package and "actual" megawad, as opposed to just a collection of random slaughter maps.   Compared to its predecessor, the sequel has much higher difficulty, emphasizing foreknowledge in many of its maps in order to get the full, enjoyable experience than just jumping into it and hoping everything goes well for the most part. Therefore, it involved quite a bit of trial and error in some of its maps to avoid making crucial mistakes than could bring your progression to a half. Moreover, items, such as Invulnerability spheres, are now sometimes put in secrets, some of them being mandatory if you plan on making the enraged wave of enemies calm down quicker, and with much less frustration. The difficulty curve is nonexistent as almost all levels start somewhat easy (apart from MAP02 and a few others) and the difficulty increases dramatically as you progress, but the following map with not be necessarily easier or more difficult as you'd normally expect. There are also crazy parts in some of the levels, particularly on the aforementioned MAP02, which has a really rough start with lots and lots of mandatory damage (no wonder there's health potions at every step), with waves of Imps at both ends of the tunnel and Chaingunners shooting you from their alcoves. This is going to be the only map I did not like in the entire megawad, simply because it's all about damage and challenge, but zero fun. It's best to try to speedrun this map instead of maxing it out as that needlessly complicates everything (as if it wasn't already complicated). Due to the drastically increased difficulty going in blind like I did will prove to be a challenge in itself as traps and ambushes are much less forgiving than they are in the original. I would not say you need to know the maps inside out, but it will absolutely make your life much easier in some of them if you have some knowledge before playing them, so that you at least know where the nuttier parts are. There are also no difficulty settings, so despite choosing HMP, what I actually got was UV, so you either deal with its difficulty the way it is, or skip it.   When it comes to locations, it unfortunately does not explore cities. MAP13 was easily the one map that really stood out from the crowd in the original, despite not doing anything particularly mind-blowing. But it had an amazing grim atmosphere, and it was impressive both visually and gameplay-wise.   All in all, Newgothic Movement 2 is a definite improvement in all areas over its predecessor, but also a significant departure, as while still preserving the core essence of the original and being much more coherent with its design, it places much more focus on difficulty and foreknowledge, something the original did not do, therefore it is going to be more challenging than it, and more frustrating in parts. As a result, it is good for veterans and demo recorders who have the time to analyze the maps carefully and fully, but not a very good candidate for more casual players who just want to play some slaughter. It's also not a good introduction to the genre for newcomers due to its high difficulty and lack of skill levels, so it's best to check this out only after you have familiarized yourself with the genre and have some experience. Otherwise, you might get your ass kicked on many occasions.
    • By Doomkid · Posted
      The monkey on a trike will always be Krawa to me
    • By Roofi · Posted
      One of my favourite Ultimate Doom map from the Doom community. The Room Below has a very linear progression and gather all TOD's gimmicks' but has a insane number of awesome tricks and really creative themes and textures usage. the small underwater area was one of the best part.   French detailed review : http://doomfrance.forumactif.com/t3832p50-boom-eternal-slumber-party#139129